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By Ian | Negative Reviews

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In this DS Domination review I’ll clearly outline the multiple ways the business model is invalid, I’ll give you proof that the product creator, Roger Langille, is a complete a$$ that doesn’t care about his customers, and explain why everyone seems to be saying positive things about the product even though it’s about as close to a scam as you can get legally.

I am not an affiliate for DS Domination. I’m just a successful internet entrepreneur that started this site to protect people like you from wasting your hard-earned money on products like DS Domination.
DS Domination review featured thumbnail

Summary: DS Domination Review At-a-Glance

If you don’t have the time or patience to read all of the information in this review, here’s the takeaway message: Roger Langille treats his paying customers poorly, DS Domination is not a worthwhile product but a low-quality MLM company that members are only recommending so they can earn commissions from anyone they sell the product to, and the entire business model is invalid because it violates Amazon’s Terms of Service in multiple ways.

In addition to all of that, dropshipping retail items is NOT how most dropshippers earn their living – they make arrangements with wholesalers and other providers that allow them to sell items at a discount, not trying to sell an already fully retail-priced item for an even higher price.

There is nothing special or insightful within the DS Domination members’ area, just a bunch of upsells into more expensive products that will earn your “sponsor” more commissions. If you’re interested in starting a dropshipping business you should avoid all of the MLM high-pressure salespeople and listen to this 100% free podcast by Pat Flynn instead. You’ll learn 5x as much and spend absolutely nothing to access the information.

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Let’s Begin at the End: Roger Langille’s Customer Service

I promised to provide evidence that Roger Langille was a “complete a$$”, which is a pretty objective opinion, but there’s just no other way for me to convey how frustrating the customer experience he provided was.

Of course DS Domination makes their “No Refund” policy pretty clear before you purchase, but I was determined to not let this company keep my money after they provided such an incredibly low-quality product compared to what their sales claims promised. I filed a support ticket which, of course, received a, “We have a no refund policy.”

This was far from a satisfactory response, so I threatened to dispute the charges with my credit card company, report them to the Better Business Bureau, and report them to the Federal Trade Commission if they didn’t give my money back. In response, the support representative escalated my ticket and I got a great surprise: A message directly from the product creator, Roger Langille:

Roger Langille's response to my support request

If that extremely sarcastic response doesn’t disturb you or make you rethink this product, it should. Imagine that you’re an extremely irritated customer that feels like you’ve just been totally scammed, you battle it out with a support representative to get your money back, and then the product creator comes along and gives you a bunch of attitude and sarcasm when you express how incredibly disappointed you were in his product.

This is the attitude and mentality of the person running the company. The bottom line is that Roger Langille does not care about your success, he only cares about how much money you’re putting into his bank account.

It’s Not an “Affiliate Program”, It’s an MLM

Also, let’s make something completely clear – DS Domination is not running an affiliate program, they’re running a multilevel marketing company that’s a hair away from being a pyramid scheme. Affiliate programs are free to join because you are making the product publisher money, MLMs require you to buy their product and pays you for recruiting multiple tiers of other members. DS Domination is clearly the latter, not the former.

DS Domination's MLM structure

This is also why you’ll find hundreds of people positively recommending an otherwise low-quality, unhelpful product. They’re not recommending DS Domination because it contains solid strategies and training (no matter what they say), they’re promoting it because they make residual commissions if you purchase it through their link. They’re financially benefiting from setting you up to waste your money.

Read More: The Dangers of a Product-Less MLM

DS Domination Clearly Violates Amazon’s Terms In Multiple Ways

Amazon’s Terms of Service clearly forbids using their content, their images, or any of their services for resale. Their legal documents explicitly state that using Amazon the way that DS Domination recommends is prohibited:

Amazon's Terms of Service banning resale

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Not only that, but it’s ALSO against Amazon Prime’s Terms to use your membership in the way that DS Domination encourages:

Amazon Prime's Terms also forbidding using it for resale

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REAL Dropshippers Don’t Resell Retail

Any business owner that runs a legitimate dropshipping company will tell you that taking items off of Amazon at full retail price and listing them on Ebay for resale is complete lunacy. That’s just not how dropshippers run their business, even though that’s what DS Domination will lead you to believe.

Real business owners of dropshipping businesses will tell you that they have arrangements with wholesalers and other companies to get the products at a discount and still profit by selling them at below-retail pricing. Taking something that’s already full-priced and selling it for higher-than-retail is not a legitimate business model, but that’s what Roger Langille tries to get you to do within DS Domination.

