The Big Idea Mastermind Scam: What You’re REALLY Buying Into

By Ian | Negative Reviews

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Members of the Big Idea Mastermind scam can be pretty convincing, and although it would be incredibly lucrative for me to tell you it’s a priceless mentorship opportunity and that you should go sign up now, I honestly don’t believe that’s the best thing for you. Joining BIM can put you in a terrible morally compromising position, and I’m going to explain why in this review.

I am not an affiliate for Big Idea Mastermind. I’m just an honest guy giving you my honest, expert opinion after seeing hundreds of scams come and go in the internet marketing industry over the past 10 years.

Big Idea Mastermind scam featured thumbnail

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Remember the Time Vick Strizheus was an Ex-Con?

Since you’re researching Big Idea Mastermind, you’ve probably already seen this somewhere so I won’t spend much time discussing it.

Vick Strizheus on trial for Insurance Theft

In the small chance you haven’t heard about this yet, here’s a link to the news story. A few years ago Vick, the founder of BIM, was sentenced to 90 days in prison and five years probation because he collected commissions on make-believe insurance applications he conjured up for an insurance company he was working for.

For some reason, a lot of people are quick to dismiss criminal backgrounds these days. Since this apparently isn’t as alarming as I feel it should be, I’ll move on to other points.

Vick is Still Deceitful, and I Have Proof

Surely he’s learned his lesson and changed his ways since getting convicted though, right? We can all agree that he’s a truthful, honest, law-abiding citizen that wouldn’t dare deceive anyone again.

Vick trying to pass a rental car as part of his luxury lifestyle

Wait, what’s that?! In a Big Idea Mastermind sales video, Vick is seen showing off his expensive toys and luxury lifestyle. If you pay very close attention though, there’s a tiny clue with HUGE implications in the screenshot above (which I’ve called attention to just to make sure you don’t miss it).

That’s right, the ex-con that “turned over a new leaf” is STILL intentionally deceiving people. If Vick owned this Ferari, why would there still be dealer tags on the key ring? It doesn’t add up, and unfortunately it’s a very common practice for scammers in the internet marketing industry to rent cars, mansions, models, actors, and anything else they need to convince you that they’re successful. Clearly Vick isn’t above applying these deceptive sales tactics to Big Idea Mastermind’s materials if it convinces you to buy.

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But the Worst Part of It All: Empower Network

As you read this Big Idea Mastermind review, you may or may not realize that BIM is simply a tie-in to Empower Network, which in my opinion is the most unethical and dangerous company the internet marketing industry has seen in years.

Vick with Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe

Vick sitting with the founders of Empower Network, Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe

I go into great detail in my Empower Network review and my post about whether or not a person can make money with EN posts, but here’s the summary (you can read either post if you want more details):

The VAST majority of people that pay to join EN fail and lose a lot of money in the process. Their cult-like community pushes a total of over $5,000 in products with huge commissions, but if you make a lot of money promoting their products, it means that you’re signing a lot of people up and probably 90-95% of those people are failing miserably, left with huge holes in their bank accounts and massive amounts of high-interest credit card debt to repay. This is not speculation – I’m a former “All In” member of Empower Network and witnessed all of this first-hand. 

So the biggest thing I can warn you about when considering to join Big Idea Mastermind is this: Everything in the training revolves around getting more people to sign up under you in Empower Network. You will watch these people struggle, you will watch them spend a lot of money, and ultimately you will watch almost all of them fail. You can make a lot of money off of your personal referrals, but it will be at severe financial loss 100% caused by you recruiting them.

Final Rating for Big Idea Mastermind: F

I met Vick at the Empower Network event I attended where he accepted a $700,000+ check that he had earned from setting others up for failure, and honestly he seemed like a nice guy on the surface. He’s signed thousands of people up for his Big Idea Mastermind under the EN umbrella, and although he comes across as caring and helpful, in the end he’s still just an ex-con that’s deceiving people to this very day.

Worst case scenario signing up for Big Idea Mastermind: You go “All In” with Empower Network costing you over $5,125 and have nothing to show for it in the end.

Best case scenario: You join, study the training, and are successful in getting a lot of people to sign up for EN with you as their sponsor. You watch the vast majority of them fail but still directly benefit from getting them to buy more and more products that ultimately still result in their failure. You’re rich, but you’re morally bankrupt.

Sounds like a lose-lose to me.

What Does It Sound Like to You?

What are your thoughts on BIM and Vick Strizheus after reading this review? Are you still thinking about joining the Big Idea Mastermind scam, or are you thinking that it’s best to sit this one out and look for something a bit more legitimate?

I’d love it if you shared your thoughts and questions in the comments section below! I respond to all comments personally every day and it would make my day to hear what you think about all of the above.

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