Elite Dropshippers Review: It’s NOT What They’re Selling You

By Ian | Negative Reviews

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I could make a LOT of money by telling you Cesar Ramirez’ product is great and that it’s the best training you’ll ever find if you’re trying to build an internet business, but instead I’m going to tell you the truth in this Elite Dropshippers review.

I am not an affiliate for Elite Dropshippers. I run this site to give honest, insightful reviews about the products I purchase online. You won’t find me ranting and raving about what a good job Cesar Ramirez has done with this product because, frankly, he hasn’t, and I don’t lie to people just so I can make money off of them. What you’ll read below is what everyone would be saying about Elite Dropshippers if they were telling the truth.

Cesar Ramirez in a tank top

Cesar Ramirez wants you to know he looks good in a tank top

Elite Dropshippers Review Summary

If you don’t want to read everything below, here’s what you need to know. What EDS teaches is a clear violation of Amazon’s Terms of Service (in multiple ways), the “No Refund” policy is an indication that Cesar knows his training is low-quality, membership is incredibly overpriced, and most people making money from this product aren’t making it by selling on Ebay, they’re making it by convincing people like you the product has the potential to change your life.

I give supporting evidence to all of these claims, so if you’re ready to be 100% convinced that Elite Dropshippers is a waste of your money, make sure to read the entire review below.

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The Business Business Model Is Against Amazon’s TOS

The most important thing to mention about Elite Dropshippers is that their entire business model is against Amazon’s Terms of Service. In their legal documents, Amazon makes it very clear that you are not allowed to reproduce their images and product descriptions, and that you have no resale rights at all, whatsoever.

Amazon's Terms of Service forbidding resale

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Additionally, it’s against Amazon Prime’s terms of service to use your membership to sell to other people, which again is what Elite Dropshippers advocates within their product.

Amazon Prime's Terms also bans using it for resale

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It doesn’t matter how good the “Amazon scraping software” is – it’s a flagrant violation of Amazon’s terms in multiple ways, making the entire concept of turnkey profits by finding something on Amazon, ripping off it’s images and description, then listing it on Ebay completely invalid.

Elite Dropshippers’ Very Clear, Very Strict “No Refund” Policy

Let’s be honest: If you’re selling a legitimate, worthwhile product that is going to teach people how to make a part-time or full-time income from home, why in the world would you be so risk-averse to refunds like Cesar Ramirez is within EDS’ terms?

EDS' no refund policy

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If you’re delivering on your promises to give someone a product that they can truly use to make a lot of money, you don’t need to worry about them asking for a refund. The terms state that once you’ve logged in, you’ve accessed the product, and once you’ve accessed the product, they can’t remove their incredible, life-changing training from your brain so you can’t have your money back.

Is there anyone reading this review that would refund if Elite Dropshippers delivered on its promises? If you could realistically make just $100 per day, that would be an incredible return on your investment and you could easily pay for the membership within your first month.

No, the only reason to be so anti-refund is because Cesar Ramirez knows that he is delivering a product that many people will use and see lackluster results, and he’s covering his tracks so that your money stays in between his greedy little fingers.

Ebay/Paypal Fees Make It Very Difficult to Profit

If you’re buying products from retailers for full retail or just-below-retail prices, it’s pretty tough to stay competitive. Buying from companies like Amazon, Overstock, etc… like Elite Dropshippers recommends leaves almost no room for you to increase the price and actually turn a profit.

The Elite Dropshippers members' area

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Then if you factor in Ebay/Paypal fees (close to 10% combined), you’re in even more trouble. Say you find an item for $80 on Overstock.com and the full retail price is $90. You list it on Ebay for $90, it sells (hooray!) and you feel like you just made $10 profit, but keep in mind that you need to pay close to $9 in fees for that $90 sale, leaving you with just $1.00 remaining. Time to go buy some Chicken McNuggets!

Once you start factoring in angles like this the buy low, sell high business model that Elite Dropshippers is trying to sell you starts looking more and more like Swiss cheese.

Membership Is Incredibly Overpriced

EDS membership pricing options

You already know that Elite Dropshippers has a strict “No Refund” policy, and once you get to the exorbitant pricing that Cesar Ramirez has set for his “program”, that idea becomes significantly more frightening.

What’s the reason for such high prices? And why is there a recurring monthly fee when the training doesn’t change month-to-month and you probably only need support a handful of times over the entire life of using the product? I’ll tell you why, it’s because…

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Most People Making Money from EDS Aren’t Selling on Ebay

Most people making money from EDS are doing it by pimping themselves out all over YouTube and the rest of the internet to convince you that Elite Dropshippers is a great program that can change your life. The big money isn’t in following the training and selling on Ebay (as explained in all of my points above), it’s in convincing others that EDS is a great product and getting them to buy through your link.

Cesar knows exactly what he's doing

Cesar knows exactly what he’s doing

That’s why you’re seeing positive reviews for this low-quality training all over the internet. If that person can convince you to buy Elite Dropshippers through their link, they’ll get 50% of your massive up-front fee and 50% of all of your monthly recurring fees. This is also why EDS has such high monthly fees – so that they can attract affiliates that will sell the product all across the internet.

Final Rating: F

There’s nothing within Elite Dropshippers that justifies its exorbitant pricing. The concept is invalid, Cesar Ramirez will keep your money even if you’re extremely dissatisfied, and most people aren’t making money following EDS’ training, they’re making money by selling the product to other people like you.

Do yourself a favor and avoid even coming close to this product or its creator. You’re better off listening to this 100% free podcast by Pat Flynn where a couple explains how they’re making six figures a year selling items on Amazon. It’s 100% free (not $397-$597) and you don’t have to worry about a greedy publisher keeping your money if you’re not happy with the training.

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