The iPAS2 Ripoff: A 100% Honest Review from a Non-Affiliate

By Ian | Negative Reviews

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Let’s get one thing out of the way first: Everyone you’ve seen online talking about how incredible iPAS2 is makes money selling the product and gets paid handsomely if you purchase through them. That’s the only reason you’re seeing so much positive buzz online – because people are compensated very, very well if they can convince you to buy.

I am not one of those people. I am not an affiliate for iPAS2 so my review below is completely uninfluenced by money. I’ve been running a successful internet marketing business for several years and my one and only concern is keeping people like you safe from getting ripped off.

With all of that being said, let’s get into it.

iPAS2 logo

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The Bottom Line: Is iPAS2 Worth It?

No. Hell no. Run away from this product and anyone you see promoting it as quickly as you can. It’s even worse than some of the lowest-rated products we’ve reviewed on StoppingScams, like Master Writing Jobs and EZ Money Team.

This product is tied directly to Empower Network by David Wood and David Sharpe, one of the worst products in the history of internet marketing (read my review of Empower Network and my article about “Can You Make Money with Empower Network” to find out why).

iPAS2 is nothing but smoke and mirrors, which is why you can find hardly any real information about the product without forking out some dough. What about all of those people claiming to make money thanks to the product? They’re completely morally bankrupt and capitalizing on getting people like you to make what could be one of the worst financial decisions of your life.

Do you think these statements are unjustified or can’t be backed up by evidence? Read through the rest of this review and I’ll prove to you why iPAS2 is the kind of product that ruins peoples’ lives (no exaggeration).

Does Anyone Really Make Money? Will YOU?

The answer to this question is painted pretty clearly by Empower Networks’ Income Disclosure. A teeny, tiny percentage of people ever make back their initial investment. Everyone else loses it all, even the people that invest over $5,000.

A quick note about why I keep referring to Empower Network when this review is for iPAS2, just in case it’s confusing: iPAS2 advertises itself as an incredible, standalone prospecting/leadgen system. It’s not. It’s a vehicle for selling the MLM opportunity Empower Network. You can’t promote, sell, or be affiliated with iPAS2 without promoting and being affiliated with Empower Network. The two go hand-in-hand.

Can you make money with iPAS2? The answer is the same as a previous post I wrote, “Can You Make Make Money with Empower Network?” Long story short, the answer is yes, but close to 100% of people that try will fail. Those that succeed will need to compromise their ethics – you benefit financially from getting other people to charge $5,000+ to their credit cards for a “training product” which almost 100% of them will follow and fail. If you can figure out how to make money with iPAS2 and Empower, you can make a lot of money. You just may not be able to sleep at night.

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What IS iPAS2, Exactly?

Isn’t it a little suspicious that you can’t find any real information about what iPAS2 is or what’s inside the members’ area? Every video promising to walk you through the members’ area or give you a tour of the product is just a hyped-up sales video of someone trying to get you to sign up, but not giving you much information:

Kevin Knecht promoting iPAS2

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Kevin Knecht is a big name in Empower Network.  He advertises his video as a “back office tour” but just ends up flaunting all of his big commission numbers and telling you to sign up using the link below. He gives no real information about what’s in the training or what’s so great about iPAS2 – he just hypes the product up and instructs you to buy.

Another iPAS2 sales video

Click to zoom

The same is true for this guy. He promises to show you what’s in the back office but just clicks around a few times, shows the “setup” process, and spends 80% of the video trying to get you to purchase through his link.

Anybody that sells legitimate IM training should be open and willing to give you a tour before buying. The highest rated product I’ve ever reviewed has a remarkable amount of resources, support, and community interaction so I created a very transparent, step-by-step video showing people exactly what the members’ area looked like and what they’d be paying for. You don’t see videos like this for iPAS2 because there’s nothing helpful back there – it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Nobody in iPAS2 is selling the product because the training is revolutionary or because it sets you up for success. The only reason people sell it or Empower Network is because they get paid $4,625 if they can convince you to waste $5,125 by going “all-in”.

iPAS2 Is All Hype, No Real Training

As confusing as it is to research iPAS2 and try to figure out what you’re paying for, one thing is clear – you’re going to get a lot of “done for you” materials. Squeeze pages, sales videos, etc… They’re going to give that to you as part of your membership. That’s a good thing, right? Wrong – it’s actually a very, very bad thing.

