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A lot of paid survey sites are going through rebrands nowadays and LifePoints is one of ‘em. They just went through a rebrand a year ago and are still under the same company, Lightspeed. There’s no doubt that the reason behind this move is for people to completely forget about their former platform, MySurvey. Here is my honest Lifepoints review and I hope that by the end of this article you can see for yourself why I think Lifepoints is not worth your time.

What is LifePoints?

For those of you who are not familiar with MySurvey, I recommend reading this review about them. Long-story-short, MySurvey was a horrible platform where referrals were the only way to earn points.

Initially, it seems that LifePoints has significantly improved since their MySurvey days, but have they really? Was the rebrand successful? Can we trust a platform that has a damaged history?


I am in no way sponsored nor affiliated with LifePoints. Thus, this review is not intended to promote their service in any way and is my sole unbiased opinion.


LifePoints seems to be a redemption move by Lightspeed. Sadly, it’s still as disappointing as its former version (MySurvey). It still pays poorly and accounts are still getting shut down for seemingly unknown reasons.

If you’re bent on making money through paid survey sites, I highly recommend a more reputable and better-paying site like Swagbucks.

What makes them stand-out from all the other paid survey sites is the number of opportunities for you to earn points. You’ll be able to redeem your rewards 2x faster than the time it takes with LifePoints!


I’d really be surprised if you came back with unsatisfied results once you join Swagbucks.


LifePoints Review: Summary

If you don’t have much time, let me give you a high-level overview.

LifePoints may seem a bit more promising than their older version, but don’t be fooled. Here are the main reasons why LifePoints is still as disappointing:

  1. Low Survey Density. Very few surveys are available per month and you’ll get screened out often. You’ll receive very little compensation any time you get screened out.
  2. The Points Have No Set Value. Lifepoints can change the value of your points at their will.
  3. Accounts Shut Down for No Reason. LifePoints shuts the accounts of their members down for seemingly unknown reasons. Consulting customer service proves useless, as seen from their numerous reviews on SurveyPolice.
  4. No Referral System. Instead of improving the referral system they formerly had, LifePoints chose to remove it altogether. This eliminates further opportunities to earn points.

So if you’re looking to earn any sort of substantial income in a relatively short amount of time, you’ll be disappointed with LifePoints. You’re better off investing your valuable time on a credible and trusted platform.


Easy and Free Sign Up

The sign-up process is fast and simple. It takes no more than 10 minutes and when you’re finished, a reward of 10 points is waiting for you. Answering the required basic personal information needed for your profile also earns you 10 points.

You’ll have a total of 20 points to start but you won’t be able to make anything of it just yet since it takes quite some time to accumulate the points needed to redeem a reward.


lifepoints registration


The website design is attractive and colorful, a breath of fresh air from all those bland and tasteless website designs by other paid survey sites.

Sign up bonuses and good website design is nice and all, but can they deliver? Don’t get excited just yet, folks. What happens next is a huge letdown.


Where LifePoints Begins to Fall Short

I had to wait 3 days before receiving an invite for my first survey. Keep in mind that this time frame may vary since qualifying for a survey depends on your profile and the target demographic of the survey.


lifepoints survey takes long to arrive 1


After receiving an email saying I “qualified” for two surveys, I was surprised that I immediately got screened out of both of them. And it doesn’t end there: I received 2 measly points for each survey. Besides rarely receiving survey invites, it turns out that you’ll also often get screened out.


lifepoints survey takes long to arrive 2


Getting screened out may be common among paid survey sites, but being compensated for your time and effort is a good way for companies to prove how much they respect their members.


“There Are Other Options for Earning Points, Right?”

Unlike their previous platform (MySurvey), where the only option to earn points is through their referral system, LifePoints currently has no referral system. Although LifePoints offers other options, like diary studies or the testing of products at home, these offers are rare and are only available for members that have been with them for a long time.

This leaves surveys to be the only “reliable” way to earn points, especially if you’re new. That means it’ll be a lot harder to accumulate enough points to redeem a reward.

So don’t get your hopes up (if you still have any).


The Points Have No Set Value

If you think that this can’t get any worse—you’re in for a treat.

Here’s one of the major flaws of LifePoints: the value of a point isn’t consistent and varies. For example, a $5 PayPal voucher may cost more than a $5 Starbucks gift card. This is the first time I’ve encountered something like this on a paid survey site. I know you must find it weird, too, so let’s check their Rewards Program Terms.

After quickly scanning, I found the term that clearly states that LifePoints can adjust the value of your points and change it any time.


point system has no set value in lifepoints


Another term states that they can also cancel and forfeit your points without you knowing. Seems a little shady if you ask me.


cancel or forfeits points without you knowing in lifepoints


Upon further research of Lightspeed’s Terms & Conditions, a phrase jumped at me. It’s big, bold, and clear as day: they can shut your account down whenever they want and for whatever reason they have. No wonder members keep experiencing their accounts getting shut down.


lifepoints terms and conditions about termination of account


These policies make LifePoints’ members vulnerable to exploitation.


What Are Other People Saying?

It seems that the major problems LifePoints had back from when they were MySurvey, still exist on the present platform. They haven’t taken any effort whatsoever to resolve these issues.

Michael, a member from the UK, reported that his account was shut down for unknown reasons and found LifePoints’ customer service to be unhelpful.


lifepoints review from a member in UK


Here’s William, another member from the UK, who’s experiencing a similar yet much more serious problem. Imagine investing your time and effort into the surveys on LifePoints, only to have your account shut down without any warning.


another life points review from a member in UK


Jane’s review further proves that LifePoints promises their members too much but doesn’t deliver in the end. They raise their members’ expectations only to destroy them afterwards.


a lifepoints user got banned without notice


Different Name, Same Experience

It’s clear that LifePoints has not improved the experience of their members in any way possible. It’s still as disappointing as their older version, so don’t be duped by their colorful website or by the promises of “amazing” rewards.

On top of the problems that already existed when they were MySurvey, LifePoints over promises and under delivers, and your experience there won’t turn out how you’re led to believe it would.

LifePoints can change the value of the points you earn whenever they want, can terminate your account without warning, and can shut down your account out of the blue. These are all common experiences among the members of LifePoints.

On top of all that, there are very few surveys that are available per month. Combined with the fact that you may get screened out of some of the surveys you’ll be answering, LifePoints is just MySurvey with a different name.

Altogether, it’ll definitely take a long time for you to earn anything substantial. And even if you’re lucky enough to accumulate some points, you can never rest easy knowing that LifePoints can shut your account down at any moment. If you face inconveniences along the way, don’t expect their customer service to be of any help.

I can, in no way, recommend LifePoints. There are paid survey sites out there that are much more reputable and better-paying.


I strongly suggest checking out one of the top paid survey sites out there, Swagbucks, and see for yourself how you’ll have a much better experience than what you had or will ever have with LifePoints.

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