If you’re truly interested in running a dropshipping business, you’d be much better off listening to this 100% free podcast by Pat Flynn where he interviews a couple that makes six figures a year selling items on Amazon. It’s a much more legitimate business model, and it’s free training.

Final Rating: F

Anyone recommending DS Domination to you is not making a great deal of money by following Roger Langille’s strategies taught within the product, they’re making money by duping people like you into buying a truly worthless, low-quality MLM product that is setting you up for failure but earning them a commission.

Avoid it at all costs. Check out the free podcast I’ve linked to a couple of times in this review instead. You’ll learn a lot more and pay nothing, which is a much better arrangement than what the person pitching DS Domination to you is offering.

If you’re interested in a legitimate way to build an internet business from home, I highly recommend signing up for one of my free training courses. All courses teach multiple ways to get started working from home and are completely legitimate, unlike DS Domination.


Does it deliver?
Is it easy to get help?
Contact the owner?
Step-by-step training?
Easy to follow?
Is the training thorough?
Is the training up-to-date?

DS Domination

Does it deliver?
Is it easy to get help?
Contact the owner?
Step-by-step training?
Easy to follow?
Is the training thorough?
Is the training up-to-date?

My Training

Does it deliver?
Is it easy to get help?
Contact the owner?
Step-by-step training?
Easy to follow?
Is the training thorough?
Is the training up-to-date?

Have a Question? Want to Prove Me Wrong?

If there’s something about DS Domination that I didn’t cover but you’re curious about, feel free to leave a comment below. I’m happy to help any way that I can, and I love hearing from my website visitors. It’ll make my day, so please let me know you stopped by!

I’ve also reviewed enough MLMs to know that I’m going to get a few crazies coming along trying to pick a fight because I’m exposing their ill motives, so if that’s you please feel free to leave a comment below. If you can prove me wrong on anything I’ve said above, I’ll happily publish it for others to see and learn from.

About the Author

I’ve been in internet marketing for over 10 years, and I’ve purchased dozens of illegitimate products for the sole purpose of evaluating them and exposing the truth about these products to anyone who’s thinking about purchasing it. I never let money influence my rating of a product and your success/safety is my absolute highest priority.

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(31) comments

Kyle September 16, 2014

Very informative stuff here. I am giving this some serious consideration

    Ian September 17, 2014

    I’m glad to hear it, Kyle! I would highly caution you to not only avoid DS Domination, but keep an eye out and be careful of any product where there is a “no refund” policy and the product creator personally doesn’t seem to care much about their customers or how satisfied they are with the product. Thank you for stopping by and commenting to let me know you were here – let me know if I can ever help with anything else IM-related.

Cameron January 21, 2015

you’re just trying to sell us the idea that wealthy affiliate is better, there’s tons of bloggers like you that have done the same thing against dsd and for wealthy affiliate. It’s not a coincidence.

    Ian January 21, 2015

    Wealthy Affiliate is a completely different product that teaches an entirely different business model. Are people more likely to succeed in Wealthy Affiliate than they are with Dropship Domination? I think so – the business model is much more sound overall. Did I review DSD negatively to get people to buy WA? Not at all – what’s important is that they find honest reviews about DSD, not that they purchase something else through one of my affiliate links. I could care less whether or not they buy something through me. I just want them to be safe and get honest reviews on the internet.

Jerome January 26, 2015

DS domination gives you training but they aren’t really helping ppl. If been with them for 3 weeks it seems good but something don’t sit right with me.. I’m thinking about leaving them anyway.

    Ian January 27, 2015

    I’m really sorry to hear that, Jerome. But thank you very much for stopping by and leaving your experiences/thoughts for the rest of the community to learn and benefit from!

ian February 6, 2015

If your legit…give me some suppliers names in the UK that do droppshiping or other…put your mouth with facts or shut up

    Ian February 6, 2015

    Rude much? Just because I’m not familiar with dropshippers in the UK doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to help protect people from low-quality wannabe dropship programs that clearly violate Amazon’s rules in multiple ways. I can’t imagine what your life is like if you run around speaking to strangers with such hatred and vitriol.

Mark Thompson February 21, 2015

So you say DSD is a shoddy MLM – but what is Wealthy Affiliate. What a dishonest person you are Ian.

Wealthy affiliate gives commissions for referring other members in BUT if you cancel your Wealthy Affiliate membership – you forgo ALL future commissions or “Downline” you built. HINT HINT – That is classic MLM right there.

