Out-of-Date Training: The Worst Ripoff of All

Out-of-Date Training: The Worst Ripoff of All

By Ian | Internet Marketing Advice

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Outdated internet marketing products are unfortunately FAR too common. Someone creates a product, puts together a really good sales page, and people continue promoting it for years after it’s valid because the sales page is still selling it so well. You may not immediately recognize exactly why it’s so dangerous, but here I’ll point out all of the reasons why.

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The Internet Marketing Industry is Constantly Evolving

The main reason there’s so much outdated information for sale is how quickly the internet marketing industry changes. Major search engines update their algorithms at least a few times a year, and every couple of years they make huge changes that render a lot of previous tactics and methods completely out-of-date.

When this happens, using out-of-date strategies can actually damage your website’s success severely. Take linkbuilding, for example. Building links to your site used to be pretty much required to get search engine rankings. If you intentionally build links today it can have the opposite effect and cause your website to get completely buried, resulting in next to zero daily visitors.

Damaging Fact #1: Outdated training can cause the completely opposite results of what you’re seeking.

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Wasted Time and Energy

One of the main reasons I started this site was because newer internet marketers can’t really tell valid tactics from invalid tactics. Almost every concept that’s discussed is new and unfamiliar, so outdated strategies appear just as legitimate as up-to-date strategies. There’s no real experience to be able to distinguish between the two.

That’s a real problem, because if you buy a product that’s preaching illegitimate, outdated tactics then you’ve not only wasted your money, but you’ve also wasted your time. If your methods are out-of-date, you could end up banging your head on the wall for months or years on end without even knowing it.

There’s no way to squeeze blood out of a stone, and that’s exactly what you’re trying to do if you’re using outdated techniques and strategies, whether you realize it or not.

Damaging Fact #2: Outdated strategies will never grow your business or get you anywhere. Your time and efforts go completely to waste.

Impossible to Get Any Value

If you put me in any up-to-date product, I’ll find a way to get value out of it. There’s always something new to learn in the internet marketing industry, so as long as the training is being updated regularly as the search engines change it’s impossible to NOT gain value of some kind. New techniques, new perspectives, etc… These are all essential to any career internet marketer.

But if you put me in an outdated product, there’s absolutely no value to be picked up. I’ve just wasted a ton of money and if I’m not careful, I’ll end up wasting a bunch of time too.

Damaging Fact #3: Training that isn’t regularly updated has no insights or techniques that will help you grow your business. The best case scenario is that you only lose money, and that you don’t waste a ton of time and energy on top of it.

So What Can You Do?

If you see anyone, even a single review or forum member, accusing the product you’re considering as out-of-date then you should take it VERY seriously. Outdated information is the absolute worst way to get ripped off in this industry, so proceed very slowly and with great caution if you suspect the product of being out-of-date.

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