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About Ian P

My name’s Ian and I’ve been in internet marketing for a little over 10 years now. I’ve done a number of things in this industry ranging from running my own affiliate sites to selling digital marketing services to enterprise-level businesses to consulting with multi-billion dollar companies regarding their SEO strategy.

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of people try and fail to get into this industry, largely due to false expectations set by scammy publishers promising that people can create an internet marketing business using “shortcuts” or by purchasing an automated software that will spit money out so quickly that you won’t even be able to count it.

Unfortunately, that’s a bunch of B.S. but there are a ton of scams in this industry that try to convince people this is the reality (with hundreds more hitting the market every year). The easier they make the process look, the more memberships they’re going to sell and the more money they’re going to make off of innocent, unsuspecting people like you that are just looking for any honest way to make a living online.

I’ve reviewed dozens of products over the past couple of years and I’m creating StoppingScams.com to help “fight the good fight” and put an end to the unethical, immoral sales tactics used to scam people in this industry.

Interested in 100% Free Internet Marketing Training?

I’ve purchased and reviewed over 150 business opportunities and work-at-home products in the last three years. I’ve found a handful of great products in that time, but more importantly I’ve condensed all of the biggest lessons I’ve learned into a free training that I give away to prevent people like you from getting scammed.

These courses teach all of the methods and training that I use in my business every day which allows me to work at home, create my own schedule, and answer to no one but my family when it comes to my life/work balance and prioritization.

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Have a question? Want to call a scam to my attention? Send me an email at ian@stoppingscams.com