Can You Make Money with Empower Network?

By Ian | Negative Reviews

Can You Really Make Money with Empower Network?

I’ve already taken the time to put together a fairly extensive Empower Network review as well as my negative iPAS2 Review, but I wanted to take some time to clarify one issue: Can you make money with Empower Network?

The Empower Network cult has a tendency to come attack anyone warning others to stay away from EN, saying things like. “You just didn’t follow the system,” or, “You can’t make money because you’re a washed up chump that doesn’t know what they’re doing.”

Can You Make Money with Empower Network?

Let me be very clear on this issue: You can make money with Empower Network but, ethically, you’ll probably find that you can’t stomach it. You’d feel less scummy promoting even the worst products we’ve reviewed by Ewen Chia, Michael Cheney, and other really low-quality product publishers.

I was excited when I first found Empower Network because David Wood and David Sharpe swear up and down that they have an incredible system that makes anyone with any level of experience rich as long as they follow the eight core principles and blog everyday. This is so, so far from the truth and, as a result, I found that all of my referrals in Empower Network with significantly less internet marketing experience were doing horribly. They were working hours upon hours every week and sticking to EN’s teachings very closely and seeing absolutely zero results.

This isn’t at all uncommon, and although I could have continued promoting Empower Network and begin making several thousand dollars a month (probably over $10k monthly pretty easily), ethically I decided that there was no way that I could do it.

If You’re Successful, It’s from Causing Your Referrals Financial Despair

If you actually find a way to make money with Empower Network due to your other internet marketing or network marketing experience, you’ll very quickly realize that the VAST majority of your referrals will fail miserably.

David Wood and David Sharpe do an incredibly good job of getting people pumped up before buying and establishing a grand vision that they’ll soon own a very profitable internet business. They sign up for the Basic Membership and are really excited.

Once they quickly finish that material (there’s hardly any material there at all) they’re basically promised that they’ll get all of the answers they need if they simply upgrade to the Inner Circle (4x the monthly cost of Basic Membership).

A decent percentage will upgrade and find they’re still not successful no matter what they try. That’s when they typically reach out to you as their mentor and sponsor.

You can be honest with them and tell them to run like hell because they’re about to get caught up in a very vicious cycle of financial loss, or you can do what anyone that’s successful in Empower Network does: Tell them that the really expensive training is where it’s really at. They’re crazy if they don’t buy it because it will solve all of their financial problems.

And that, StoppingScams readers, is how they get people to go “All-In”. People begin selling their personal belongings, charging up credit cards, and doing whatever they can to find the success you’ve just told them they can find within Empower Network.

The problem is that EN’s promises are writing checks that their product can’t cash. The training is nothing special – you can get better training for $47 per month at a place like Wealthy Affiliate (read the 10 reasons that I recommend Wealthy Affiliate here if you’re curious) without digging a $5,125 hole in your personal finances.

And if you’re the sponsor that just recommended your referral spend that money, you might make $4,625+, but you’re going to watch almost every one of them struggle because the training is nothing special, fail, and somehow find a way to sleep at night.

So can you make money with Empower Network? Yes, absolutely. Their sales funnel does almost all of the work for you if you can figure out how to get qualified traffic. But will you be able to sleep at night while consciously throwing others into financial despair? Only you can answer that. For me, there was no way I could continue promoting the product knowing what I had learned from watching my referrals struggle.

Want to Ask a Question or Call Me Crazy?

If you have any other questions about Empower Network that I haven’t answered here or in my EN review, feel free to comment below and I’ll do everything I can to help you.

If you’re currently promoting Empower Network and want to try to insult me, argue with me, or try to justify your unethical behavior of profiting by scamming people out of their hard-earned money – feel free to leave a comment below as well! I’ll have a civil, respectful conversation with you as long as you show the same level of respect and civility.

Stay safe out there, everyone! And feel free to contact me if I can help with anything IM-related.

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