Ronnie Montano: The Best Scam-Artist in Internet Marketing

By Ian | Negative Reviews

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If you’ve seen many products in this industry, odds are you’ve come across Ronnie Montano somewhere along the way. I’m all for making money online and over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to run a very profitable IM business, but scamming innocent people out of their hard-earned money is crossing a SERIOUS line in my book, and it’s one that Ronnie Montano has crossed time and time again with just about every product he’s released.

Ronnie Montano

There aren’t many people in this industry that I think are at high risk of getting shut down by a federal agency because they’re products are so scammy, but Montano is one that I expect to get shut down someday. In the meantime, I hope this review of him helps save a lot of people money.

I am not an affiliate for Ronnie Montano or any of his products. Many people online sing his praises because they get paid to promote his products – I am not one of them.

I actively avoid promoting anything from products we’ve reviewed negatively, like those of Ewen Chia, Michael Cheney, and Adam Horwitz.

Ronnie Montano Review Summary: Avoid Him Like the Plague

Ronnie Montano is about as dirty as a product publisher gets in this industry. His products always employ actors to pitch the product and give highly positive reviews about how good it is. He always tries to get you to spend several hundred dollars extra after you buy the initial, relatively cheap product. He always under-delivers on the “training” and software as compared to what you were promised on the sales page. The guy is nothing but a low-down, good-for-nothing scam artist and it’s only a matter of time before a regulatory agency shuts him down. 

Ronnie Montano scam featured image

Don’t fall for the rented mansions, rented cars, and fake promises that all of his sales pages flaunt. What he promises on the sales page for every product he promotes is the same thing: Lots of money with very little effort. Unfortunately “miracle products” like he claims to be selling don’t exist. If you’re willing to put in the time, effort, and hard work you can find internet marketing products that will help you build a successful business, but Ronnie Montano isn’t selling that type of product – he’s selling scams.

Want more details on all of the claims I’ve made above? Read through some of the evidence in the rest of the review below.

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Rented Mansions, Rented Cars, and Rented People for Every Sales Page

If you’re paying attention, one of the first things you’ll see on any Ronnie Montano sales page is a paid actor disclosure:

Paid actor disclosure

This is present on EVERY Ronnie Montano sales page

Don’t believe me? Just scroll down to the bottom of the sales page for Tube Cash Code, Mobile Money Code, eMobile Code, Commission Cash Code, Easy Cash Code, or any other product he’s selling. Everything you’re hearing from the main speaker, everything you’re listening to from the testimonials – it’s all scripted. None of it is true, and everyone you’ll see on camera is just getting paid for a day’s work.

This is true for the mansions and the cars too. All of those luxuries that are dangled in front of you are rented and used as a movie set – nothing more.

Don’t Forget the Rented Affiliates!

You’ll see people for every one of Ronnie’s products endorsing them, swearing that they’ve made a ton of money and that the product is revolutionary/life-changing/incredible/another-overly-hyped-buzzword.

They do this because affiliates with substandard morals get paid to give fake, positive reviews. You’ll see countless reviews for Montano’s products promoting it, offering discounts/bonuses, etc… but in reality most of these people haven’t even seen the product yet.

If you’re on Ronnie’s affiliate list you’re given a heads up when he’s about to release another product. Within a few days of him announcing a product that isn’t even available for purchase yet, YouTube and Google are flooded with dozens of fake reviews from people trying to earn an affiliate commission off of innocent, unsuspecting buyers like you. Take positive reviews with a grain of salt. Be skeptical in this industry – it’s healthy.

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There Are Countless Low-Quality, Scammy Upsells

Unfortunately we’ve all become pretty desensitized to upsells in this industry, but Ronnie Montano hits customers with so many that you’ll still notice if you buy one of his products. I’m not talking about two or three – you’ll have to click “No thank you – just take me to the members’ area” about 7-10 times if you buy one of his products. Everything from $297 upsells to “OH WAIT!” $100 off coupons – you know the routine. It’s just 2-3x as bad with Ronnie than it is with everyone else. It’s not enough that he’s just sold you a $19-$47 product, now he’s going to go in for the kill and try to bleed you for several hundred dollars more.

The Product Itself is Never High Quality

All of Ronnie’s sales pages promise very little effort in return for massive amounts of money, but when you finally get into the members’ area of any of his products you’ll see that there’s hardly any training and nothing close to the “money making system” you were promised.

A breakdown of the members' area for Ronnie's latest product

A breakdown of the members’ area for Ronnie Montano’s latest product

I’ve seen this with Mobile Money Code, I’ve seen this with Commission Cash Code, and most recently I’ve seen it with his newest product, Auto Mobile Code. The formula never changes – rented everything making outrageous claims, borderline harassment from upsells, and he totally under-delivers on the product. Ronnie never lets me down here – he’s as predictable as it gets for a publisher in this industry.

Final Rating: F

Not only do I recommend avoiding Ronnie Montano at all costs, I recommend avoiding anyone that’s associated with him. If you see a video, a review, an email, or anything at all containing an endorsement for his products – unfollow that person and never trust a word they say again. This guy launches the absolute biggest scams in this industry and has been doing it for years – don’t help him keep doing it by supporting him or his affiliates.

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I've been in internet marketing for over 10 years, and I've purchased dozens of illegitimate products for the sole purpose of evaluating them and exposing the truth about these products to anyone who's thinking about purchasing it. I never let money influence my rating of a product and your success/safety is my absolute highest priority. Don't want to buy a product? Register for one of my 100% free internet marketing training courses>>

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