CB Passive Income Review: Patric Chan Fails to Deliver

By Ian | Negative Reviews

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Patric Chan talks a big talk, but in this unbiased CB Passive Income review I’m going to walk you through some of the product’s sales claims, the product itself, and very clearly show why you’ll be very disappointed if you purchase it.

I am not an affiliate for Patric Chan or CB Passive Income. I’m just an experienced internet entrepreneur that wants to keep people like you safe from buying low-quality, crappy products that will let you down and hang you out to dry.

CB Passive Income review featured thumbnail


CB Passive Income Review At-a-Glance

If you don’t have time to read the entire review below, here’s the long and the short of it: Don’t buy CB Passive Income. Patric Chan makes a bunch of promises and under-delivers on all of them, very similarly to another serial product publisher, Ewen Chia. You’ll spend more time and money than you can imagine trying to get this broken product to work, and new internet marketers all across the internet are failing after falling for Patric’s promises.

I explain all of the reasons why and provide supporting evidence in the review below if you want more proof.

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Patric Chan Does Everything… Except the Hardest Part

Patric Chan's sales claims

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Here’s how CB Passive Income works: Patric gives you a couple of squeeze pages, you send traffic to those pages, and Patric adds them to an email list and “sells them for you”. In theory that sounds like a pretty sweet deal, but the hardest part of that three step process is getting traffic, which you’re still stuck with.

If you’ve never made money as an internet marketer, it’s easy to overlook what a bogus deal this is. You’ll either have to send paid traffic to the squeeze pages you’re provided (which will be hard because they’re duplicate content) or create content that gets ranked in the search engines and drive traffic from your content to the CB Passive Income squeeze pages. If you can do this, you can promote any product on the internet and don’t need Patric Chan’s product.

So if you’re an experienced enough internet marketer that you’re capable of driving traffic to these landing pages, the product isn’t for you because you can make money selling anything you want online – you don’t need Patric Chan. 

If you’re an inexperienced internet marketer that hasn’t successfully generated traffic to any sites or affiliate offers in the past, Patric Chan doesn’t teach this but sticks you with it instead, leaving you blindly throwing money at paid advertising or slaving hours upon hours each week creating content to try and get traffic without any training or direction. In this case, you definitely don’t need CB Passive Income because it’s going to cost you an enormous amount of money in paid advertising or a tremendous amount of time creating content, something Patric promised you wouldn’t have to do.

Chan has missed both markets here: It’s not in an experienced internet marketer’s best interests because they can promote thousands of other offers or sell their own products instead, and it’s definitely not in an inexperienced marketer’s best interests because there’s hardly any direction or help in the areas they need it the most.

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Brace Yourselves – Upsells are Coming

If you’ve purchased more than two or three internet marketing training courses in the past, you’re probably sick of being pitched upsells. The sales page makes you think you’re getting access to an incredible, life-changing product. After you buy, you hear about some miracle add-on that you need to buy to truly get those results. After that, there’s some exclusive coaching, added bonus, or some other B.S. you’re being pitched to make the product publisher more money.

Nothing screams greed quite like multiple upsells. It’s a big “F**K YOU” to your customers and shows that you’re more interested in making more money off of them than providing an all-inclusive, helpful product for one price. It’s deceitful, and no legitimate product publisher I know tries to pressure you into upsells to get the most out of their product.

In comes CB Passive Income. There are a grand total of three upsells you have to decline before gaining access to the product you just paid for:

Upsell pitch #1

$97 for CB Passive Income “Pro”

Upsell Pitch #2

$47 a month for another worthless add-on

Upsell Pitch #3

“But wait! I’ll give it to you for $1 instead and surprise you on your bank statement later!”

When I’ve just paid $47 for your product, I want access to it NOW. I don’t want to have to sit through more long videos, get discouraged because you’re basically telling me what I just paid for is worthless without these add-ons, and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the cleverly disguised, “No thanks, I don’t want to wake up to a ton of my money in my bank account tomorrow” links.

Other New Internet Marketers Speak Out

You really have to dig past all of the fake, positive reviews published by affiliates to find honest reviews in this industry. If you do that for CB Passive Income, you’ll find a theme: New internet marketers are struggling, spending their hard-earned money on not only CB Passive Income but also on experimenting with driving paid traffic to Patric’s sales pages too.

Negative review #1

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Negative review #2

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Don’t end up like the two people above. Avoid buying the product and wasting your time and money trying to make a broken product work.

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Oh… And It Took Over 48 Hours for Me to Gain Access

User account not approved error message when trying to log in

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You read that right, I couldn’t access the product immediately like I was promised. I kept getting a “User Account Not Approved Yet” error message.

I have no idea what went haywire in CB Passive Income’s system, but I didn’t receive an email like I was supposed to (not even in my junk/spam folder) and had to file a support ticket and wait for two days before I was even able to access what I’d paid for. Nothing will upset a paying customer quite like that.

Final Rating: F

With all of that being said, CB Passive Income fails on every level. It makes misleading sales claims, fails to deliver what Patric Chan promised, pummels you with a barrage of upsells, and then will most likely end up costing you even more time and money trying to get traffic so that Patric Chan can “do all of the work for you”.

CB Passive Income is bogus, and regardless of whether you’re new or not-so-new to this industry, there are definitely better products out there for you to buy.

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