Secret Money System Scam. Please Keep This Rubbish A Secret

By Luke T. | Negative Reviews

You can guess that writing for a website like means I get to see a lot of “make money online” products. Every now and then I find something that gets me laughing like a hyena in the Lion King. Secret Money System by Juan Gabriel definitely had me giggling. What a piece of crap!

This is one of the worse things I’ve seen, especially due to the sales video.

I am not an affiliate of Secret Money System, and Juan calling it a “money system” is borderline offensive to me.

I’m going to point out more signs to look for, just like I did in a previous review, that are tell-tale signs that the product is a scam. Let’s get to it.

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Secret Money System: Quick Summary

sms logo

This should remain a secret. 

In the members’ area you’ll find lots of upsells to random and unnecessary products. We even have an old favourite in the mix that’s popular with the scam artists in this niche. I’ll tell you what that is in a second.

Basically what you’re paying for is a collection of crappy little PDF’s in several different niches that you can sell on your own website. I’ve been through a few of these PDFs and “crappy” is a generous description.

secret money system PDFs

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The main thing this course does is get you to purchase all these extras. Nothing else.

The sales page is riddled with tell-tale signs that this product is a scam. That’s the first thing I want to go through with you all today.

But before we get into that I want to point out 2 things in the member’s area that piss me off. The first is an old favourite upsell that seems in be in quite a few of these scam products, and which is the traffic software, “DesktopLightning”.

secret money system traffic software

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No traffic software is going to provide you with quality traffic. All you’re going to get is a high bounce rate and a low site visit duration.

Stay away from traffic software.

The final thing is ads in the members’ area. In my last 4 reviews here at I’ve gone through why I think ads are pathetic in a members’ area, especially when they’re not helpful, because you’ve just purchased a course.

You shouldn’t be pushed to purchase someone else’s course before you’ve even started the course you’ve just purchased

secret money system ads

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I hate ads in a members’ area. Argh!

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Now Where to Start With This Sales Video

All the way through this sales video you’ll see this guy in a big house pointlessly walking around and talking to a camera. Any sales video that contains people climbing out of flashy cars or walking around big houses is likely a scam.

This is a marketing technique to imply that you can get all these things if you use their product. It’s like seeing a fitness model using a tiny piece of equipment on TV. There is no way they got their body using that flimsy piece of equipment. The same thing applies to these “make money online” products.

It’s all crap.

Then we have the crazy testimonials. Shouldn’t Juan be able to pay some convincing actors if he’s making all of this money? Take a look at the image below.

secret money system fake picture testimonial

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Clearly this image is fake. Some very bad photoshopping done by someone who claims that his product can get you to earn “$243,000 in 90 days” or that he managed to make “$10,000 for free”.

*cough* crap *cough*

Then we have this woman.

Secret money system fake testimonial

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Apparently she made $156,000 in just 3 months. She managed to do this selling crappy little PDF’s? I don’t think so.

People who make this sort of money online, for real, work extremely hard to get it. They’re not working less than 20 minutes per day like this woman claims AND in just 3 months.

People making these sorts of claims in a sales video are yet another sign that the product is a scam.

And the “south beach fakeness” continues…

secret money system fake screenshot

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Screenshots like these are extremely easy to fake. The fact Juan claims to do this 100% automated and with so much ease makes it even more bogus.

Something else to notice in this screenshot:

fake testimonial of a client

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Notice how the “PayPal balance: $13,459.25 USD” looks different than the text underneath it? That’s because it’s been placed over the top of the original image. Anyone can create a fake screenshot like this in a few minutes.

Plus Douglas claims to have made this figure in his first 7 days. If it were that easy no one would be struggling to make it online.

The Tip of The Iceberg

The part of the video that made me laugh the hardest is this part:

secret money system juan gabriel

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Juan claims that he is not trying to sell you anything.


Right below the video is a link to access his system for $49 which is apparently a $50 savings.

secret money system immediate access

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Plus all the upsells once you login… Juan is lying to you before you’ve even purchased the course. So we can add this to the fake screenshots and testimonials in the sales video.

Juan says “I only want to work with beginners” which is common with scams like this Secret Money System. Anyone who has a bit of experience knows what Juan is offering is just a bunch of hopes and dreams. Nothing but expensive fluff, really.

If you see anything like this elsewhere online then stay away from it too.

Man, I enjoyed this one…

Final Rating: F

Juan Gabriel is just another person out there preying on the desperate. Before even looking at the course, Juan plays to your emotions and makes promises and guarantees that are impossible to achieve.

Plus it’s actually illegal to make promises like this. But he covers himself with the small print in the footer of the website. Something else to look out for in the future.

With the weak products given to you in the members’ area that you’re supposed to sell, plus all the upsells you’re encouraged to buy, you are definitely going to pay a lot more than you’re going to make. That IS something I can guarantee.

So how does this compare to our #1 recommendation?

There are people out there that want to help you and not just get your money. This is why we created

We aren’t like Juan. We want to help.

Final Thoughts (Not Like on Jerry Springer)

Have you ever been scammed by someone like Juan? Have you come close to being suckered into buying a piece of crap like this? I want to hear your thoughts on the tell-tale signs of scammy products. Is there something you think should be added to our list? Let me know in the comments below!

And Juan if you’re reading this, please comment. I’d like to “discuss” your program with you.

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