The Truth About Empower Network: An Insightful Review

By Ian | Negative Reviews

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It seems like they’ve lost a lot of momentum from 2012-2013, but in this Empower Network review I’m going to share my experiences with the product, the people in the network, and the company overall after spending $5,000+ going “all-in” to buy all of their products.

I am not an Empower Network affiliate. Nowhere on this page or any website that I own do I promote or recommend Empower Network. This is a 100% honest, non-sponsored review.

Honest Empower Network Review


Review Summary: Empower Network at a Glance

If you’re too busy to read the entire review below, here’s the Reader’s Digest condensed version: I can’t caution you enough against joining Empower Network. David Wood is one of the most incredible salespeople I’ve ever seen, but this system is designed in a way that highly experienced internet marketers and network marketers are making a KILLING off of significantly less experienced, well-intentioned prospects while setting them up for failure.

The training within Empower Network is a facade to make you THINK you can make money, but the real purpose of this system is helping immoral, cash-hungry experienced marketers exploit innocent people, getting them to charge up their credit cards and clean out their bank accounts just so they can gain a little more fame and fortune within Empower Network.

These are not biased, unfounded assumptions. Everything I speak of in this review is from my firsthand experiences. Want more details? Here’s the full review:

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What Is There to Like About EN?

If you are an experienced internet marketer, whether it’s experience with SEO, PPC, managed placements, etc… you can make a great deal of money with Empower Network. Established MLMers and network marketing professionals have a huge advantage too, and can also make a massive amount of money.

If you’re experienced and have a network or email list already, Empower Network can be extremely lucrative. My problem with Empower Network has never been how viable the money-making system is if you know what you’re doing, it’s been the marketing angles David Wood, David Sharpe, and company take when selling the product.

The Pitch:

If you’re reading this review, you’re probably pretty familiar with Empower Network’s products. I won’t spend a whole lot of time talking about this, but this is the flow of the Empower Network sales funnel:

Early Stages: Buy the $25/month Basic Membership to start changing your life today >> Thanks for buying the $25 product, now you should pay $20/month affiliate fee to qualify to promote EN to others and make some commissions >> Great job. Now you should sign up for the $100/month Inner Circle so that you can receive incredible training weekly and have access to all of these incredible lessons.

— once they feel you’re hooked —

Later Stages: Great job buying the $25/month Basic Membership, $20/month affiliate fee, and the $100/month Inner Circle membership. You’re doing everything correctly to change your life, but is that really going to change your life? Are you some kind of wussy that takes things one step at a time, or are you the man/husband/wife/sucker (no offense, I was a “sucker” for them too) that will give us $500 for the Costa Rica Intensive, $1,000 for the $15k Formula, and $3,500 for the Master’s Retreat? This will allow you to make $4,625+ per person within Empower Network and get really, really rich even if you don’t have any experience (insert easily to ignore disclaimer). Don’t forget to buy tickets and t-shirts for all of the events too!

The ACTUAL Truth

Inexperienced marketers crash and burn in Empower Network. It doesn’t matter if you only spend $25, or if you spend the full $5,125 to go “all in” – if you don’t have experience, Empower Network isn’t going to teach you anything that will make you a lot of money. Cult members Staunch defenders of Empower Network (all of which are promoting EN and earning commissions from Dave & Dave) claim that people aren’t working hard enough and want a meal ticket, and that’s why they’re failing with Empower Network.

If you’re considering buying Empower Network – read this next part very closely. I did a test promotion of Empower Network with part of my list, and it converted like crazy. Far better than any other product I had ever promoted. I was on track to make incredible amounts of money (as someone that’s been in internet marketing for 10 years), and I was really excited for my sign-ups too because I thought what David Wood and David Sharpe said about their training and system was true. About a month in, I started to notice a different pattern.

All of my referrals were working their butts off and seeing nothing in return. My sponsor (very high up in Empower Network – speaks at conferences and stuff) instructed me that this was the time to convince them that they needed to buy more products so that I could make more commissions. THIS was the opportunity we’d been waiting for, apparently.

These people were working full-time jobs, following all of the instructions, blogging every day, and attending at least 2-4 hours of telephone conferences per week. They were doing everything “right” by Empower Network’s standards and getting nothing in return. EN’s training is pitched as a “product”, but it’s just a facade to make you think you’re not getting ripped off.

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Buying another product wasn’t going to make these people more successful. They just weren’t experienced enough and there was nothing in the Empower Network training (not Costa Rica, not $15k Formula, and definitely not the Master’s Retreat) that was going to fix this. They were taking on water, hiding this from their spouses, and failing miserably.

