Alex Jeffreys Changed My Life, Even After I Wreaked Havoc on His

By Ian | Negative Reviews

What you’re about to read is a brief explanation of a VERY long story that spans several years.

Long story short: I used to think Alex Jeffreys was an immoral business owner who didn’t care about his clients AT ALL, and who only cared about his bank account.

The problem is: I was wrong.

Alex reached out to me a couple of years ago to set the record straight, and offered his help whenever I needed it (he even gave me his personal cell phone number).

Fast forward about another year and a half, and I’m a client of Alex’s in “Clients in Abundance”. The course requires an investment, but I trusted Alex, even though we had quite an unusual backstory.

Within a two months of placing my trust in Alex Jeffreys and the rest of the CIA team, I had made over 5x my initial investment in their program.

I’ll include my video testimonials and announcements that I made within the Facebook group below, and the outdated review I’d originally written below that section.

It should become pretty clear, pretty quickly: I was 100% wrong about Alex and his company, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without his guidance and mentorship.

Keeping in mind that I have not been compensated or forced to say this in any way, shape, or form: Alex Jeffreys changed my life, even after I dragged his name through the mud.

What might he do for you?

Updated Alex Jeffreys Review: October 2018

Here are my updates from the Clients In Abundance Facebook group over the past several months as I implemented what Alex and the rest of the team teach within CIA:

May 30, 2018

June 5, 2018

June 21, 2018

August 14, 2018

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August 31, 2018

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In total, as I update this review, I’ve profited over $60,000 from what Alex Jeffreys and the team have put together at CIA, and I continue growing the consulting side of my business month after month.

I’m hoping it will be a six-figure monthly income by my one year anniversary at CIA.

NOTE: These are exceptional results, and I’m not guaranteeing anyone signing up for Alex Jeffreys’ program will have the same experience.

But I felt that the least I could do to “clear the air” and apologize for literally having negative reviews ranking for his name FOR YEARS… was to post an update now that I’m one of his many successful, grateful clients.

I couldn’t have done it without him.

Below this is our outdated, old review of Alex Jeffreys (April 2015), from before he had such a huge impact on me and my family’s life

There are quite a few scams online about list building, and most of them are crap. They’re either software that allows you to send your messages to people that’ll never purchase anything or involve purchasing a list which yields the same results. Is The Super List Method 2.0 by Alex Jeffreys just as bad as these other scams?

I’m not an affiliate for The Super List Method 2.0. It’s definitely not the worst thing I’ve seen and even though it’s only $9.95 I still wouldn’t recommend it.

Shall we dig into what Alex Jeffreys is selling today?

The Super List Method 2.0: Quick Summary

superlist logo

The tagline is “how to build a list in any niche within 21 days or less” which is pretty ambitious. Something I think is near impossible for a beginner once you hear how Alex defines a “super list”.

In the members’ area Alex defines a super list as “a list of customers“. Basically a list of people who’ve already purchased something from you. The idea being that you can promote other things to people who’ve already bought something from you because “statistically” they’re more likely to purchase from you again.

However, getting a list of “1,000’s or 10,000’s” of people who’ve purchased something from you in 21 days or less isn’t possible. Certainly not for a beginner. If getting 1,000+ people to purchase a product from you in 21 days were that easy then surely everyone would be doing it.

There wouldn’t be anyone failing online. Certainly those of us online wouldn’t be struggling.

Now let’s dig into what you’re spending your money on.

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Have We Found a New Scam Ring?

Before we look at the product itself, I’ve found something on the homepage that I find peculiar. I might have stumbled on a scam ring where people are providing testimonials for each other.

I saw this testimonial and decided to dig deeper:

super list method review

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A pretty standard review. I googled his name to find that he’s another marketer selling a similar product to Alex. Another “make money online” product that promises easy riches. Guess what I found near the top of the page:

super list method review

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Both people saying the other person has helped them create $100,000’s with similar products. 

This doesn’t sit well with me. How could Alex help Anthony make $100,000 in 90 days which has apparently changed this family’s lives help the same guy make “multiple hundreds of thousands” with a similar product?

Seems like these two are working together to make as much money as possible. They certainly don’t have your best interests at heart.

List of Videos In The Members’ Area

Once you’ve logged into the members’ area you’ll find a list of multiple videos. There’s 1 “main” video, 8 video modules and 3 bonus videos. The main video is almost two hours in length:

Super list method review

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A two hour video on list building. Now that’s a long video. The 8 module videos are just this main video broken down into more viewable chunks. I think this would be better than trying to watch a 2 hour video.

All the videos are of Alex talking about list building over a mind map he’s created:

super list method review

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Mind maps are awesome for organising your thoughts and makes understanding list building much easier.

After these 8 videos, you’ll find an 8 minute video on squeeze pages and a video on PayPal which is just over 1 minute 30 seconds. Underneath that, you’ll find two PDFs (one is a transcript of the video and the second is the mind map Alex uses in all the videos).

So you’re really getting 2 hours of video content and PDFs of what’s in the video. Pretty handy so you can follow along with everything as Alex explains everything in the video.

As for the quality of the content… It’s pretty good information about why it’s important to build an email list. You want to be building a list of people you can email so you can promote new products to them. Now you’re making more money without having to find new people.

If you know nothing about building an email list or why you should be building one, you’ll learn something from this video.

One part I really don’t like is the 100% Opt-In Method.

Alex talks about how you’ll get a 100% opt-in rate from people who’ve purchased something from you. Alex explains that this is better than the “35% opt-in rate people seem to be happy with” on their websites. First off, 35% is a great opt-in rate from visitors coming to a website. If you’re getting this then be happy!

If you’re selling a product online then you’ll get their email address because you’ll be sending them a receipt and purchase confirmation email. Because of that you can add their email into your list. 100% of people who buy something will enter your list.

The hard part is getting someone to purchase something from you in the first place. This is why website owners build email lists of people who are potential customers, so they can build a relationship that’ll make them more inclined to purchase something.

So Alex’s 100% Opt-In Method isn’t anything special. It’s something that can be easily set up if you’re selling something. Alex doesn’t show you how to set it up in the video though. He only explains that you’ll get everyone’s email address.

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Free Coaching Call From Alex?

super list method review

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The first thing you’ll see when you enter the members’ area is this banner for a free coaching call. I want to point out the last paragraph. Alex says “to discover what this is and claim it 100% FREE” and to click on the link.

You’ll be sent to a questionnaire to complete and I saw this question near the bottom.

super list method review

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The first option is that you have no money to invest and therefore can’t work with Alex. If you’re not willing to invest more money with Alex then you can’t get your free consultation call. Therefore the “free consultation call” isn’t free.

Just another classic upsell technique we see here at StoppingScams. Unlike all the other scammers, it does seem like this is recent and therefore you could actually end up speaking with Alex if you drop at least $500 to “invest in your success”

Final Rating: D

Overall for $9.95 I think Alex has provided a decent introduction to list building. However the reason I’ve added this to the scam list is because of the promises made from the start. Building a list for 1,000’s or 10,000’s in less than 21 days where you’ll be earning the sort of money mentioned on the sales page… I don’t think so. That’s not going to happen for anyone that buys this product.

For general information about building an email list, Alex has provided a good resource. Just not what he originally promised.

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Here’s how it compares to The Super List Method:

Let Me Know Your Thoughts

Have you tried building an email list and found it difficult? Have you made money from an email list you’ve already built? Do you think Alex has created something of value here?

I wish I could rate this better, but when you look at what he’s promising and what he’s provided I just can’t. Do you think I’ve been to harsh? Let me know in the comments section below and let’s get a conversation going.

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