The iPAS2 Ripoff: A 100% Honest Review from a Non-Affiliate

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Let’s get one thing out of the way first: Everyone you’ve seen online talking about how incredible iPAS2 is makes money selling the product and gets paid handsomely if you purchase through them. That’s the only reason you’re seeing so much positive buzz online – because people are compensated very, very well if they can convince you to buy.

I am not one of those people. I am not an affiliate for iPAS2 so my review below is completely uninfluenced by money. I’ve been running a successful internet marketing business for several years and my one and only concern is keeping people like you safe from getting ripped off.

With all of that being said, let’s get into it.

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The Bottom Line: Is iPAS2 Worth It?

No. Hell no. Run away from this product and anyone you see promoting it as quickly as you can. It’s even worse than some of the lowest-rated products we’ve reviewed on StoppingScams, like Master Writing Jobs and EZ Money Team.

This product is tied directly to Empower Network by David Wood and David Sharpe, one of the worst products in the history of internet marketing (read my review of Empower Network and my article about “Can You Make Money with Empower Network” to find out why).

iPAS2 is nothing but smoke and mirrors, which is why you can find hardly any real information about the product without forking out some dough. What about all of those people claiming to make money thanks to the product? They’re completely morally bankrupt and capitalizing on getting people like you to make what could be one of the worst financial decisions of your life.

Do you think these statements are unjustified or can’t be backed up by evidence? Read through the rest of this review and I’ll prove to you why iPAS2 is the kind of product that ruins peoples’ lives (no exaggeration).

Does Anyone Really Make Money? Will YOU?

The answer to this question is painted pretty clearly by Empower Networks’ Income Disclosure. A teeny, tiny percentage of people ever make back their initial investment. Everyone else loses it all, even the people that invest over $5,000.

A quick note about why I keep referring to Empower Network when this review is for iPAS2, just in case it’s confusing: iPAS2 advertises itself as an incredible, standalone prospecting/leadgen system. It’s not. It’s a vehicle for selling the MLM opportunity Empower Network. You can’t promote, sell, or be affiliated with iPAS2 without promoting and being affiliated with Empower Network. The two go hand-in-hand.

Can you make money with iPAS2? The answer is the same as a previous post I wrote, “Can You Make Make Money with Empower Network?” Long story short, the answer is yes, but close to 100% of people that try will fail. Those that succeed will need to compromise their ethics – you benefit financially from getting other people to charge $5,000+ to their credit cards for a “training product” which almost 100% of them will follow and fail. If you can figure out how to make money with iPAS2 and Empower, you can make a lot of money. You just may not be able to sleep at night.

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What IS iPAS2, Exactly?

Isn’t it a little suspicious that you can’t find any real information about what iPAS2 is or what’s inside the members’ area? Every video promising to walk you through the members’ area or give you a tour of the product is just a hyped-up sales video of someone trying to get you to sign up, but not giving you much information:

Kevin Knecht promoting iPAS2

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Kevin Knecht is a big name in Empower Network.  He advertises his video as a “back office tour” but just ends up flaunting all of his big commission numbers and telling you to sign up using the link below. He gives no real information about what’s in the training or what’s so great about iPAS2 – he just hypes the product up and instructs you to buy.

Another iPAS2 sales video

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The same is true for this guy. He promises to show you what’s in the back office but just clicks around a few times, shows the “setup” process, and spends 80% of the video trying to get you to purchase through his link.

Anybody that sells legitimate IM training should be open and willing to give you a tour before buying. The highest rated product I’ve ever reviewed has a remarkable amount of resources, support, and community interaction so I created a very transparent, step-by-step video showing people exactly what the members’ area looked like and what they’d be paying for. You don’t see videos like this for iPAS2 because there’s nothing helpful back there – it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Nobody in iPAS2 is selling the product because the training is revolutionary or because it sets you up for success. The only reason people sell it or Empower Network is because they get paid $4,625 if they can convince you to waste $5,125 by going “all-in”.

iPAS2 Is All Hype, No Real Training

As confusing as it is to research iPAS2 and try to figure out what you’re paying for, one thing is clear – you’re going to get a lot of “done for you” materials. Squeeze pages, sales videos, etc… They’re going to give that to you as part of your membership. That’s a good thing, right? Wrong – it’s actually a very, very bad thing.

Why do you think it is that none of the “big guns” like Kevin Knecht aren’t actually using these resources? Surely if they were that effective, the most successful people would be using them to the max.

They don’t because cookie-cutter, done-for-you materials are almost impossible to make work in today’s internet marketing climate. Duplicate content is penalized on the SEO and PPC side of internet marketing – you literally can’t use it. This transition was made several years ago. “Done for you” sells well but doesn’t keep the customer’s (your) best interests at heart.

Any good internet marketing product teaches you how to research and do things on your own. Anything giving you copy/paste systems is duplicate content, which Google has taken a firm stance on. Good training programs don’t give you templates – it makes you more likely to buy but less likely to succeed. A good program is deliberate in telling you that it’s going to be a lot of work, but with their training and support you’ll be able to find success if you’re willing to work hard.

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Spoiler alert: legitimate training doesn’t cost over $5,000. When an internet marketing product publisher that has kind of a shady past calls you out and says you’re a scam, you’re in a lot of trouble:

Frank Kern hates iPAS

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Final Rating: F-

I know F- isn’t really a grade, but I can’t drive home strongly enough: DO NOT TRUST iPAS2 or anyone promoting it. Almost 100% of people fail, it’s tied to a cult (Empower Network) that does everything they can to get you to pay $5,125+ in upsells and crappy products, and in order to succeed you have to set other people up for complete failure.

This isn’t an internet marketing business. It’s a scam, and it should be shut down by the government’s regulatory agencies. Avoid it at all costs unless you want to try to make a living scamming people.

What’s Your Take?

Are you an affiliate for iPAS2 or Empower Network that wants to tell me what a loser I am for exposing your product as a scam? Or are you a person that has legitimate questions after reading this review that you’d like for me to answer? I answer all comments within 1 business day!

Either way, leave your thoughts, comments, and questions below! Just please remember to stay respectful – I encourage dialogue and love to hear other opinions, but if you blatantly insult or threaten me your comment will not be published.

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