Why do you think it is that none of the “big guns” like Kevin Knecht aren’t actually using these resources? Surely if they were that effective, the most successful people would be using them to the max.

They don’t because cookie-cutter, done-for-you materials are almost impossible to make work in today’s internet marketing climate. Duplicate content is penalized on the SEO and PPC side of internet marketing – you literally can’t use it. This transition was made several years ago. “Done for you” sells well but doesn’t keep the customer’s (your) best interests at heart.

Any good internet marketing product teaches you how to research and do things on your own. Anything giving you copy/paste systems is duplicate content, which Google has taken a firm stance on. Good training programs don’t give you templates – it makes you more likely to buy but less likely to succeed. A good program is deliberate in telling you that it’s going to be a lot of work, but with their training and support you’ll be able to find success if you’re willing to work hard.

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Spoiler alert: legitimate training doesn’t cost over $5,000. When an internet marketing product publisher that has kind of a shady past calls you out and says you’re a scam, you’re in a lot of trouble:

Frank Kern hates iPAS

Click to zoom

Final Rating: F-

I know F- isn’t really a grade, but I can’t drive home strongly enough: DO NOT TRUST iPAS2 or anyone promoting it. Almost 100% of people fail, it’s tied to a cult (Empower Network) that does everything they can to get you to pay $5,125+ in upsells and crappy products, and in order to succeed you have to set other people up for complete failure.

This isn’t an internet marketing business. It’s a scam, and it should be shut down by the government’s regulatory agencies. Avoid it at all costs unless you want to try to make a living scamming people.


Does it deliver?
Is it easy to get help?
Contact the owner?
Step-by-step training?
Easy to follow?
Is the training thorough?
Is the training up-to-date?


Does it deliver?
Is it easy to get help?
Contact the owner?
Step-by-step training?
Easy to follow?
Is the training thorough?
Is the training up-to-date?

My Training

Does it deliver?
Is it easy to get help?
Contact the owner?
Step-by-step training?
Easy to follow?
Is the training thorough?
Is the training up-to-date?

What’s Your Take?

Are you an affiliate for iPAS2 or Empower Network that wants to tell me what a loser I am for exposing your product as a scam? Or are you a person that has legitimate questions after reading this review that you’d like for me to answer? I answer all comments within 1 business day!

Either way, leave your thoughts, comments, and questions below! Just please remember to stay respectful – I encourage dialogue and love to hear other opinions, but if you blatantly insult or threaten me your comment will not be published.

About the Author

I’ve been in internet marketing for over 10 years, and I’ve purchased dozens of illegitimate products for the sole purpose of evaluating them and exposing the truth about these products to anyone who’s thinking about purchasing it. I never let money influence my rating of a product and your success/safety is my absolute highest priority.

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John April 22, 2015

Ian, you are so right and thanks for telling it like it is. iPas may have some useful functionality, but we may never find out since there is no real info out there. Oh well, can’t buy it anyways without being forced into joining this dead horse EN pyramid scheme.

    Ian April 23, 2015

    Hahaha, so true. Thanks a lot for stopping by, John! I’m glad you found the information helpful.

Deborah Ringler May 6, 2015

I thank you for this review. The main question I have is: how do I know that you are not just as bad as iPas2? If I join your network, will I not have all of the same problems that I would with any other? I was referred to a video from Surge 365, which appears to be a pyramid scheme, but still at the early entry phase, which means it could make money for those who join. I, however, do not know too many people who travel and those I do know are doing it on a budget using last minute travel and super bonus deals. They would not buy in, so I started researching internet marketing methods and came up with iPas2.

    Ian May 6, 2015

    Hey Deborah, thanks for taking the time to comment. On the front-end, there’s really no way for you to know for sure. People ask themselves all of the time when on my site, “Is this guy just like all the others?” And I totally get that. This industry has taught us not to trust people and to be very skeptical. But I think if you decided to sign up for any of my three free training courses, it would be pretty obvious that I’m not trying to scam anyone. I don’t blast people with product offers, try to sell them multi-thousand dollar coaching programs, or sell my subscribers’ information. If you subscribe and decide that it’s not for you, you can unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of every email I send. There won’t be any repercussions for doing so. And if you have any other questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m happy to help any way that I can.