The Ugliest Part About Promoting Empower Network

Andrew lived in rural New York and was considering selling the giant snow plow he needed to survive in the winter (literally, he couldn’t leave his house without it). Becky was talking about selling her car and taking public transportation instead. Eugeno was talking about charging it all to his credit cards with close t0 30% APR. Mark was selling a lot of his furniture. Kalu had a brand new, two-day-old baby but failing miserably in EN.

These are real stories from the 30+ referrals I had recruited into Empower Network within 30 days. These people were under incredible amounts of stress, they knew the system wasn’t working, and they were doing everything they could to buy all of the products. If they had paused and really evaluated the situation (like other signups were) they would have realized it was the Empower Network “system” that was broken, not them.

This is the brutal truth of Empower Network. There are people that are getting rich, but they are piling up stories like what I’ve mentioned above to get there. If you’re willing to compromise your morals, you can make a lot of money with Empower Network, but you’re going to break a lot of people and potentially destroy their lives in your wake.

The training is outdated, the system is broken, and unless you’re an experienced internet or network marketer, you’re over 95% more likely to fail than you are too succeed. Anyone that paints a different picture for you is lying so that they can turn you into a commission – there is no other way around it. This is why they have such a poor rating on legitimate sites like BBB and Ripoff Report.

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Why I Turned My Back on the Network

This was too much for me. I don’t care how much money I was on track to make, I would be piling up bodies underneath me to get there.

I stopped promoting EN within a month, but I still keep in touch with many of my recruits to this day and do everything I can to help them outside of Empower Network. If you’re interested in making money online, there are far superior ways than Empower Network, many of which I teach in my free advanced training courses.

Final Rating: F

There’s no other way to cut it – Empower Network is a way for experienced internet or network marketers to make a great deal of money if they’re willing to compromise on their morals. The compensation plan rewards people for exploiting prospects’ financial situations and ruins lives.

If you’re not experienced, the training within Empower Network will not make you any more likely to succeed than you would be taking one of my free training courses. EN is a money pit that, if you’re reading this review, someone is trying to suck you into for their financial gain. Avoid it at all costs.


Does it deliver?
Is it easy to get help?
Contact the owner?
Step-by-step training?
Easy to follow?
Is the training thorough?
Is the training up-to-date?

Empower Network

Does it deliver?
Is it easy to get help? : Sometimes
Contact the owner? : Depends on Sponsor
Step-by-step training?
Easy to follow?
Is the training thorough?
Is the training up-to-date?

My Training

Does it deliver?
Is it easy to get help?
Contact the owner?
Step-by-step training?
Easy to follow?
Is the training thorough?
Is the training up-to-date?

Want to Argue? Want to Say “Thank You”?

One thing I’ve learned about Empower Network’s cult members affiliates is that they DO NOT like to be called out on their deceptive program. If you’re in Empower Network and would like to accuse me of promoting better, lower-priced products, giving up without “putting in the work”, or anything else along the lines – feel free to leave it in the comments below! I’d love to receive a dose of your crazy.

If you were thinking about buying Empower Network and this review made you change your mind or you have questions after reading something above, please leave a comment below! I’m absolutely happy to help any way that I can. You being safe and not getting scammed is my #1 concern.

About the Author

I've been in internet marketing for over 10 years, and I've purchased dozens of illegitimate products for the sole purpose of evaluating them and exposing the truth about these products to anyone who's thinking about purchasing it. I never let money influence my rating of a product and your success/safety is my absolute highest priority. Don't want to buy a product? Register for one of my 100% free internet marketing training courses>>

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(25) comments

John August 19, 2014

I hate seeing complete newbies “go all-in” and come up empty handed. The EN is unethical and is definitely not for newbies. I myself went all in but didn’t like promoting something that really offered nothing but marketing training yet costs thousands of dollars. To sum things up, SCAM!

    Ian August 20, 2014

    I couldn’t agree more, John! It’s great to see insight from another person that went “all in” and faced the same moral dichotomy as me. It really didn’t feel right to promote something that was basically thin air (some training that you can get for MUCH cheaper elsewhere) for $5,000+. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Nathan Lockwood December 17, 2016

    Send me an email, man. I think I have something that you will like.

Kyle August 22, 2014

In the past year I have had 100’s of people come to me to let me know about their Empower Network horror story.

The dishonesty starts with the very first pitch, a $25 blogging platform. That is it right? Wrong…but your sponsors (your shameless recruiters) are about to fill you in on what you really need after you pay your first $25. To the tune of $5,000+ with more products being created and pitched all the time to keep those at the top earning money.

