Inner Circle Riches: Paul Lynch’s Scammy Sales Tactics

By Ian | Negative Reviews

Paul Lynch paints a very pretty picture on his Inner Circle Riches sales page. A proven system, all of the tools and support you would ever need, and guarantees galore like you’ve never seen before. Unfortunately, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

What you’re actually watching on is Paul claiming credit for a “revolutionary” system that isn’t his, pitching you a low-quality MLM opportunity, and listening to an above-average success story from someone that made a great deal of money setting their customers up for failure.

I am not an affiliate for Inner Circle Riches or any of the products that Paul Lynch promotes. I’m just an internet marketer that’s been making my living online for several years, who is tired of seeing scammy stuff like this set people up for massive failure and financial loss.

I believe you’ll find this review of Paul’s “opportunity” very interesting, and hopefully by the end of this review you’ll be safe and not considering wasting your money on his low-quality product.

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Paul Lynch’s Inner Circle Riches At-a-Glance

Paul makes a very compelling sales presentation on his site, but what he’s pitching is actually a terrifying trap that many people have called a scam.

Even though Paul claims that this his HIS product with HIS team working on the back-end, it’s not. Paul has no ownership in this product at all. He’s just promoting someone else’s MLM opportunity.

Additionally, whenever you sign up for this “opportunity”, you’re going to get hard-sold by the sales team that Paul Lynch claims is going to go to work for you. Want to earn the 50% commissions on $2,000, $9,000, and $15,000 products? Well then be prepared to fork out $26,000. You won’t qualify to earn commissions on any of these sales without first paying for them yourself.

Finally, in order to become “successful” within the MLM program that Paul is trying to sucker you into, you’ll have to set your friends, family, and subscribers up for almost guaranteed failure. Paul may have made over $1,000,000, but it’s extremely rare and he did it at the financial loss of everyone he’s sold this product to.

Want to avoid being Paul Lynch’s next victim? Read the rest of the review below.

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It’s Not Even Paul’s Product

My Top Tier Business sales page

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Paul talks in the first person a lot throughout his sales pitch on ICR.

What you’re actually being sold on the sales page has nothing to do with Paul Lynch, outside of it being a product that he’s promoted very successfully and earned a lot of commissions from. If you click the link to buy, you’re clearly taken to the “My Top Tier Business” sales page, which is a multi-level marketing company that most people fail miserably within after joining.

I’ve made my opinion of My Top Tier Business very clear in my video review. It’s a product that I don’t endorse at all, and if you’re interested in more details of what Paul Lynch is trying to sell you into, you should check out that link for yourself. It’s a very, very dangerous product.

Ready to Get Harassed by High-Pressure Salespeople?

My Top Tier Business commissionsThe commissions that you’re promised on Paul’s site are really tempting. I think it’d be hard to not get excited when hearing about them. What’s not disclosed in the sales video, however, is that you’ll have to buy all of these products yourself before qualifying for commission from them.

That’s right – be prepared to fork out $26,000+ if you want full “earning potential” with the product Paul Lynch is pitching on Inner Circle Riches.

Remember that “sales team” that’s going to do all of the work for you? That same team is going to call you after you join the program and try to earn Paul all of the commissions he’s teased you with. So by joining the “opportunity” he’s teased you with, you’re volunteering to have this sales team harass you for $26,000+ in “training” products.

Unfortunately, the cycle doesn’t end there.

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You’ll Be Setting Up Anyone You Refer for Failure

MLM programs are really good at appearing legitimate and getting prospective buyers excited about their “opportunity”. I’ve even fallen for it in the past, paying over $5,000 to join an MLM called Empower Network (which I later gave a very honest review).

About a month in, I hit a BIG moral dilemma which holds true for My Top Tier Business as well – the program that Paul Lynch is trying to get you to join.

Paul Lynch's telesales team

The VAST majority of people joining an MLM like this won’t even come close to earning back their initial investment. Sure, a rare person that is well-connected and innovative will work hard and do very well, but close to 100% of people never see their money again after investing thousands into a program like this.

What’s even worse – Many people try to recover their initial investment by pitching the opportunity to friends and family members, which just perpetuates the cycle. This can SEVERELY damage relationships that you cherish without you fully realizing it at the time.

My moral compass after falling victim to a bad MLM is this: If I wouldn’t sell it to my grandma, I won’t pitch it to my website visitors.

If my grandma joined the program that Paul Lynch is promoting, I can almost guarantee she’d fail and never see her money again. That wouldn’t make any difference to the sales team that gives her a call after I refer her into the program, though. I might make a lot of money off of her, but I’d be doing it knowing full-well that I’m setting her up for almost guaranteed financial pain.

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Final Rating: F

If I won’t promote it to my grandma, I won’t promote it to you. Most people that purchase My Top Tier Business will take a very hard financial hit and never see their money again. Even if you do succeed, you’ll have to somehow convince yourself that it’s okay to benefit financially by setting other people up for almost certain failure.

Do you feel comfortable making $1,000 to $5,000 commissions knowing that 95%+ of people that buy from you will never even make their money back? Personally, I just can’t do it. There’s no reason to spend that much money on internet marketing “training” when there are non-MLMs out there providing better, more up-to-date business training at a fraction of the cost.

inner circle riches sales pageWhy would a refer someone to My Top Tier Business for $20,000+, as Paul Lynch is doing on Inner Circle Riches, when I feel they’re more likely to succeed with the training that I give away for free? I’d only do it if I were purely motivated by money, but your success is MUCH more important to me than recruiting you into an MLM program where you’re odds of failing are very high.

Just so I could make larger commissions? I’d rather be able to sleep at night making small commissions than sellout my morals for huge commissions like MTTB offers.

Don’t help Paul make his next million by baiting innocent, hardworking people like you into signing up for his MLM. Avoid it at all costs, and if you’re looking for legitimate training that will teach you how to build a successful non-MLM internet business, take a look at how it compares to my free training courses:

What Do You Think of Inner Circle Riches Now?

Now that you’ve read an in-depth review exposing all of the inner-workings of Paul Lynch’s product, what are you thinking? Do you still want to give it a shot, or will you avoid it like the plague? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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