Krista May 19, 2015

Thank you for the article. I was curious about all these offers that I had been getting from this company to help promote our business. We are Le-Vel and I our products almost sells them self so I never considered iPas2 seriously but I always like to know the scams out there.
Ever considered reviewing Le-Vel for your blog? I can send samples and even give you the CEO’s information. You have my email

    Ian May 20, 2015

    Hey Krista, I’m really glad I was able to help. I appreciate the offer for a review, but I focus mainly on internet marketing/affiliate marketing training which is mostly what iPAS2 is targeted at. I’m also pretty picky about the supplements I take (I get an extremely thorough blood workup each year at my doctor and only take what my labs show I’m missing). It’s an interesting concept (especially the patch) and I wish you the best of luck and success in your business. If I can ever help with anything IM-related, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. I’m happy to help any way that I can.

raieisha elphage May 25, 2015

hello, I was recently going to sign up for length but luckily I decided to read about the reviews for the most part they were all very positive and just when I thought I had enough good reviews I came across this last article which was yours which I am very grateful because you absolutely change my mind and seems to have stopped me from making a huge mistake. I dropped out of high school have a lot of bills and only work minimum wage. please, I am ready for a better life. I am a hard working women and would dedicate my work and my time into something that is legit. but I need you to sell me on your products because I would like too young what do too many scams like the one you just exposed I’m very skeptical please is there anyone i can talk to well your program

    Ian May 25, 2015

    Hello Raieisha, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I don’t want to sell you any products. I don’t believe it’s my job to “sell” you on something else if you’re unsure on what to buy, my main concern is that you steer clear of poor products like iPAS2. If any of the other products I’ve reviewed positively sound appealing to you, then I’d encourage you to check them out (some even offer free trials). But it’s not my intent to sell you on anything at all – if nothing sounds like a good fit for you or you’re uncomfortable buying any of them then I don’t want you to buy the product. My mission with this site isn’t to sell people on other products, it’s to keep them safe.

Jassica May 30, 2015

Hi there , I am writing in to enquire about the IPAS2. I just read what you wrote – and I suppose want to enquire some more. I just bought it couple days back , and am sitting on the fence about it , which means to get a refund within the 30 days period , purely because I feel that it seems to be all about selling and promoting the IPAS system which I am not entirely comfortable about . They do seem to have genuine tools and products like email responders ( of course at this point , it seems to be used specifically for the IPAS system and getting people to buy it ) . I am not comfortable with how you will not know anything and whatsoever about IPAS , Until after you buy it ,. Because it seems that people who are genuine are using the system to generate money and that’s how I was attracted to buying the system- by watching a video or fb about this person who seemed really really genuine and nice .

What they have in terms of tools , seems to be very interesting and quite well done. Downside is it feels like we need to buy what we call “profit maximers” I still need to go into it to find out more , but what I want to understand is why are people saying that thy will want us to invent huge amounts of money for the product and etc… Please could you explain more ?

    Ian June 2, 2015

    Your instincts are spot-on. As you buy into the higher levels, you’ll just get more and more “pump-you-up” hype and very little training that’s truly beneficial. Everything you encounter will be centered around selling iPAS2 to other people, and most of the people you recruit (should you decide to buy in) will fail miserably, but you could benefit from their failures financially. It’s just like Empower Network – there’s a lot of money to be made if you’re willing to sacrifice your morals and you know how to recruit and convert prospects (because their training doesn’t help with that at all). It’s all a vicious cycle of hype.

Roger June 10, 2015

Ian, Thanks for this review. It kept me from investing more than the $47 I already paid Chris Jones for my ipas2 membership. Since joining I have been getting this feeling that I should get out and that iPas is wrong for me. One thing that bothers me as well is how conceited David Woods seems to be while flaunting his million dollar mansion in Costa Rica. I’m at a loss as to what I’m going to do to supplement my disability income at this point but whatever it is I want to feel good about it and myself. I think I would feel as sleazy if I promoted ipas2 and Empower Network.

    Ian June 11, 2015

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said here, Roger. I’m sorry you had to experience that, but I’m glad you started doing some outside research and found your way to this review. Best of luck and stay safe out there – let me know if I can help with anything.

AJ June 20, 2015

Thanks for the in-depth Info Ian.. I could write a long statement on this web money making stuff.. Took me over 30 yrs to understand that over 80% of the so-called money making opportunities on the internet and elsewhere is no more than just SELLING INFORMATION..