The system is based on the same principles of any famous Ponzi scheme out there. In order for the system to work, it requires an intake of new people in the downline to pay the people above them.

Do your due diligence before joining this program or the myriad of similar programs in the industry. You only can make money by promoting Empower Network to unsuspecting folks.

    Ian September 11, 2014

    And don’t forget about their core principle of attending all of the events wordlwide! It doesn’t matter if you live in Tokyo, London, or Nebraska they brainwash you to believe that you NEED to travel halfway across the world to wherever their upcoming event is because it’s just so important to feel the environment and get pumped. Once you’re there, it’s just a circle-jerk of a bunch of their “top earners” doing more brainwashing and getting people to hock their belongings to go “All-In”. It’s detesting.

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a thoughtful comment, Kyle! If I can ever help you with anything IM-related down the road, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Donnel September 10, 2014

Hey Ian. I am just doing research because a friend of mine is trying to get me to join empower. He told me that it is only $25 to get started but after reading your reviews it sounds like I am going to be in it for a lot more.

What sort of expectations should I have and do you think this is the way I should go about making money online if I know nothing about it?

    Ian September 11, 2014

    Hey Donnel, I’m really glad you took the time to ask these questions, and hopefully I can provide a little bit of helpful insight here. I recently completed a follow-up post about Empower Network to emphasize what you should expect if joining up, and you can take a look at that here if you’re interested. To sum it up, you can expect to make some decent money in Empower Network if you’re an experienced internet or network marketer. This will come at a high price on your conscience though, because you will be directly benefiting for setting the vast majority of your referrals up for financial failure.

    Since you’ve stated that you’re fairly new to running an online business, the odds of making money with Empower Network are SIGNIFICANTLY lower. I had about three dozen referrals coming from this exact position when I was trying out Empower Network, and NONE of them saw any success at all. They were spending hours upon hours each week following the “8 core principles” and blogging every day, but not a single one of them received even one sign-up. My sponsor told me that it was the time to start selling them the more expensive training ($500, $1,000, and $3,500) but I just couldn’t do that ethically. I’d been through the more expensive training, and none of it was better than the training I had already been paying for elsewhere for <$50 per month. In the end, I just couldn't continue promoting Empower Network because people like you were being financially devoured but seeing absolutely no returns on their investment. Just large, gaping holes in their bank accounts and credit cards. My advice would be to avoid it at all costs, Donnel. It's super high risk and anyone that tells you otherwise is just trying to benefit from your financial losses. I hope that helps! Sorry about the long-winded response, but I'm very passionate about protecting people from EN after the experiences that I had when I was in their network. If you have any follow-up questions at all, don't hesitate to ask. I'm happy to help any way that I can.

Jorens September 9, 2015

I used to have EN “blogging” platform for two months. An all I can say, their basic membership courses are worthless, because all the courses consists of constant brainwashing to push you to buy their “upsells”. I spent many hours daily to come-up with something interesting to blog about and I barely got any traffic to my blog at all. I agree that EN is not for beginners who wants to learn how to make money online and actually make any money.

    Ian September 9, 2015

    I couldn’t agree more, Jorens. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and experiences for other people to learn from.

Anthea g November 19, 2015

I Just joined Empower Network Oct. 24th and was a little skeptical ,still I’m. I agree with everything mentioned above. I see there is a lot of people from different countries, and it seems like their making money, or so it seems.? I wish I have done more research it seem as if they don’t even care. I’m really disappointed. It’s been over 14 days, can’t get my money back now. Do you have any suggestions.

    Ian November 20, 2015

    Hello Anthea – I’m not certain, but you can contact their support department to find out.

A November 28, 2015

Hi All, Our dear friend Ian P. has SAVED and will continue to save us all from empower network, mobe, ipas2, countless other SCAMS. Dear Ian: INFINITE THANKS TO YOU for doing what you do and for all your never ending help always. God bless you always, i just love what you do in helping everybody as YOU are the REAL HELP, the PRECIOUS DIFFERENCE! Please keep up the great work which you will anyway, sorry for saying; personally: i have been receiving daily mails from empower, mobe, ipas2 for three months, lucky didn’t join as you saved me today, THANK YOU ALWAYS, FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU for all help, sincerely yours, a

    Ian November 28, 2015

    Thank you very much for the kind words, Ayup. I greatly appreciate them and am more than happy to help any way that I can.

Luke January 22, 2016

I had the inclination, but I couldn’t put my finger on it until I went through the sales funnel (I was only $7 in & that’s all I wanted to be), that this was a scam. When I saw how talented Dave Wood was at selling a pen for $1000, it was clear to me that he was a ninja of a salesman. He readily revealed the formula he used to dupe the masses, but I wonder how many are realizing they’re just making money off of each other.

