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In this DS Domination review I’ll clearly outline the multiple ways the business model is invalid, I’ll give you proof that the product creator, Roger Langille, is a complete a$$ that doesn’t care about his customers, and explain why everyone seems to be saying positive things about the product even though it’s about as close to a scam as you can get legally.

I am not an affiliate for DS Domination. I’m just a successful internet entrepreneur that started this site to protect people like you from wasting your hard-earned money on products like DS Domination.
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Summary: DS Domination Review At-a-Glance

If you don’t have the time or patience to read all of the information in this review, here’s the takeaway message: Roger Langille treats his paying customers poorly, DS Domination is not a worthwhile product but a low-quality MLM company that members are only recommending so they can earn commissions from anyone they sell the product to, and the entire business model is invalid because it violates Amazon’s Terms of Service in multiple ways.

In addition to all of that, dropshipping retail items is NOT how most dropshippers earn their living – they make arrangements with wholesalers and other providers that allow them to sell items at a discount, not trying to sell an already fully retail-priced item for an even higher price.

There is nothing special or insightful within the DS Domination members’ area, just a bunch of upsells into more expensive products that will earn your “sponsor” more commissions. If you’re interested in starting a dropshipping business you should avoid all of the MLM high-pressure salespeople and listen to this 100% free podcast by Pat Flynn instead. You’ll learn 5x as much and spend absolutely nothing to access the information.

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Let’s Begin at the End: Roger Langille’s Customer Service

I promised to provide evidence that Roger Langille was a “complete a$$”, which is a pretty objective opinion, but there’s just no other way for me to convey how frustrating the customer experience he provided was.

Of course DS Domination makes their “No Refund” policy pretty clear before you purchase, but I was determined to not let this company keep my money after they provided such an incredibly low-quality product compared to what their sales claims promised. I filed a support ticket which, of course, received a, “We have a no refund policy.”

This was far from a satisfactory response, so I threatened to dispute the charges with my credit card company, report them to the Better Business Bureau, and report them to the Federal Trade Commission if they didn’t give my money back. In response, the support representative escalated my ticket and I got a great surprise: A message directly from the product creator, Roger Langille:

Roger Langille's response to my support request

If that extremely sarcastic response doesn’t disturb you or make you rethink this product, it should. Imagine that you’re an extremely irritated customer that feels like you’ve just been totally scammed, you battle it out with a support representative to get your money back, and then the product creator comes along and gives you a bunch of attitude and sarcasm when you express how incredibly disappointed you were in his product.

This is the attitude and mentality of the person running the company. The bottom line is that Roger Langille does not care about your success, he only cares about how much money you’re putting into his bank account.

It’s Not an “Affiliate Program”, It’s an MLM

Also, let’s make something completely clear – DS Domination is not running an affiliate program, they’re running a multilevel marketing company that’s a hair away from being a pyramid scheme. Affiliate programs are free to join because you are making the product publisher money, MLMs require you to buy their product and pays you for recruiting multiple tiers of other members. DS Domination is clearly the latter, not the former.

DS Domination's MLM structure

This is also why you’ll find hundreds of people positively recommending an otherwise low-quality, unhelpful product. They’re not recommending DS Domination because it contains solid strategies and training (no matter what they say), they’re promoting it because they make residual commissions if you purchase it through their link. They’re financially benefiting from setting you up to waste your money.

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DS Domination Clearly Violates Amazon’s Terms In Multiple Ways

Amazon’s Terms of Service clearly forbids using their content, their images, or any of their services for resale. Their legal documents explicitly state that using Amazon the way that DS Domination recommends is prohibited:

Amazon's Terms of Service banning resale

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Not only that, but it’s ALSO against Amazon Prime’s Terms to use your membership in the way that DS Domination encourages:

Amazon Prime's Terms also forbidding using it for resale

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REAL Dropshippers Don’t Resell Retail

Any business owner that runs a legitimate dropshipping company will tell you that taking items off of Amazon at full retail price and listing them on Ebay for resale is complete lunacy. That’s just not how dropshippers run their business, even though that’s what DS Domination will lead you to believe.

Real business owners of dropshipping businesses will tell you that they have arrangements with wholesalers and other companies to get the products at a discount and still profit by selling them at below-retail pricing. Taking something that’s already full-priced and selling it for higher-than-retail is not a legitimate business model, but that’s what Roger Langille tries to get you to do within DS Domination.

If you’re truly interested in running a dropshipping business, you’d be much better off listening to this 100% free podcast by Pat Flynn where he interviews a couple that makes six figures a year selling items on Amazon. It’s a much more legitimate business model, and it’s free training.

Final Rating: F

Anyone recommending DS Domination to you is not making a great deal of money by following Roger Langille’s strategies taught within the product, they’re making money by duping people like you into buying a truly worthless, low-quality MLM product that is setting you up for failure but earning them a commission.

Avoid it at all costs. Check out the free podcast I’ve linked to a couple of times in this review instead. You’ll learn a lot more and pay nothing, which is a much better arrangement than what the person pitching DS Domination to you is offering.

If you’re interested in a legitimate way to build an internet business from home, I highly recommend signing up for one of my free training courses. All courses teach multiple ways to get started working from home and are completely legitimate, unlike DS Domination.

Have a Question? Want to Prove Me Wrong?

If there’s something about DS Domination that I didn’t cover but you’re curious about, feel free to leave a comment below. I’m happy to help any way that I can, and I love hearing from my website visitors. It’ll make my day, so please let me know you stopped by!

I’ve also reviewed enough MLMs to know that I’m going to get a few crazies coming along trying to pick a fight because I’m exposing their ill motives, so if that’s you please feel free to leave a comment below. If you can prove me wrong on anything I’ve said above, I’ll happily publish it for others to see and learn from.

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