You promote a clear shoddy product or out right Wealthy Affliate Scam and claim others are scams – pot calling a kettle black?

If you were truly an HONEST Internet Marketer you would actually create products of value instead of pushing Wealthy Affiliate which is a poor product that rarely provides updates.

Mark Thompson

    Ian February 22, 2015

    Hey Mark! I really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I’ve checked out your site and it looks like you’ve created something really interesting there – I’ll have to check it out because I think it could be a really helpful tool for my followers.

    Just wanted to take a minute to clear up a few things within your comment:

    -You don’t forfeit all future commissions if you cancel your membership at WA. Also, you’re not commissioned on your referrals’ referrals at all, which is what would make it more of an MLM structure. What they have is no different than the affiliate program you offer for your software.

    -I can see how an established internet marketer that knows how to promote and sell products wouldn’t find WA very helpful, but I’ve referred many people there over the past two years that have followed the training, found it incredibly helpful and eye-opening, and it’s the reason they made their first income online and/or run a profitable blog or niche site to this day.

    -Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate updates content on a very regular basis. He recently went through and re-recorded/re-wrote the entire backbone of their training because he felt it was doing members a disservice and was becoming outdated.

    -I have other niche sites and businesses that are my main focus and source of income. I run this site solely to help new or early-stage internet marketers avoid scams and burn their money on training programs and tools that target them and don’t work. I’d launch my own program, but what the team over at WA works night and day to keep their training updated, support their members, improve their software/tools for members, and ensure their users are getting what they’re paying for. It wouldn’t make sense for me to compete with that, as any training product I’d launch to help my followers wouldn’t be remotely as helpful or updated as regularly as what Kyle and Carson are doing at Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t have the time to do as good of a job as they are due to other online businesses I’m managing, and that would be doing my members a disservice (even though it might make more money).

    I can understand that established internet marketers out there that create/launch their own products as you have would have a negative opinion of WA – it’s internet marketing training for people WAY behind the level of success you’ve achieved. Truthfully, and I would say this to someone regardless of whether or not I were an affiliate, there really is no more legitimate IM training product I’ve reviewed out of 100+ that comes close. I’ve paid for programs that cost thousands of dollars that didn’t have better training than WA.

    I greatly respect your opinion and admire the path you’ve taken, and would love to review the software you’ve created somewhere down the road as I think it might make video editing much, MUCH simpler for my followers that don’t own and work with FCP, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, etc… But several things that you’ve said about WA are the complete opposite of what’s true.

    I don’t mind being opposed, criticized, or disagreed with as long as it’s respectful and helpful debate for consumers to read as they look through the comments, but I do like my website visitors to have complete and truthful information. Thank you again for stopping by, and best of luck with your current and future business ventures!

    Kim May 5, 2015

    Mark Thompson, please email me. I have a question for you.


anonymous April 9, 2015

Let me start off by saying Roger Langille is a complete scam. He was when he was with Visalus. Making people by into that company at a high ticket price in order for him as a Titanium Ebay Seller to teach you how to sell on Ebay..using Amazon as a drop shipper. He took so many people’s money and was never available. You had to chase him down to get help. He would just never answer your text messages via Skype or anything. Then he comes out with DS Domination. Kicking the top earners that built that company off. Not paying him his 30,000 that he is owed. That this person worked hard for. Not responding to any emails. No explanation to this person as to why he was dropped as well as others, didn’t get their commissions. Stay far away from DS Domination!!! Roger Hitesh and Kevin…all scammers!!!! Won’t even pay the money they should pay for the people they owed large amounts of money too.

    Ian April 10, 2015

    Wow – thank you very much for sharing with the rest of the community! I’m sure many people will find this information insightful.

David Pomeroy April 23, 2015

Its funny how you say that DSD and roger langile is a scam and fraud and yet he was on CNN for being a titanium seller (meaning he sold over 1 million in sales for ebay doing this) as far as that comment goes I would have been sarcastic with you too over a lousy 19.95 considering you have training that is just as good and yet your mad over 20 dollars? Hmmm well if you have training that’s better you also must be making a killing on eBay and doing real drop shipping but I think you are the scam not DSD.

    Ian April 24, 2015

    I guarantee that Roger didn’t become a titanium seller on eBay using the techniques he’s selling for $19.95/month. There’s a very legitimate side to drop shipping, but violating Amazon’s terms and marking up items from a retail site is NOT what successful drop shipping businesses are doing. You can think I’m “the scam” all you want, but the people that are most successful in DSD aren’t selling stuff on eBay – they’re convincing people like you that the training is legitimate and building their downline.