With that said, I was very close to diving in on this IPas2 stuff a few months ago but was short of the $3,000 I was willing to fork over due to the incredible advertising they pitch on this program.

Yes, I actually took a read over their financial disclosure info and was shocked to see the actual member profits… or should I say non-profits! You are so correct, the system Ipas2 and EN run is no more than the old buy and sell information that has been going on for decades. The other problem is that they have dominated so much of the web with this program that it will continue to hang many out to dry financially.

Anyhow, once again thanks for the write up. I can go on and on but I think i have said enough.

    Ian June 21, 2015

    Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving this thoughtful comment, AJ! I agree completely with everything you’ve said, and I agree that it’s discouraging to know how much longer this program will continue to linger and percolate through the IM community due to the critical mass they hit several years ago. In the meantime, the most I can hope for is that people find reviews like this one and keep away. Stay safe out there and let me know if I can help with anything else down the road!

Lilly July 10, 2015

Hey Ian,

I just recently signed up for Ipas yesterday, and I have been pretty excited about it until I found out that the only product I would be selling would be the Ipas system. In all honesty, I don’t feel completely terrible about it, because my thoughts are, investing is a big part of trying to start any kind of business. I feel that most people today want a way to make quick money, but are not willing to put forth what it takes. I don’t know why I don’t feel bad about it. Maybe I need more time to learn more about the system, but in my mind, I would be selling people an opportunity that they too can turn around and sell to others and so on and so forth. It is up to those who purchase the product on whether or not they are going to do something with it. I think the big problem is, people make impulsive decisions thinking they can get rich quick, so they go all in and fall flat on their faces. In my opinion, they only have themselves to blame for jumping so quickly with out taking the time to think things through and maybe even start small. I personally have worked in other business ventures like Mary Kay for example, which in many ways is very different from Ipas, but I could have been very successful had I worked at it. I paid money for all the products, business cards, and everything, and I never made it. I’ve read that 80% of busnisses fail, and I don’t doubt that. At the end of the day, many of us will pay our own money or get loans to start something. We decide to take a risk in hopes of accomplishing something great. Some succeed, and some do not. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is.

Do I think Ipas is completely terrible? At this moment I can’t say that I do. If Chris Jones is a liar, then he is a pretty good one, because he seems really genuine, and not to mention honest. He is straight up about the fact that not everyone makes the big bucks, and that’s something that I appreciate. Maybe I am naive, and if I am, then I hope I see the light soon. Before I make any decisions to run for the hills, I intend on putting forth my best efforts with the little bit of cash I have put in. It seems to me that I have tons of resources available to help me along the way, and tonight I am scheduled to have a conference call with my assigned mentor.
No, I do not want to scam anyone, and if there is any chance I could share with my leads about what they are really getting themselves into, I will not hesitate to do so. I believe honesty is very important, and I want to strive to be as honest as I possibly can. Good things don’t came back to those who deliberately mislead others.

I want to thank you for taking the time to write your review. I respect your insight, and I will certainly keep it in mind as I move forward.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me whatever they may be.

Thanks Much,


    Ian July 11, 2015

    Thanks for the comment Lilly. I know you’re early in your journey, and of course you see the opportunity through a slightly different lens than someone that’s been in internet marketing for 10 years and reviewing opportunities like this for four (which I totally understand and don’t condemn at all – I wish I could be so optimistic). Thanks for sharing your thought processes, but could you do me one favor? As you continue on this journey, good or bad, could you please come and update this comment occasionally to share your experiences? I think other people researching the product could find it very helpful and insightful.

Jose July 20, 2015

Is it a scam or not? I will let you be the judge of that. What I can tell you is my experience with it. 6 months in the program and spending approx $2000 in advertising, some of it from sources that they recommend and courses on how to promote it. I made 5 sales which barely covered my membership for 1 month until 1 quit. It is extremely hard to sell even when you hype things up perhaps because there is hundreds if not thousands of others trying to sell it. My upliner talked me into paying for traffic, I lost a few hundred dollars more, he said he would refund my money if i didnt make back at least my investement which I didn’t, and surely enough he didn’t keep his word, I was able to track him down and now he is promoting something else. how is that for ethics?

