Lesson 41: Is Video Marketing Training Worth Your While?

Video Marketing is one of my favorite ways to crack high-competition niches. You get to leverage the Domain Authority of YouTube, which is a perfect 100 on a scale from one to 100. Plus, you can also receive traffic through the “Suggested Videos” feature of YouTube.

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The Most Enduring Myth About Video Marketing

A myth about Video Marketing is that you need excellent editing skills to tap into it. People believe that for a video to be successful, it needs flashy graphics and transitions. That’s just not true.

My early Video Marketing years were absolutely atrocious: low-quality lighting with horrible audio from a crappy built-in microphone on a crappy webcam with no noise-canceling, so my ceiling fan can be heard spinning. My videos have come so far from those days.

You probably won’t have that bad of a start, but the point is that you’ll get better over time, no matter how crappy you think your initial setup is.

What You Need to Get Started

For a setup that’s better than 80% to 90% of what’s on YouTube, all you really need is three-point lighting (one on either side of the camera and one at the back of the subject), a decent lapel or lavalier microphone, and a high-quality, high-definition web camera.

Video Marketing Training: What You Need To Get Started

These days, this equipment is affordable and easy to acquire. Even mid-level smartphones include good high-definition cameras. A decent lapel microphone on Amazon can cost less than $30, and three-point lighting can be set up with desk lamps you may already have in your home.

Another thing you need to be successful in Internet Marketing is patience: patience to consistently produce video content, and the patience to practice and be comfortable in front of the camera.

How to Supplement Written Content with Video

A written post can be supplemented with a corresponding video. So, instead of creating three or four posts a week, you can create two posts plus two videos each week.

In time, people who browse videos on YouTube will start finding your videos. Those who are interested in your videos will go to your website and read your other content, increasing traffic to your website. An advantage of adding video content to your catalog is that you double your reach and therefore increase the possibility of attaining success sooner.

YouTube SEO is very similar to SEO for your written content. Start with keyword research and make sure that ones you select are in the video title, description, and tags. If you embed your video in a related post on your website, as that post gains authority with search engines, your embedded video will also gain authority within YouTube.

Where to Find More Video Marketing Training

A great resource is the article Do Your YouTube Videos Suck? Make Them High-Quality Using These 4 Simple Tips on Entrepreneur.com, which is a guide to making high-quality videos. Alternatively, you can always find quality video marketing training courses and materials by doing a Google search.