Omy May 6, 2015

You are just another typical idiot who writes bad reviews of anything and everything, then at the end of the review “OH BY THE WAY if you want a real business check out my deal”

This is bottom feeding, and even if you are making money doing this, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Ian May 6, 2015

    Protecting people from low-quality, scammy products and giving them 100% free, no-strings-attached training that’s better than over 95% of what people pay for in this industry is bottom feeding? Helping people get an honest without having to buy any programs is something I should be ashamed of?

      Jack May 6, 2015

      Seems a little strange to me that so many Wealthy Affiliate reps like yourself take this approach of writing “scam” articles and then of course offering your deal as the solution. I guess that WA teaches this, I wouldn’t go near them.

        Ian May 6, 2015

        WA teaches something along those lines, and I don’t condone it or agree with it (as noted in this post). They have other really good training that isn’t so morally questionable. I’ve been running a review blog for years prior to them releasing that training because I want to keep people safe. You’ll notice that I don’t say “DS Domination is crap – go buy Wealthy Affiliate”. I give away 100% free, very high quality training so that people don’t get scammed or have to waste money on products like DSD.

Jim September 11, 2015

i think what you wrote about dsd is half truth.
dsd saved a guy from foreclosure.

people are making money with dsd than most of the programs out there. more than 90% of people doing internet marketing are failing.

WA affiliates like bashing other programs to sell their own and that’s not fair. i am not with dsd, but i am certain this review on dsd is not fair.

    Ian September 11, 2015

    I don’t bash products to promote WA. There is one link to my WA review on this website, and it’s not very prominent. My passion is helping people stay safe in internet marketing, and Wealthy Affiliate has its flaws too. But what they’re promising on DSD’s sales page is very different than what they’re delivering, and if they want a better review, they need to make different claims on their sales page.

Cassie September 12, 2015

Just came across this info and take exception with many of your statements. I have been doing the DSD thing since October 2014. I do absolutely no recruiting whatsoever – just followed the training and tweaked it to fit me. I use 5 to 6 suppliers (yes, Amazon is one of them) and have contacted each of them for permission. The list of suppliers is endless if you think outside the box. This is not resale because products are not purchased and then resold. Products are purchased from the supplier and then they ship them. So clearly there is no violation to Amazon’s TOS in that regard. As far as the Amazon’s Prime Terms go, DSD rigorously says not to use Amazon Prime when ordering products for customers. Only use Amazon Prime for your own orders. No violation there if you do what DSD teaches. Don’t use their pictures or descriptions as DSD teaches to write look at the suppliers description and then write your own. So I write my own descriptions and search for free images.

Secondly, here is a definition of drop shipping – Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer (me) does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer (any seller of goods), or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

Retail is the process of selling consumer goods and/or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit. (Wikipedia).

Lastly, I started earning about $400 a month and it is now presently $800. DSD is working for me. I sell directly from my websites and on ebay (keep in mind that when selling on ebay, you must pay ebay/paypal/tax fees upwards of 15% or more on items sold so in order to make a profit, you must add those fees in to your selling price. I will be escalating my business even further when I start FBA-Fullfillment By Amazon soon. I intend on working from home and because of DSD, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe DSD is not for everyone but neither is Wealthy Affiliate. Find what works for you and make it your own.

I appreciate your review because I believe it is heartfelt but I also believe it is somewhat misguided.

    Ian September 13, 2015

    Hey Cassie, thanks a lot for such a detailed comment and sharing your experiences. The training that I saw when reviewing the product didn’t cover half of the things you’ve mentioned here, so it might be worth revisiting the product and re-reviewing it soon. If you don’t mind me asking – do you know approximately how many hours you’re spending per week to make the $400-$800? And do you feel that the product has prepared you well for scaling? Finally, just to confirm, this is all within the basic product – correct? Not the pricier upsells.

    Thank you again for sharing! Hopefully the community will glean a lot of insight from your experiences.

      Cassie September 14, 2015

      Hello Ian,

      Thanks for showing my post – I wasn’t sure you would. Yes, I believe the training has changed from when you saw it. I just joined last October.

      I work 9-10 hours a day at my “real” job. I spend approximately 2 hours a day on DSD when I average it because some days I put in no time and on the weekend I may spend 4 hours. Keep in mind that I do a lot of research on what products to sell ie, what will work well on ebay, if it’s overly saturated I stay away. When my items sell, I must order them but that literally takes me minutes.