    Ian July 20, 2015

    I’m so sorry to hear that, Jose. That’s just how these companies operate, unfortunately. They turn and burn without a care in the world of who they’re hurting financially or leaving in their wake. Thanks for sharing your experiences for others to learn from as well, and if I can ever help you with anything IM-related, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Ray July 25, 2015

Is there a legitimate way to make money in online marketing them?

    Ian July 25, 2015

    There are a lot of ways if you’re willing to commit to reasonable long-term goals and put in a lot of hard work. Our free training would be a pretty solid place to start.

ARamos August 27, 2015

———> Please Everybody, I beg you not to jump into this scam immediately. I thought it was real, but i’m gone wrong. They only tell you that you pay only $47.00 a month and also said even you can cancel before month? is that not real:- after $47.00, then they ask you $97.00 and then $15.00, and then another again. Then they will let you import or composite email id into your account 🙂 really? do I need to write down friends email or family???…a lot of trouble. finally, They will let you create your own web-form which you will be used to be posted on your fb, or twitter or any other social media. If I saw a comment like this, I don’t waste my time watching at all those videos and also putting all the credit card information. I’m disappointed after wasting 5 hrs watching at different YouTube videos and reading a lot of links. I didn’t see any negative comments towards this scam…hoping they will delete negative comments …//IPAS 2–> please tell the truth before taking someone wrong. you better tell there is a sequence of payments thru the step. Is not as you said just $47.00. And also no refunds……..A LOT OF PROBLEM!!!! I will keep posting this every where, since it is annoying.

    Ian August 27, 2015

    ARamos – your comment implies that this is a positive review. It’s not. If you had seen this review before you purchased, you would have known that there were a serious of dangerous upsells and that it’s all smoke and mirrors. Please don’t comment on one of my negative reviews treating me like I’m trying to scam everyone by telling them how great the program is – I’m not. If you had taken five minutes to read my review, you’d know that was the case.

macharia September 1, 2015

Ian, thanks for this alert but; don’t you think it looks bad when you promote yourself at the same time?

I was not about to be scammed, I don’t have 5k, not even 1k to risk on unknown products anyway. All the same I found your product and will now check it out, thank you.

    Ian September 1, 2015

    Hey Macharia, I understand that some people might see it that way, but my primary focus is helping people in this industry. The best way I can do that is by giving them high-quality, free training that’s better than most of what they’d be able to buy on today’s market. If a small percentage of people see that as deceitful or self-promotion, that’s a chance I’m willing to take to help the majority of people trying to get started in this industry. Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you found the review helpful. Let me know if I can help with anything else down the road.

Milton September 5, 2015

Hi thanks for the review. I know someone who is embarking on this buildingabrandonline thing with ipas2 and I am concerned for what will come of it all. I dont like what they’ve become. I fear theyre in for a big fall, all they see their friends as, is an opportunity. Always pushing their “business”. Am I correct in thinking this?

    Ian September 6, 2015

    This is what I see with a lot of MLMs, unfortunately, and I’ve had a handful friendships go south because friends valued pushing their business on me more than they valued our friendship. I actually wrote a review about one of those experiences too: How MLMs Ruin Friendships: My 100% Honest Nerium Review. I don’t think this is always the case, but many people begin pushing too hard and buy into the “rah rah” of it all, and it costs them more than they realize as they’re doing it.

Tanya September 30, 2015

Hey, Ian!
Thanks for this great article which, I hope, will prevent many people from getting into Ipas/EN.

I used to be an affiliate of EN and when I realized how unethical it is, I quit.

I wonder what can be legally done about this company which in all senses IS a pyramid scheme.

I would love to hear your opinion on that and thanks again for your article!

Kind regards!

    Ian October 1, 2015

    Hey Tanya! Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. Honestly, I’m not sure what can be done about these guys. They’ve got to be covering their bases very, very well legally to have gotten this big and still be untouched.

Laurie October 20, 2015

Thank you! I always make a research if something seems too good to be true and I like your website and trust your criteria 🙂

    Ian October 21, 2015

    Glad that I could help, Laurie! Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help you with anything else down the road. Stay safe out there!

nico November 20, 2015

When did you try it ,what was your results like?

You are like a BMW driver telling us how crappy audi is but at the same time saying you never drove it?
I am not an ipass affiliate either but I have to join and try to use it to the best of my abilities before I can give an HONEST review?? I would think of driving a car for a while before making any statement about it’s performance!

