Is Content Writing Easy?

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If you’re relatively new to content writing, it may seem as simple as compiling facts that are related or have the slightest relevance to a topic, but there is a lot more to content writing that isn’t as visible as the actual writing part.

Everyone starts somewhere, and many content writers go to school for English or Marketing. This isn’t necessary. Plenty of prominent content writers never had a day of formal writing education and are even English second language learners.

To learn and understand the things we need to be mindful of for content writing is not a one day endeavor. Writing is a skill that’s acquired through countless years of practice and experience.

Once you’ve gained experience through consistently publishing articles, content writing gets easier and less stressful. Just like any other skill, you get better the more you do it.

The following are tips to improve your content writing.

Read – A LOTperson reading from laptop balanced on their knees

Content creators, of all kinds, will tell you that the number one thing they do to continuously learn and be inspired is to consume media. Writers read. Video producers watch movies and TV shows. Illustrators consume art.

Reading with a critical eye is just as important as reading for pleasure (especially for a writer). Read with an eye for the elements of writing:

  • What perspective does the writer use?
  • What is the writer’s voice?
  • How long are their sentences, paragraphs, books and posts?

A writer can learn a lot about the elements of writing just from reading. It provides useful insights that can be used in your own writing such as clever wordplay, word choice, and terminology common in your industry. 

Practice Really Does Make Perfect (Well, Close to Perfect)

Believe it or not, I didn’t start out writing great content. I spent years writing pretty mediocre content I thought was “good enough.” Looking back, my writing has improved tremendously through trial and error, and lots and lots of practice.

Part of successful content writing is practice. The more time you spend writing, the more familiar you’ll be with the process. Practice will take you from writing a mediocre post within three hours to writing high quality content in one.

Always aim for improvement. Don’t simply write and publish content and consider that practice. Review those published posts. Which ones are successful, and which aren’t? If they aren’t successful, determine why and continue practicing based on your findings.

The famous phrase states that “practice makes perfect,” and while there’s no such thing as perfect, practice is always important.

Know What to Write

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Some people start a blog because it’s a way to make money, and that’s their only goal – to make money. These people tend to burn out within the first few months because they can’t handle investing the time that’s required to develop a niche. 

On the other hand, there are passionate people who start a blog to turn that passion into something more. These people already have a plan and might need help putting their thoughts into writing.

Believe it or not, both groups will find it rather difficult to find success in the online marketing industry because choosing and developing a niche is difficult, and it’s even more difficult when every aspect of the craft is learned along the way.

You can be passionate about a topic and write endless articles about it, but if there’s no selling point, how will you profit? Conversely, if you choose a promising niche but have little to no interest in it, how can you expect to publish compelling content? 

The key is to find a compromise between passion and profitability. If you’re really struggling to find a niche that suits you, we’ve got a comprehensive guide on how to pick a blog niche. 

Is Content Writing Easy?

Content writing may be easy for people who already have a background in writing and can be difficult for people who wouldn’t consider themselves writers. However, in this industry, it’s an even playing field.

Don’t be intimidated by writers with formal education. Learn the system, learn SEO, read religiously, and keep publishing articles. Review your published articles, especially those that aren’t successful, and find areas of improvement. 

The key to success in this industry is hard-work. Adopt this mindset and strive to be the best version of yourself, and you WILL find success. 

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