Duplicate Content and Intentional Backlinking Will Wreck SEO

By Ian | Internet Marketing Advice

The honest, up-to-date truth about SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has changed A LOT over the past year or two. There are still a lot of programs out there teach outdated, harmful SEO techniques of the past that will actually hurt your rankings, not help them. So what should you do, and what should you avoid?

The honest, up-to-date truth about SEO

Duplicate Content Will Never Rank Well

If the program you’re researching condones the use of duplicate content or is a software that takes content from other sites and posts it to yours, you will never make money using this strategy. It just doesn’t work – Google has made their stance on duplicate content very, very clear and they hate it.

In order to make money from a website you have to get traffic, and getting traffic to a website that uses duplicate content is absolutely impossible in today’s search climate.

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Avoid Intentional Linking Practices of Any Kind

SEO used to be completely dominated by linking. If you could get lots of sites linking to your website, you got rankings. If you got rankings (for the right keywords), it was pretty easy to make money. Those days are long gone.

Linking still plays an important role in SEO, but never build a link to your website strictly for the purposes of SEO. If you happen to be on a forum and you NEED to post a link, there won’t be any harm in doing so. Just don’t load your anchor text with keywords, use what’s referred to as a naked URL, such as http://www.stoppingscams.com/. Don’t stuff your link with keywords.

Google is Incredibly Good at Spotting Intentional Linking

For years Google told all of us to stop linking, just focus on our content, and they’ll take care of the rest. For years, that wasn’t the case, so lots of us kept building links in addition to focusing on our content.

On May 22, 2013 that all changed. Google released an algorithmic update called “Penguin 2.0” and it DESTROYED many peoples’ internet businesses overnight due to the fact that they were building links to their site intentionally.

It’s simple – if you want a stable, long-term business that’s not at risk of crashing then DON’T BUILD LINKS strictly for the purpose of SEO. Here’s an official Google page saying the exact same thing. There are many outdated products still teaching intentional linking today and it’s very, very dangerous for the longevity and profitability of your site.

“Then What SHOULD I Do for SEO?”

These days, search engine rankings are all about high-quality content. If you consistently produce the best content in your industry or niche, you will eventually get rankings. It’s just a matter of time, consistency, and the effort you put forth.

Focus 100% on your website visitor’s experience. Your site should be easy to navigate, quick to load, and have very, VERY helpful content about whatever topic you’re writing about. Focus on that and, in time, everything else WILL fall into place concerning search engine rankings (unlike back in the day when Google told you to do it, you’d do it, and then still not get rankings).

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“So I Can’t Do Anything?”

That’s not necessarily true. You definitely don’t want to over-optimize your site (it’s a fine line), but you want to put your keywords in the right places and put the correct framework in place. There’s a really, really good free walkthrough covering this which you can find here: Preparation for Search Engine Optimization

Can I Help Clear Anything Up?

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