    Ian November 20, 2015

    You don’t have to steal from someone in order to realize it’s against your moral values. And, for the record, I’m a former “All-In” member of Empower Network that recruited about 40 people within the first couple of weeks, and saw them all fail miserably before I realized that it was a low-quality product that was all about getting people to spend more money so that I could earn more. You can read all about those experiences here.

Eric December 2, 2015

I’m glad I stopped, opened another tab in my browser, and did a little research into this iPas2 system before I forked over a measly $7 they were asking in their latest promotion. The video I watched for this iPas system had a countdown timer on it which always makes me suspicious, and also the content of the video didn’t tell me anything about the specifics of this product. Additionally, the way I found out about this was via a new Twitter account I set up the other day and then I received a private message from my first follower–who just happened to be this very attractive woman! I followed the link in the message and I wound up watching a long video about iPas2 that didn’t really explain anything at all. The whole thing was very fishy, but still, I was almost about to fork over some money on it in the hopes that it might be a legitimate internet business. So it’s a good thing I decided to find some info about this company on the net before I made a decision. So thanks for this article.

I think a lot of my hesitation with internet marketing is that I’ve always believed that there’s no legitimate way to make money online unless you know how to design websites and actually have a product to sell. And I don’t personally know anyone who has made money this way. If it was possible to make money this way someone would have told me. I guess I have to find something else to do with my free time.

    Ian December 3, 2015

    It’s definitely possible, but only with a lot of hard work and self-development (NOT the stuff that’s being taught in iPAS2). You’d definitely need to familiarize yourself with how to build websites in today’s climate (unless you had a lot of money to pay a team to do it for you), but that’s not too hard in this day and age. And you don’t have to have your own product to sell – you can essentially become a salesperson (the precise term is “affiliate”) for other peoples’ products and get paid every time your websites make a sale. But as I said, it takes a great deal of hard work and dedication to learn all of the skills necessary and build a business in this industry.

Chang September 3, 2016

Ok so I keep going back and forth from Ipas2 reviews and your review about Ipad2. So far I haven’t found any legitimate details about Ipas2. I want to earn some extra income doing some work online marketing but I honestly don’t want to get stuck in a pyramid scheme or any type of scam. Been there, done that and lost tons of money. Would really appreciate to be apart of a legit online marketing making legit income without having to scam people to go under you just to earn couple bucks. How would I know if you’re just not one of them? What is your company really about and does it involve recruiting others under you?

    Ian September 4, 2016

    No. I don’t work with any MLM companies nor do I “recruit” anyone in my business.

Damian January 20, 2017

It’s a couple of years since I tried Ipas bu I thought I would post my experience here to help other too. I went into Ipas – In fact even before Ipas came about I was an Empower Network affiliate too.

I never made any money with EN as I did not have a great deal of web knowledge so I was using the given to me stuff that just could not get any rankings at all, as everyone else was using the same. One of the EN ‘so called helper’ even said to me dont use the given to you stuff as everyone using them !! so what did I pay for then ??

Thankfully I never went ‘all in’ on EN and eventually left only losing a small amount of money.

Next came along Ipas and Ipas2 – I dint here about Ipas but I was put onto Ipas2 from a marketing list I was on.

It wasnt obvious to me that this was a vehicle for EN or I wouldnt have joined. Thinking it was separate and after some serious thinking I did join Ipas2.

At first I thought the training stuff was pretty good and what you could unlock at the higher levels sounded like good training.

Unfortunately I did go ‘all in’ this time and i’m still regretting it to this day. A common theme began to appear after signup that this was in fact just a partner of EN

Had I realised this from the start I would never have joined after my experience with EN

I’m sure that EN and Ipas2 people do earn money from these (in fact I know they do as they got my money)

Needless to say I never made a dime back from Ipas either and lost a lot of money from these 2 programs combined.

I am a lot wiser now about internet marketing and know that doing your own thing is the only way you are going to succeed. Thankfully that is what I am trying from this day forward.

The way the big G is evolving which marketers rely on, your only going to get anywhere if you create your own original content.

I would stay WELL CLEAR of EN and Ipas2 my feeling would be YOU WILL lose money

On the other hand if you do signup to these – the only way you will be successful is by being an UNETHICAL marketer which is not what I want to be known for.


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