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By Luke T. | Negative Reviews


We’ve seen this product gaining a lot of popularity recently in a few of the scams we’ve reviewed. We quickly became extremely curious. So we decided to check out DesktopLightning, a traffic generation software. We all know that traffic generation software are complete crap but what’s wrong with being thorough?

I am not an affiliate for DesktopLightning. I would never, ever, recommend traffic generation software and I’ll explain why shortly.

I want you to make a promise to me now. Promise me you’ll never purchase anything like DesktopLightning. Can you do that? If you can we’ll be friends forever.

Perfect! Now let’s get into this crappy software.

DesktopLightning: Quick Summary


DesktopLightning is a software that promises to drive 100,000’s of hungry buyers to your website. Now that’s a pretty bold claim to make. I’d be happy to get 100 “hungry buyers” to my websites let alone 100,000’s.

But I’m afraid that’s never going to happen. Not with DesktopLightning or any other traffic generation software.

These types of software lack in one area. Quality traffic.

You can get millions of people visiting your website but if they’re not good quality then you’re not going to make any money. All you’re going to get is a high bounce rate. Is that some you’d be happy to pay for?

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The Empty Promises

DesktopLightning makes a few of them.

Desktop Lightning Home page

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As you can see here, they claim you can promote your websites in front of thousands of hungry buyers. Plus they say you can do it with a free account.

You certainly won’t be getting messages out to thousands of people with their free account. You won’t be able to message anyone with the free account. We purchased their platinum account which is $14.99 per month and we can message 2,185 people.

Desktop Lightning messages

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As you can see above, without purchasing the platinum membership we would only be able to message on person because we only have 1 person in our network. Which is us by the way.

So How Does It Work?

This works very similar to a MLM, Multi Level Marketing system. This is how DesktopLightning works:

  1. You sign up… Obvious!
  2. You get other people to sign up with your special link. They are then added to your network.
  3. The people you sign up can then get other people to sign up. They also join your network.
  4. This keeps on going. Everyone who signs up, up to 15 levels deep, will be added to your network.
  5. You can message all these people in the future.

Is this a problem? Well, yes.

Say you manage to get people you actually want to message into your network. Will the people they sign up, who will also be added to your network, be the people you also want to message? Probably not.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you sign up 100 people who are interested in your car blog. One of those 100 people likes the idea of Desktop Lightning and wants to use it to promote their florist blog. They sign up 100 people who want to learn more about flowers. Now you have 200 people in your network, but only 100 of them are interested in your car blog.

That’s just one of the 100 people who signed up for DesktopLightning underneath you. What if all 100 people you signed up managed to get 20 people to sign up to DesktopLightning as well? You have a network of 2,000 people, but only 100 of them are interested in your car blog.

Rather pointless to have 2,000 people in your network. You’re going to end up just spamming these people.


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Desktop Lightning does help you promote themselves though. How nice of them.

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This Is Why Email Services Block These Messages

Software like this exist because email service providers block spam. This is how they get around this problem.

You’re basically paying for a low quality email list. Aweber wrote an excellent article about why you shouldn’t buy email lists. Traffic software like DesktopLightning is just a more expensive version of buying an email list.

Just take a look at the inbox on DesktopLightning:

DesktopLightning Inbox

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Just a lot of crap in there.

Plus if you want to send messages you need to read 60% of your inbox first. You need to spend at least 10 seconds looking at each message for it to count as a view as well. This is how they get people to view your message.

So even if you do get someone to view your message the chances are it’s only so they can send their messages to people in their networks.

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What You’re Spending Your Money on If You Don’t Want The Free Option

You can sign up for free and anyone who signs up under your special link you can message for free. Including the people they then sign up too.

The platinum membership which allows you to message 2,185 extra people will cost you $15 per month.

For the additional 150,000+ people, it will cost you $197 per month.

That’s an insane amount of money to spend on what is essentially a low quality email list that gets spammed constantly. Such low quality that the only reason your messages are being “read” is so they can turn around and then message other people.

Completely useless.

Final Rating: F

If I could I wouldn’t even give this a rating because it’s completely pointless.

Traffic generating software just doesn’t bring you the quality traffic needed to make a difference in your business. Yes your analytics will look great (if you ignore the bounce rate) because it says you’ve had thousands of visits but that’s all you’re going to get. Pretty analytics and no conversions. Is that worth your investment?

And even that’s not guaranteed! You need to get enough people to sign up to DesktopLightning so you can message them or pay to message a large group of people.

I’d recommend focusing on building quality traffic to your website. People that are actually interested in what you have to say. This’ll be much more beneficial to you.

Forget traffic software. They’re crap.

Focus all your energy on building the traffic sources that will provide the quality you REALLY want. Then you’ll see awesome things happen in your business.

This is why the scam artists out there promote this product. They can claim you’ll get thousands of people to your website, which I hope you now understand will only be of super low quality.

What Do You Think?

Have you tried using traffic software before or even purchased an email list? Both will provide you the same results. I want to know your thoughts and opinions on traffic software. Use the comments area below to express yourself.


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