What are the Types of Content Writing?

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Copywriting takes on many forms that cater to the specific interests of the consumers. I’m going to explain what these types of content writing are and how they specifically apply to a business’s online presence, and how a writer can build experience through each one.

Web Content

Content writing is similar to building the foundation of a house. Web content, which includes practically any page on your website, is the foundational content that every company needs to establish an online presence. Without web content, the rest of your content strategy has nothing to build on. 

Every content writer needs foundational SEO knowledge to write solid web page copy because it’s crucial to determine the correct keywords that work well in the copy. A writing style that’s engaging and conversational is equally important.

Good web page copy should always be about the customer and never the brand or product.


If web content is the foundation of a home, blog posts are the structure. Blogging is a primary category of content that provides an audience with context, helps build SEO presence, and gives businesses a way to nurture their leads with a source of fresh, consistent content.

According to HubSpot, companies that publish more than 16 blog posts a month get 3.5 times more traffic than those who publish four or fewer. Not only do blogs showcase your brand’s personality, they also help visitors get a sense of how much value you can offer them.

Blogging, when done correctly, can dramatically increase views, ROI, and overall success. There is no one-size-fits-all format for a blog. If you plan to start one, read this comprehensive guide to help you start a blog the right way.

Social Media

Companies without a social media presence typically don’t make it very far in today’s social-media dominated culture. People who discover brands online for the first time will likely search for a Twitter account or Facebook page, a factor that plays a role in purchasing decisions.

Social media is not fully dependable. There are too many platforms and it’s time consuming to adjust the same content for each platform’s needs. Your content’s success on social media depends on each platform’s audience. Every platform requires a different strategy.

Advertising & Sales Copy

Ad and sales copy is a form of persuasive writing that moves the reader to take immediate action such as clicking, subscribing, donating, registering, volunteering, or even commenting. This copy highlights the unique attributes of your brand. Ad and sales copy applies to companies in all industries and takes on various forms.

When it comes to sales copy, remember that building trust with an existing audience comes first. Modern advertising and sales copy that generates real revenue takes on less of a “pushy” sales tone and more of an approachable message from a friend. 

Good ads are segmented to the right audience at the right time and aren’t manipulative nor misleading.

Final Thoughts: Types of Content Writing

What I’ve discussed in this post are the four most popular forms of online content writing. It’s where many people find their success and where demand never ends. 

It’s never too late to jump into the content writing market whether as a freelance writer or an internet marketer. Determine which type of content writing suits your strengths and dedicate time to practicing and developing those skills. Most importantly, always leave room for improvement.

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