The Get Cash for Surveys Scam: Not What It Claims to Be

By Ian | Negative Reviews

I usually give products the benefit of the doubt and try to share some good highlights, but there’s no other way to cut the Get Cash for Surveys scam. The sales page is very deceiving and the product is only designed to make its creator very, very wealthy (in more ways than one) and leave customers hanging out to dry.

I am not an affiliate for Get Cash for Surveys. I don’t recommend or sell this product – this is my 100% honest review after buying it and seeing what it had to offer.Get Cash for Survey logo

Get Cash for Surveys Review Summary

Review Summary: Get Cash for Surveys at a Glance

GCFS sales page

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If you don’t have time to read this full review, here’s the summary: Avoid it at all costs. You’re pitched a product that’s supposed to help you make a few thousand dollars a month, but in reality you’re mostly entered into drawings for prizes, receiving the equivalent of pennies per hour for your time spent on these huge surveys, and a ton of the links in the members’ area are completely dead. They just don’t lead anywhere.

To make matters worse, most of the links you’re given to follow to these “paid surveys” are affiliate links, meaning every single one you fill out earns the deceptive creator another commission. Get Cash for Surveys is nothing more than a cleverly designed scam with a hyped up sales page that will waste your time, get you A TON of spam mail, and make someone else filthy rich.

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What Good Things Do I Have to Say?

Nothing. No exaggeration – I have nothing good to say about this product.

I try to balance all of my reviews by showing the “other side” of even the worst products, but there’s just no other way to cut it. Get Cash for Surveys is a huge scam in the sense that it promises you results that you couldn’t possibly realize after buying the product.

What Did I Really Dislike?

List of surveys in the members' area

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Extremely Deceptive: My biggest problem is the dishonest sales page. The person that created Get Cash for Surveys makes it seem like you can make really good money doing this and that you’ll be receiving nice-sized commissions for each survey you fill out. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most of these surveys will enter you into a “drawing” for a chance to win a prize, and a handful of them will enter you in a drawing for cash. Your odds of winning these lotteries is slim to none, and it’s hard to pay the bills and put food on the table with lotto drawings.

The best you can hope for when clicking links in the Get Cash for Surveys members’ area is that you accumulate points towards a cash reward or gift card, but even those are a huge waste of time. For example, I received 10 points for a survey that took me a few minutes and got me just a little closer to a $110 Paypal gift card. How many points did I need before earning the $110 gift card? 1,100. After several minutes I was less than 1% there. This would take hours, if not days to complete and earn the $110.

Dead Links Everywhere: Every few surveys I clicked led me to a page with this error message:

server_errorIf you’re going to charge for a scammy product like Get Cash for Surveys, the least you can do is go through your members’ area that people are PAYING for and clean out the dead links. It shows how neglected the product is and how little the creator cares about their paying customers.

Creator Earns Commissions: Whenever you click on the surveys within the members’ area, you’re clicking on one of the creator’s affiliate links. Whenever you fill in  your information and complete that quiz, they earn even more money off of you in the form of an affiliate commission. It’s unfortunate that it pays so well to rip people off.

Welcome to SPAM City: Whenever you fill your name, email, address, etc… into these fields, your information is being sold to other companies and you’ll be receiving SPAM and junk mail in your inbox and physical mailbox for a LOOONG time. That’s how these “quizzes” make money so that they can give away a few bucks in their drawings.

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Final Rating: F

Get Cash for Surveys is an atrocious product. You’re deceived, stolen from, annoyed, and just all-around scammed. If you see someone recommending it on the internet or claiming that they’ve made more than a few dollars with this program, they’re only saying that to try and get you to join through their affiliate link so that they’re paid part of the sale. Don’t trust them.

Stay Safe Out There!

I hope this review helped you save a little money if you were considering purchasing Get Cash for Surveys. If you have questions about anything above or would just like to say “thank you”, please leave a comment below! I read them all and respond to them personally.

Description: A useless paid survey database that doesn’t do anything of value but instead, takes your money for no reason.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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