Lesson 42: Is Buying Traffic A Good Idea? Of Automated Traffic Bots And Traffic Networks

I get asked about automated traffic and traffic networks all the time by newbies in this industry: Is buying traffic a good idea? My answer is always the same: don’t use them.

What is Automated Traffic?

Automated traffic is purchased traffic that someone has sent to your website via robots that spike your website statistics and make your analytics look good. These robots also try to make the traffic look as natural and organic as possible by clicking a few pages on your site and lingering for a while.

Is Buying Traffic A Good Idea?

Why is Automated Traffic a Bad Idea?

Any engagement that’s purchased, such as purchased social media likes or video views on YouTube, are a total waste of time. This type of engagement is sold by salespeople who make outrageous and false claims.

There are no shortcuts to making money online. Buying a thousand visitors a day to your site and consequently making 10 to 20 grand a month doesn’t happen. It just doesn’t work that way. Not only does bought engagement not work, there’s a real possibility that your business will suffer. It takes away your focus from doing things that are actually beneficial to your website, like better keyword research and content.

It’s worth noting that Google, and other search engines, sometimes penalize sites and even remove them from their indexes so the pages aren’t displayed anymore because of bought engagement. They’ve done this to many websites in the past, and I’d hate for that to happen to you.