      As to the upsells – When I started I stayed at the Pro level and at Christmas made over $600 that month. Began to see how this can really work for me and upgraded to Elite in January. Basically it gave me more tips on how to do things and a few extra tools. I don’t feel the upgrade is why I started making more money but rather the number of listings I have on ebay have greatly increased. More listings usually translates into more money. I will not be going past this level (and there are quite a few more) because this serves me well. I will be doing FBA hopefully within a few months time but am learning this on my own instead of upgrading because there is a lot of free info out there.

      Hope I have answered your questions. This is my honest experience. I did not get to know or interact with Roger at all as he stepped down shortly after I started. At first I though his training style was odd but quickly began to like it. He is offbeat but I believe very honest, maybe somewhat sarcastic to people at times. I believe when you get to that level where everyone needs your help or wants a piece of you, you can become jaded very quickly. I think I read people well and take time to make decisions. The decision to purchase from DSD was very good for me.

        Ian September 14, 2015

        What awesome insight – thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to share all of this, Cassie. It sounds like it was a great program for you and that the training is much different than when I reviewed it initially. I’ll have to try and work it into my schedule to take another look. Thanks for calling this to my attention and best of luck as you continue to grow your business!

Jackie October 25, 2015

Hi Ian

I too joined DSD in Mid September, at the moment I am at Pro Level and like Cassie I have research and found suppliers for my business as I am in Australia and I needed to tweak the training I receive from DSD to suit the Aussie Market.

Since I joined (about a month ago) I have sold over 2K of product on eBay with a profit margin of around 18% on average. The longest time I spent in this process was watching the training videos and listing items. Once my items were listed I have 30 days to basically sit back and get sales or add more listings (I usually add about 3-4 a day which takes me about 1 hour) I use many of the automated tools (which I don’t think you would have see as your review is quite old…Roger is no longer with DSD) Also the vision of the new owners has changed a lot and the company is moving more towards being a true e-commerce business…which is exactly what I was looking for.

When you start with DSD, you have to work your butt off, you have to watch videos and learn, you have to list on eBay (if you don’t I 100% guarantee you, you won’t make money) However, once you have your listings up there is nothing better than the cha-ching of your phone when you make a sale. DSD is not the business….YOU are your own business. DSD just provides you with the know-how and lots of cool automation. As for the affiliate side…I don’t really want any and I don’t need them..in a month I have paid my DSD monthly subscription and have enough left over to pay my car payment. If that’s ALL I ever make then I am happy, it’s one bill covered for minimal effort now from me.

I do have an issue with people bashing other companies especially if it’s included as part of their training. There is another affiliate called Jennifer in WA who is particularly good at it and quite nasty to people who comment. I appreciate your respectful review but I do urge you to wait a couple of weeks and check out DSD again. I think the changes will amaze you.


    Ian October 27, 2015

    Hey Jackie! Thanks for taking the time to type up such a thoughtful comment. I really appreciate it, and I greatly appreciate your respectfulness. I have no qualms with admitting I’m wrong or taking a look at a product again if it’s rectified the issues I took with it in my original review.

    It sounds like the program is about due for another look. Please drop me an email at ian@stoppingscams.com once everything is updated so that I can look at the product again. Thanks again for stopping by, and best of luck to you as you continue to grow your business.

Richard January 23, 2016

For $20 dsd was a steal. It’s not gonna be a job killer but you an easily bringing in an extra $1k a month. Most ppl just don’t have the patience or discipline to do the work. And to be honest I just cancelled the subscription after a week as you can take notes and learned everything.

And no I didn’t have to recruit anyone as you get sick of mlm and bothering propel but dsd provided a simple way to sell on eBay that actually works if you have the balls to actually do it. Took about 2 weeks for my first sale which net $3 but that builds up slowly over time.

    Ian January 24, 2016

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, Richard!

larry August 26, 2016

THANKS so much and God bless you, my friend and I, were about to spend $500 on his course. I just go over a year of cancer in the hospital and 70% chance of dying. Im praising God for my life, yet NEED to earn some $$$ what ever help you can direct me in I will Be forever grateful.

Rudiger Adermann September 9, 2016

Hey Eugenson, Your Alibaba Profit System review is an eye-opener so obvious and yet it hadn’t occurred to me. And DS-Domination was a put-off because Roger and his MLM-troops were pushing it too hard. Yet they never even told you what “DS” stood for. Cheers, Rudiger PS: Keep up the good work.

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