MLM Scams: The Dangers of MLMs with No Real Product

By Ian | Internet Marketing Advice

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There have been a ton of MLM scams over the past few decades, but the biggest tell-tale sign of an MLM you want to avoid in the internet marketing industry is a product-less MLM.

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“Training” of Any Kind Does Not Constitute a Product

Internet marketing MLMs tend to claim their product is out-of-this-world, mind-blowing training that you can’t find anywhere else in this industry. I don’t care how good your training is, selling training as your “product” constitutes a product-less MLM.

Even worse, the vast majority of the time this “training” only teaches you how to resell the exact product you just purchased, resulting in an endless, vicious cycle where most people that pay for the product never even recover their initial investment, and then they have nothing to show for all of they money they’ve just spent.

It’s Only Spreading Because of the Endless Cycle of Screwing Another Person Over

One of the biggest defenses to the above argument (believe it or not) is that the MLM scam wouldn’t be gaining any traction or have all of these glowing reviews if it were illegitimate.

People give products like this great reviews because they make great money for every person they refer into the program. After that person gets in, they’ve typically just spent a bunch of money and want to recover from the hole in their bank accounts as quickly as possible.

And so the cycle continues, on-and-on, but many of these people never recover their initial investment regardless of how much hard work and time they put into trying. Now they’ve wasted a bunch of time and money, and the dreams they were sold turn out to be complete lies.

Nobody is to blame but the person that referred them into this program, but more often than not, they don’t care at all because the commission they earned from screwing that person over is long paid out and irreversible.

If You Join, You’ll Be Responsible for Others’ Financial Ruin

Another defense I regularly hear when exposing illegitimate MLMs is that I just didn’t try hard enough, my attitude is completely wrong, and the person leaving the comment claims to be making great money so the program is completely legitimate.

Listen – my complaint has never been that people can’t make money with these companies. On the contrary, actually, people make A LOT of money with these companies sometimes if they promote it correctly and have the right platform. But the success begins and ends with them.

I could very easily refer you, the person reading this article, to an MLM as my highest recommended product. I would make giant commissions, but YOU would be left holding the bag at the end of the day. I made a great commission, but it was 100% at your expense.

I don’t endorse products like this, and if you promote an MLM scam that has no product, you’ll be solely responsible for the people that you refer into the program and fail. There is no excuse for this predatory, immoral behavior. It is 100% driven by greed. Anyone promoting a high-priced, product-less MLM should be avoided at all costs.

“What is the Most Legitimate MLM You Recommend?”

It doesn’t matter how many MLMs I expose as scams, I still continue to receive this question. The answer is that there are absolutely zero legitimate MLMs in the internet marketing industry at this time. There is not a single MLM product that I’ve reviewed that I truly felt sets their members up for launching a successful internet business.

If you are comfortable exchanging your moral integrity for money, then joining one of these MLMs is a viable avenue for you. You can make a lot of money, but there will be a lot of helpless, innocent victims left in your wake. You’ll need to learn a great deal about internet marketing too (much more than the product’s “training” will teach), but if you commit to it you can become very wealthy.

Two Options for People that Won’t Compromise on Their Morals

If you won’t compromise on your morals and screw other people over no matter how well it pays, you and I are in the same boat. At this point you have two options.

Find an MLM with a legitimate, tangible product: There are many MLMs out there that sell top-of-the-line products in their respective industries. There are even MLMs that sell electricity these days, and in my mind it doesn’t get much more legitimate than that.

Find someone in one of these MLMs that you connect with very well and that you’re confident will be there when you need them. With some time and practice, you can become very successful and wealthy in MLM.

Turn your hobby or passion into a business: If you don’t want to compromise on your morals and you don’t know anyone in an MLM that you trust completely, your best option is probably to go into the industry I’ve been in for over 10 years now.

You can either create and market a local business, or you can become a content generation professional. This is where you produce written, video, or audio content and monetize it with offers that your website’s visitors are interested in. It takes time and effort to build your business, but with determination and good training it’s absolutely possible.

Where Can I Start?

There are a lot of illegitimate programs claiming to teach you how to build a business in that industry too. Everywhere someone is looking for help, you’ll find someone that’s willing to step on your throat to make a little extra money.

I’ve created three free training courses that are extremely thorough that I highly recommend checking out. These courses contain more information than the vast majority of premium products out there, and they’re intended to give you an honest, fair start at building a business online.

The courses vary in topics and skill level, so take a look over all three and decide which one fits you best.

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