Supplemental Training & FAQ

Supplemental Training & FAQ

A lot of my success can be attributed to my digital marketing knowledge, but dramatically more of my success has been due to self-development and constant growth.

This is a collection of the supplemental training and frequently asked questions that I regularly post in the FIMP Facebook group (free for registered members).

Some videos are directly related to digital marketing. Some offer clarifications within the FIMP community, and others explain why you don’t need a lot of the “important” stuff that product publishers often TELL you that you need, but isn’t recommended in FIMP.

Most importantly, a lot of these supplemental lessons focus holistically on how to become a well-rounded, balanced entrepreneur who’s capable of success — because the VAST majority of us (myself included) didn’t have the know-how, discipline, or balance necessary to achieve ambitious levels of success when starting on this journey.

These are the hard lessons I wish others had taught me.

Many of these lessons are topics that aren’t discussed anywhere else online. And if they are discussed elsewhere, they’re not discussed as candidly and honestly as they are here.

I hope they prove as helpful on your journey as I created them to be.


Supplemental Training — Table of Contents

Focus on Becoming the PERSON Who Can Achieve Your Dreams

This is probably my favorite supplemental video so far. It’s the advice I wish someone had given me at the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, because it took about 10 years for me to figure out on my own. Growth has been MUCH easier since then.

A clinically proven way to become “10% happier”

I want to share something with you that has been HUGE in my entrepreneurial journey: meditation. Don’t write this off as woo-woo crap! There’s concrete scientific evidence proving that meditation is essentially “exercise for your brain,” which I discuss in this video.

Harvard’s take on meditation:

Recommended Reading: 8 Minute Meditation” by Victor Davich & “10% Happier” by Dan Harris

Does This Stuff Really Work?

Let’s take a look at RueTattoo’s one year update (the tattoo removal site built in Sections 3-6 of the FIMP training) to check if this stuff really works.

Funnels & Landing Page Builders vs. FIMP

Long story short: Most people in this industry are pimping landing page software LONG before you need it, because it means a nice (often recurring) commission for them. This video explains why these aren’t discussed in-depth at FIMP, and why 98% of people reading this description don’t even need them (yet).

How Exercise is Scientifically Proven to Make You a Better Business Owner

I struggled with severe depression and a vicious cycle of demoralization for many years. It really held me back as an entrepreneur. You know what completely fixed it? When I finally committed to an exercise regimen. Even if you start small, it’s a start.

How to Calculate A Niche’s Value

Here’s how to calculate the value of **ANY** niche before even writing your first piece of content (the calculator from this video can be downloaded here).

NOTE: The mention of “Basic” & “Elite” memberships in this video no longer apply. These programs have since been discontinued.

The premium subscription where I keep members up-to-speed on the latest and greatest internet marketing strategies is Internet Marketing Project (IMP).

How to Correctly Build a Website That Covers Multiple Topics in the Same Niche

If you have so many article ideas popping into your head and you don’t know where and how to start, this video will teach you the optimal way to build your website. This video will also teach you how to slowly develop your strength to compete with high-level competitive topics, and ultimately help you build your authority.

How to Evaluate “High Ticket” Coaching Programs

Spending a huge amount of money on coaching programs or seminars to improve your business potential is a worthwhile investment because it will also help your earning potential, and eventually will help you expand your business and increase your income exponentially. Just make sure to evaluate first the people you are handing your hard-earned money to.

Should I Try to Run More than One Website?

It’s natural to have A LOT of ideas when you first get started online. But should you pursue more than one of them at a time? In this video, I use puppies (!!!) to explain why you should only pursue one website at a time.


Please STOP comparing your journey to someone else’s journey in this industry because it is very counterproductive. Take someone else’s success story as an inspiration, motivation, and validation that what is taught at FIMP works.

The Best Solution I’ve Found For Struggling With Motivation

It is really hard to experience getting stuck because we lack motivation, but it is important to overcome that in order for us to move forward. I want to share with you all an exercise that had helped me a LOT in finding my motivation. I sincerely hope this helps you as well.

When Should I Start Building an Email List?

Just like landing page software, a lot of people in this industry harp on “the money is in the list”, and tell you that you need to start building an email list from Day 1. In this video I argue against that, and explain why so many people are making this (in my opinion, misleading) recommendation.

Why FIMP Depends on Members Sharing More Than Any Other Training or Community In This Industry

FIMP really needs the your help right now. If FIMP has been helpful to you, if it has impacted your journey, please share it every chance you get because the project REALLY needs it.

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