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mobile monopoly v.20

But should really shut up and sit down. Mobile marketing was pretty big a few years ago because of the buzz created when smartphones became powerful enough to stream videos. Adam Horwitz probably did very well (according to the sales video he made $5 million in 2 years) but his program Mobile Monopoly v2.0 is nothing to be proud of.

I am not an affiliate for Mobile Monopoly. This is not something I could happily tell you guys “yeah, go buy this and you’ll be able to make some money” and then sleep soundly at night.  Adam could make have something great here if he actually cared about the people he’s taking money off of.

Let’s get into this. Adam, pay attention.

Mobile Monopoly v2.0: Quick Summary

mobile monopoly v.20

Adam’s “method” is getting people to attend a mobile-friendly, pre-made webinar that sends people to a product that you’ll receive a commission from if they purchase.

Now you’re saying “What the hell was that Luke? Did you just have a brain fart as you wrote that?”

Let me explain further. Adam has made a few videos that work on a mobile phone with a button at the bottom of the screen that takes people to a product mentioned in the video. If the person buys that product, you’ll receive a commission. Typically 50-75% per sale.

I’ve just described 1/3 of this course in a paragraph! Seriously – I have.

The concept is brilliant. The quality is shockingly poor.

Let me explain further why Adam’s Mobile Monopoly v2.0 has made our scam list.

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Adam Is Clearly Out To Get Money From You

You’ve just paid $47 to get access to the software. I bet the last thing you wanted to see was Adam’s face again asking for more money:

Mobile Monopoly v2.0 review

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Adam has really gotten under my skin. I hate it when people try to sell you something else before you’ve even got access to the product you’ve just purchased. This is exactly what Adam has done:

Mobile Monopoly v2.0 review

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You’ve just spent $47 and Adam is now asking for another $147!

What is Adam offering for this extra money?

In the basic version of Mobile Monopoly you’re given 3 pre-made webinars (one of which is to promote Mobile Monopoly, by the way) along with 3 pre-made webinar registration forms.

With this $147 upsell you’re given an extra 5 pre-made videos and the ability to upload your own webinar videos.

I like the fact you have the option to upload your own videos but having to pay $147 to do so is ridiculous. The pages look extremely outdated and the registration forms are awful as well.

The fact that Adam says “I’m almost holding back on an unfair advantage” and “because you’ve already taken action and I’m invested in your success” really annoyed me. If this were true, then clicking the blue text in the image above wouldn’t have prompted this:

Mobile Marketing v2.0 review

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You’re sent to ANOTHER video making the same offer, minus being able to upload your own videos, for another $47.

His use of language in both these videos shouts scam to me. He doesn’t seem genuine about wanting to help you at all.

Adam seems more worried about making money than helping his customers succeed. That’s one huge red flag. Now let’s get into the product itself.

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Low Quality of Training Provided

At first, the training seemed pretty good. The navigation looked promising:

Mobile Monopoly v2.0 review

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Everything is neatly laid out and broken down into bite-sized chunks. When I dug into each section I saw a nice variety of videos. Just take a look at a few of the “Email Profits” videos:

Mobile monopoly v2.0 review

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It looked great! …Until I watched a few of the videos:

Mobile Monopoly v2.0 review

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The videos are absolute crap. I saw nothing of any value. All of these videos just tell you, “You should be doing this…” but then gives no step by step walkthrough of HOW to do it.

For example with the email sections, Adam basically says, “You should be using email because you can email people your webinars and earn money” … This is all of his advice.

He shows you two email providers you should use, both of which Adam earns commissions from, and how to sign up for them.

Horwitz then tosses in a couple of crappy PDFs. Here is a screenshot of the PDF shown in the picture above:

mobile monopoly v2.0 review

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There’s nothing here that you couldn’t find on the GetResponse or Aweber website (for free). Seems like Adam has created this product just to say there are PDF downloads available.

Final Rating: D

With everything in the product (or lack thereof) I should really give Adam an F, but I just couldn’t.

I can see a use for this. But I still wouldn’t purchase Mobile Monopoly – it’s not worth what Adam Horwitz is asking.

The concept is great. Getting people to watch a webinar that’s been pre-recorded so you don’t have to be there with a link to a product. I can think of many uses for this, but not in the way Adam uses it. The quality of the webinars are awful.

Here’s what the registration pages look like:

Mobile monopoly v2.0 review

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This is what the webinars look like:

Mobile monopoly v2.0 review

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He gives you the ability to add your own videos but that’ll cost you $147.

Not only that, but for this system to work you need a high level of traffic coming to your landing pages and webinars. Cold leads, which are people whom you haven’t spoken to before, don’t convert very well into sales. For Mobile Monopoly to be effective you need to have previously built rapport with the people you’re sending to the webinars – yet another thing that Adam Horwitz doesn’t teach in Mobile Monopoly v2.0.

You can’t spam an email list and expect them to purchase random products over and over again.

If you want to use webinars to make money, you must first learn to build an audience of people who are interested in what you have to say. Our 100% free training goes through this as well as going through email marketing, video marketing (which is basically what Adam’s webinars are), building an audience, and getting traffic.

Focus on building these things first and maybe Mobile Monopoly’s use of webinars could work. Adam’s product will not work for those who are complete beginners, unfortunately. 

Our free training can teach you what you need to know.

Talk To Me, People!

What do you think of Mobile Monopoly? I like the concept but the quality is so bad I’d never purchase it again.

Have you found anything similar to Mobile Monopoly on the interweb that you think we should check out as well? Mobile marketing is a massive topic and I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on it. Leave me your comments and questions down below!

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