Traffic Brokers Scam: The Painful But Honest Truth… Aww, Too Bad!

By Luke T. | Negative Reviews

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I’m amazed at what I see people try to pass off as a legitimate product and Traffic Brokers is nothing new. It really upsets me that people are out there creating rubbish and passing it off at “legitimate ways to make money online” because it gives us who genuinely want to help you become successful, not just take your money, a bad name.

I’m not an affiliate for Traffic Brokers. I’d rather sleep knowing I’ve helped people than make a quick dollar… And now I’ll show you why you shouldn’t go near this product.

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Traffic Brokers Review: Like Ripping Off A Bandaid…

In this review I’ll show you why this product just screams SCAM to me and not only will you know to stay away from this product, but I hope you’ll also learn what to look for in other products online when you come across them.

In the internet marketing world there’s a little phrase we like to use called SOS, or Shiny Object Syndrome. Traffic Broker is just that. It flashes some big numbers to get your mouth watering and get you dreaming of yourself making that sort of money. It’s true, you can make a lot of money online, but you’ll never reach it with useless information.

Selling crappy products is how people online can show you big income reports and flashy screenshots. They make a bunch of money ripping people off and then show you their screenshots saying, “Oooh – don’t you want a piece of this?!” The strategies they teach when you sign up for the product are far from helpful though, and I’ll make it clear case for that in this Traffic Brokers review.

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Yet Another Horrible Sales Pitch

This is the classic sales pitch that comes along with products that are all hype and fluff.

Text Brokers bad sales page

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Just the fact that it starts with a “my friend asked me…” and then show s a crazy specific amount of money just says to me that they are either 1) flaunting the money they’re making by ripping people like you off or 2) they’re lying to grab your attention.

Either way, these aren’t the people I would like to affiliate myself with or even consider looking towards to help grow an online business.

When you’re looking for someone to show you how to build an online business, you want someone who legitimately wants to help you. Everything on this Traffic Brokers sales page is about showing you how he’s found the magic formula and how he’ll show you how you can make 6 figures.

There’s no real information there…

Yes, it says that you may not achieve results like this, but that’s just the legal fluff necessary for any “make money online” product. You’ll see this statement on any product that deals with making money. This doesn’t mean anything.

Do You Know What You’re Buying?

Jeff Walker  is great in getting people’s attention and pulling on the heartstrings of those who desperately wish to make some money online. But do you know what you’re actually paying for?

You’re paying for a forum…

Text Brokers membership forum

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There are many free forums  you can sign up with and save yourself the $50 per month price tag that comes along with Traffic Brokers. Yes there are some forums that are still incredibly useful and of great value, but I’m afraid this isn’t one them.

There are many other superior products out there that you can sign up to, for less money too, that will provide you with so much more.

There’s a table at the bottom of this post that compares Traffic Brokers to our top recommendation. It shows you what you can get for your money which is less than this outdated, inactive forum. And it’s free to join – something Traffic Brokers promises on the initial sales page but doesn’t deliver.

Do you like being in the back of the pack only to find out you’ve been doing everything wrong? That’s what you’ll get if you follow the information in Traffic Brokers’ members’ area.

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Now You’re After More Money!?

This is the part that shouts “ripoff” the loudest to me… Just check out the image below:

Traffic Brokers is after more money before you even start

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Before you’re given any information, before you actually learn anything, BEFORE you even get to the outdated forum you’re asked to cough up more money.

So not only are you paying $49.95 for a forum, but now you’re asked to pay an extra $4.95 per month for a website. But wait, you’re getting $1995 worth of “stuff” for that $4.95… Pfft!

Products like this just ask for more money before you get started for the sole purpose of making more money off of you. Overall, this product isn’t THAT bad regarding upsells. Normally you’ll see something that’s more than 3x the price of the initial access before you can get started. Just look at Ian’s Empower Network review and you’ll see what I mean.

You’ve just paid to get access to the website. Now it seems Jeff Walker is just trying to get every penny possible from you.

Final Rating: F

Nothing here warrants the price tag Jeff Walker is asking for Traffic Brokers. If I were to purchase this the most I’d pay is $15-20 as a one-time payment, just to see if there were any awesome little nuggets in there. I think that’s even being a little generous.

If the product were updated and provided more value it could be worth the price tag.

The bit that made me more upset than anything was when I conducted this review I could see that there were 2 new members to the site that were logged in. That means AT LEAST 2 people had bought into the hype that was on the poor sales page. There could have been more than 2. At least 2 people are going to get disappointed, lose faith in that the internet can provide an income for anybody and also reinforce the bad reputation this industry already has.

I really hope I’ve shown you want to look out for, not with just this product, but for any product out there. All the good ones out there provide you with a trial, an example of there work, or even help you out for free. This is what Ian and I do here, we’re giving you all the information for free and the recommendations we provide are based on our experiences.

Tell Me Your Thoughts About The “Make Money Online” Industry

Do you agree with everything I’ve written here?

I’d love to hear what you have to say about Traffic Brokers and whether or not you agree with what I’ve written here. Or if you’ve been scammed before, I’d love to hear your experience with that as well.

Just don’t give up on your dreams of running an online business, you can achieve it!

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