Lesson 39: How To Grow Your Blog Through The Post And Pray Method

The “Post and Pray” method, as I like to call it, is basically everything covered in the previous lessons; namely, identifying keywords, crafting high-quality content around those keywords, and optimizing content for search engines.

This technique is much maligned in the industry. Honestly, it’s the simplest, time-tested, lowest cost, and penalty-proof way to build a sustainable authoritative brand in whatever niche you’re aiming to establish yourself in. As a matter of fact, I’ve successfully built several businesses in this industry using the “Post and Pray” method.

How To Grow Your Blog: The Post And Pray Method

I’m a huge proponent of this method because I believe people like simplicity. It’s like spinning plates: the more plates you add at a single time, the more complicated the technique gets, and the more likely everything will come crashing down.

Even Google has specifically stated that this is the best way to build an authority website. As long as you have the patience to do it right and not game the system, you shouldn’t have to worry about penalties. Simply post content consistently and you’ll move steadily up the rankings.

I really like this method, but I want to make sure that I’m enabling you to explore other ways of how to grow your blog and point you in the right direction. Done correctly, you can potentially see results much faster than you would from consistently posting high-quality content. Always remember not to overwhelm yourself by learning too many techniques, though.