“Let’s all join a pool where we throw $5k in, see who of us has the most talents at a social following so we can exploit those folks until we have 95% sad and disempowered folks and then a really awesome 5% who are ‘rockstars’. Yaaaa.”

This validated my fear & I’ve now cancelled my membership. There was about 2 days worth of upsell funnels to go through, luckily it seemed easy to cancel my subscriptions. Thanks a ton for this clear & honest article.

    Ian January 22, 2016

    Extremely well put, Luke. I’m glad you found it helpful, and thank you very much for stopping by and sharing your insight with the community. I think you’ve encapsulated the essence of Empower Network with this description very well.

Vitor April 5, 2016

Hey Ian,

thanks for the clear article you wrote.. hope it brings light to some heads, I’ve been doing some research because I’ve got a good hearted friend of mine that is falling for this crap..making matters worse, he is in a sensible position financially, just been a father and really thinks he found the solution to his prayers.. don’t know how or if I can persuade him in understanding the cruel reality of this.. he is doing a enormous life “all in” blindly believing all the fairy tale he wanted to hear.. any out of the hat, potentially life saving advice? and, thanks man..

    Ian April 6, 2016

    I wish I had it to give, Vitor 🙁 Once someone buys in really hard, they’ll either notice these downfalls on their own in time or they won’t, unfortunately.

zack May 10, 2016

Hey Ian,

WHat do you think of the new content in EN??

also they are releasing something called Project Titan..

    Ian May 10, 2016

    I think it’s total crap that keeps people busy and paying subscription fees but doesn’t actually teach anyone how to build a successful business.

wayne September 10, 2016

Thank you Ian, My gut tells me to believe in what you said so I’m going to! My situation is this I became disabled after a bad accident. I need to work at home and I want to make money via online. I can learn anything and I’m ok with a computer. Could you please steer me in the right direction or let me know what is out there that is legit as I don’t have money to waste! Thank you so much in advance and I hope to hear back from you soon! Wayne

    Ian September 11, 2016

    Hey Wayne! Have you signed up for my free training yet? It’s 100% free (no strings attached) and a very good place to start.

jose October 14, 2016

Hello, I totally agree with your article. I bought the first products of EN (blog and inner circle), they do no teach you anything about Marketing Online, most of the content is only about motivation, in other words, you have to literaly pay thousands of dolars only to hear motivational speaks.

Nebojsa December 14, 2016

Well, since I do not even have $45 to even give them in the first place, why even bothering to sign up right?

It’s easy for them setup a payment ext, but when you ask them: “Can you borrow me $25 to join?” – they keep silent. Ofc I am still looking for internet marketing as a way to earn money online, but I am not dumb to invest the money I earned on “real” job into something that is dodgy.

Btw thanks for the inside scoop, I will share you link so everyone sees what bullshit they are.

Simeon Prince December 14, 2016

I’m here just checking out the progress of Empower Network since I left.
I joined when they just got started. At launch.
I was recruited under Chris and Chris of iPas. They turned out to be huge scammers too.

I got only a few leads, on paid the $25 to join, and when it was time to get paid…
their Payment Processor said I had to make more than $25 in commissions to get paid.

The client i got was from my own country and the Guy’s Wife cursed me out on facebook, telling me “Why don’t I get a real job?”.

This guy had a child on the way. He ended up not being able to keep up, but he opened his own business selling tech supplies.

I couldn’t keep up either.
I have a lot of skills in web design, seo, ppc etc…so I started my business doing that after leaving EN.

I hate all the founding members were actively promoting, and I believed them…Especially Tracy Walker.

So, they really had to forgo their reputations.
I couldn’t.

Also, there were email List Ad services that actually banned Empower Network before the end of 2011, even Facebook banned them.

Oh, those training calls never taught anything..just “inspirational stories”. There was a crippled woman who joined EN. Bed-ridden, and they said she was making a lot of commissions…I wonder now if it was all fake.

I’m glad I got out, as I couldn’t even afford to go All In, since the exchange rate to USD where I’m from is ridiculous.

Turned out, with just a little bit of structured training in Blogging elsewhere, you could get better results with little or no money…just time.

Avoid Empower network at all costs.

Gudmundur Joelsson April 20, 2017

I was in there nearly from the start and it was OK in the start but when it cost more and more to get the teaching and getting nothing instead I say good bye.
This is not what you do to your costumers and I say to you who are thinking to join Empower network let it be it is other good places to learn and make money online.

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