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profit bank review

Time after time I find products online that have almost the EXACT same sales video. They always have “a friend who showed me a secret” that you’ll never see. There’s always a “secret, unheard of tactic the gurus don’t even know about” they promise to show you. Today’s review is no different. Profit Bank by the Millionaire Society is another grade A piece of crap that’s full of false promises.

I’m not an affiliate for Profit Bank. The fact the Millionaire Society guys behind it are just after your money. The main guy at the Millionaire Society is “Mack” Michaels and he is another scammer that’s about to be nailed to the cross.

profit bank review


Profit Bank by Millionaire Society: Quick Summary

This is yet an other “one click” software that promises you riches that you’ll never see. You pay $25 dollars and get 3 crappy looking websites that contain your affiliate link.

Everything else in the members’ area is locked until you pay an other $37. This is for the “Millionaire Society Membership” because according to the sales video on EVERY PAGE in the members’ area, “one tool just isn’t enough.”

Let me show you what you actually get for the $25 you’re initially asked for.

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The Tell-Tale Signs It’s A Scam

Very quickly I want to go through why Profit Bank screams “SCAM” before you even part with a single penny. Keep an eye out for these signs in the future. You’ll laugh at them just as hard as I do now.

First, we have the headline on the home page:

Profit bank review

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There’s no such thing as “One-Click Software” that will generate $1,000+ per day. If there was I’m sure everyone would be doing it. Just remember if things sound too good to be true, they usually are.

profit bank review

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Everyone claims they’ve got a “new, unique software” that will generate you riches with a single click. If this software were making them crazy money like they claim, why bother going through the efforts of setting up a website to sell the software?

Why go through all of this if you’re making $1,099.20 per day from one click? I’d be sitting on a beach drinking cocktails if it were really this easy.

profit bank review

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You’re actually paying $24.97 per month for this “software”. It’s not a one-time fee. What you actually get for your money is shockingly awful.

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The “One Click” Software

Here is the software in the backend:

profit bank review

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Once you’ve created a ClickBank account you’ll put your ID in the top box. Then if you have an Aweber account you’ll put in the details in the other 3 so you can collect email addresses to email later if you wanted.

This is all well and good if the websites weren’t utter crap:

profit bank review

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All 3 websites you’re given look exactly the same and each website will promote 3 different products.

The websites are based on the these niches: Making money online, weight loss and cleaning your computer system. All three of these are extremely competitive which means it’ll be difficult to get any organic traffic to your new “one-click cash-sucking money system” .

Those are Mack’s words, not mine.

There’s two other major problems with these websites. They’re 100% duplicate content and they’re only one page.

Having a one page website in these highly competitive niches means you won’t rank in the search engines to actually get any traffic. No traffic means no one is even going to see the products you’re new one-click website is promoting for you. Plus, with everyone using Profit Bank having the same 3 websites, you’ll get smacked by Google for having duplicate content. This is something Google has cracked down on since late 2012/early 2013.

This means you won’t appear anywhere on Google. Not even on the 10 millionth page.

This “system” is completely out of date. Just look at their Facebook feed. It hasn’t been updated since 2012 either:

Profit Bank review

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Right when the Google slap happened. Maybe this was the moment they realised they were selling crap.

You’re $24.97 per month is going to waste if you purchase this in today’s internet marketing climate.

Everything Else is Locked

Throughout the members’ area you’ll see everything is locked and has a sales video saying “How to Unlock this Page “and change your life“”  

profit bank review

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What Mack and his team are trying to do now is to get you to sign up to  the “Millionaire Society Club.” This is so you can get access to the other PDFs and videos in the members’ area.

But this comes at a price:

profit bank review

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Another $37 per month! You’re already paying up $24.97 for the 3 websites and now Mack wants you to pay another $37 on top of that. That’s $61.97 per month to access what’s in the members’ area.

$61.97 per month for something that’s outdated, hasn’t been touched by Mack or anyone else since 2012 and something that won’t make you a penny in return.

The Millionaire Society is a joke.

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Final Rating: F

There’s nothing good to say about Profit Bank or Millionaire Society. They use the same scammy marketing tactics for all their products. They virtually use the same sales video for them all and don’t even keep it updated.

If you’re happy to waste $61.97 per month then go ahead and make your purchase. I can promise you that you’ll never make enough money to even cover the cost of Profit Bank.

People like Mack Michaels and the Millionaire Society are the kinds of people who give everyone else in this industry a bad name.

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Share Your Thoughts

Are you surprised that there’s no such thing as one-click riches? Online business is something that takes time and effort plus a few more clicks of your mouse than what the Millionaire Society leads you on to believe.

Have you been scammed in the past? Have you purchased Profit Bank or anything else by the Millionaire Society? Share your thoughts and experiences down below. I’d love to hear from you.

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