George Brown: The Man, the Myth, the Scammer

By Ian | Negative Reviews

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George Brown has released version after version of his blockbuster product “Google Sniper” over the years, and I still get asked to this day if his “newest version” is worth buying. As George has taught me from buying at least the last three updates, the answer is ALWAYS going to be “no”.

Curious to know why? Today we’re setting our sights on George Brown – the internet millionaire that uses deceptive sales tactics and false promises to convince people his product is worth buying.

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George seeing who he’s ripped off today

What You Need to Know About George’s “Updates”

I have to hand it to him, George has stayed relevant and towards the top of a constantly changing industry for years. One of the main tactics he’s used to achieve this is rolling out an “updated” version of Google Sniper every couple of years. Version 2.0, Google Sniper “X”, Predator, etc…

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The fact of the matter is that George hasn’t changed the core of his product since I first reviewed it over three years ago. He may tack on a couple of useless “bonuses” or upload his latest webinar, but that doesn’t change the fact that the core of his training is years behind an industry that dramatically changes every year.

So in reality, George’s “updates” aren’t updates at all. He’s essentially slapping “new and improved” sticker on the same product he’s been pushing for years so that you’ll buy it again, or buy it for the first time thinking that all of the reviews calling it out-of-date no longer apply. They absolutely still apply, but George is cleverly tricking you into thinking otherwise.

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If that’s Not Bad Enough, There’s Even More Deception

For years now, Brown has pitched Google Sniper as a “software” that allows you to push a button and start counting the money as it rolls in. That couldn’t be further from the truth – Google Sniper has never been anything more than a series of training videos teaching you how to build a website, get backlinks, and manually try to achieve rankings just like any other internet marketer from 2005-2011.

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There’s a cheap software program in the members’ area, but at this point it’s just something George keeps around so you don’t feel completely duped. This software isn’t anything like what he describes in the sales video. There’s no such thing as a push-button system that gets you rankings and sends your bank account into orbit. Purchasing products that make this promise won’t do anything but drop your finances in the exact opposite direction publishers like George Brown promise.

Everything Brown Teaches is YEARS Behind

As I mentioned earlier, the internet marketing world changes dramatically from any given year to the next. Over the past few years we’ve seen over a dozen algorithmic changes from Google alone.

What George teaches once you get into the members area are the same crappy, rehashed tactics he taught in 2008. These techniques and strategies no longer work at all, whatsoever. The only thing Google Sniper is good for these days is a trip back to learn the history of internet marketing strategies that used to work but no longer do.

Does that sound like something you want to spend $50 of your hard-earned money on?

Avoid George Brown and All of His “Updates”

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I know it’s easy to give George the benefit of the doubt, believing that he’s updated Google Sniper so that it’s no longer out-of-date like reviewers claim. The only reason he says that is to make you think it’s up-to-date so you’ll finally purchase the product (or purchase it again).

Don’t contribute another few bucks to George’s years-old empire of ripping people off with outdated information. Read my latest review of Google Sniper here, or register for one of my free training courses that actually teach people how to build a legitimate internet business.

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