4.4.1 Off to the Races! (REQUIRED Viewing)

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123 thoughts on “4.4.1 Off to the Races! (REQUIRED Viewing)

  1. Hello!
    Loving the content!
    I have finished all the lessons up to this point and have saved,
    its still not letting me go onto 4.5.

    I am going to be getting the Thrive Themes, but my husband who makes the money (I’m a stay at home mom) wants me to finish the free content and use a free theme until I finish the free content portions to make sure that I’m going to do this.
    For the time being, how do I get to 4.5?


  2. Hi, I live in NZ and am on a very strict startup budget; I can’t afford the year of Bluehost, if I use the Namecheap hosting does that qualify with you (to get access to the rest of the FIMP material)?

    • Hey Lisa! Unfortunately, no. It is not an official form of support for the FIMP community.

      In addition to that, I do not recommend Namecheap hosting. I’ve used them in the past and their servers were far too slow for me to feel comfortable recommending them. At times, even taking several seconds before the site initially started to load, which can have a very negative impact on your user experience, therefore, your conversion rate and ability to get ranked on Google and other search engines.

      So personally, I would not recommend them for hosting.

  3. Hi Ian I’m still unable to view 4.5 even though I’ve purchase Bluehost through your affiliate link on the page – is there a time delay in accessing this section

    • Hello Rose! Thank you for supporting FIMP. Kindly check the email I sent you. You already have access to the rest of the training as well as the FIMP Hotseat Sessions and Day-After Analyses. It usually takes ~24 hours for our team member to get you set up with the rest of the training and the advanced training. I hope to see you on the supporter-only Facebook community soon. 🙂

  4. Hi Ian,
    I am enjoying your classes and your way of teaching. This is the best training I could get. I will purchase all your recommendations through your affiliate link for sure. But for now I just want to continue with my lesson.
    I have currently viewed all the videos upto 4.4.1. I have hit save and continue tab and all lessons upto 4.4.1 are marked complete. However, I am unable to view 4.5. Kindly help me.


    • What’s actually preventing you from accessing 4.5 isn’t that you haven’t completed all of the lessons, it’s what’s shared and described in Lesson 4.4.1.

      As described in Lesson 4.4.1, the back half of the training is restricted to people who have already purchased hosting. If you watch video 4.4.1 and you check out the corresponding FIMP Supporter Page and you have any questions, please let me know and I will do my best to help. But I think that should clear everything up.

  5. Previous comment being said, I think you’re excellent and your content is excellent. Just trying to cancel my other hosting plan now. Will obtaining hosting via your affiliate link be the only requirement to gain access to the content?

  6. LOL! “Still 100% free…but,” you must be a paid supporter!

    I understand why, and you have to do what you have to do to make money, but no one can start anything and get paid themselves to in-turn support you stopping the content where you did. That’s a shame. Thanks anyway though.

  7. Ian,
    Hosting purchased, receipt forwarded. I am happy to support FIMP and look forward to continuing your most excellent, and comprehensive training program.

    • Thank you so much for supporting FIMP, Ron! I hope you enjoy the rest of the FIMP core training as well as the advanced training. Best of luck on your online journey!

  8. Hi Ian,
    I purchased hosting through your affiliate link for Bluehost. I already had an account with them for another (single) domain. I will need to look into combining these, so I only need to keep track of one account!
    I realize how important it is to keep this group going, as there are (as I experienced myself) too many sharks out there, and most people starting out with an internet business, can’t afford to waste their precious savings longer!
    Looking forward to learning more!
    Love the course, and hope to finally start making some money 🙂

    • Thank you so much for supporting FIMP, Ann! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I hope you’re enjoying the training and that it helps you on your online journey. Best of luck, Ann!

  9. Hi Ian
    I know this project is very important and helps a lot of us to be successful, and I want to support it by purchasing blue host,
    For now I am not financially ready, just going through the course to gather as much information as I can.
    I will definitely purchase Bluehost using your domain sometime this month when my finances allow.
    Don’t be discouraged, some of us just started with the course but not ready financially, just wanted to gather information and start using it when we are ready.
    Keep up the good work

    • Hello, Leo! Thank you so much for supporting FIMP. Kindly check your email. I sent you the link to the FIMP supporter-only Facebook group as well as the link to the Advanced and Ad-Free Training. I hope you enjoy it all, and that it helps you on your journey.

    • Hello, Mike! Thank you so much for supporting FIMP. Kindly check your email. I sent you the link to the FIMP supporter-only Facebook group as well as the link to the Advanced and Ad-Free Training. I hope you enjoy it all, and that it helps you on your journey.

    • Thank you so much for supporting FIMP, Linda! I hope you enjoy the rest of the training as well as the FIMP Hotseat Session Replays and Day-After Analyses. 🙂

  10. Hi Ian,

    I have taken up the lifetime membership option via pay pal and sent the receipt via email. Glad to Support you, what you offer is beyond anything I have encountered and I have paid thousands for it. Sadly. You are my last desperate gasp in taking up a career in Internet Marketing and I was glad to support such a well put together project. I look forward to getting setup to continue the course. All the best from Cork, Ireland.

  11. Hi Ian. Just paid for BlueHost and was hoping you could upgrade my account. Just emailed you the receipt. Don’t worry, I used your affiliate link.

    • Hello, Jun! Thank you so much for supporting FIMP. Kindly check your email. I sent you the link to the FIMP supporter-only Facebook group as well as the link to the Advanced and Ad-Free Training. I hope you enjoy it all, and that it helps you on your journey.

  12. Hello Ian,
    Thank you so much for this course.
    I can’t remember when was the last time I’ve heard such a good systematically build explanation about any subject at all.
    I’ve signed up for Bluehost with the affiliate link. Looking forward to hear what you’ll have to say next.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Alexander! And of course, thank you for supporting FIMP. I gave you access to the rest of the FIMP core training as well as the FIMP Hotseat Session Replays and Day-After Analyses. I hope you enjoy it all, and that it helps you on your online journey.

  13. I’m finding the training useful, and I’ve used all your affiliate links so far.

    But this page is hanging me up. I’ve viewed this video, but it won’t let me proceed…. any ideas?

  14. Hi Ian,

    Whenever I try to play 4.5, it says I must complete all lessons prior (which I have already done). Is this a bug or is the rest of the content locked until I make a purchase with your affiliate links?

  15. Hi Ian,

    Thanks for the awesome training. I have emailed you my receipt for Bluehost purchase. I already had a name for my site. Kindly upgrade me.
    Thanks again

    • Thank you so much for supporting FIMP! I have given you access to the rest of the FIMP core training as well as the FIMP Hotseat Session Replays and Day-After Abalyses. I hope you enjoy it all and that it helps you on your journey. Best of luck!

  16. Hey Ian, thanks for providing such great value all for free! I just sent an email of both my namecheap receipt and my bluehost receipt. Please upgrade my account, thank you so much!

    • Hey, Stephen! Thank you so much for supporting FIMP! I have given you access to the rest of the FIMP core training as well as the FIMP Hotseat Session Replays and Day-After Abalyses. I hope you enjoy it all and that it helps you on your journey. Best of luck!

    • Hello Sharon! I have given you access to the rest of the training and FIMP Hotseat Session Replays and Day-After Analyses. Thank you so much for supporting FIMP! I hope you enjoy the training.

  17. Just recently found your course, just signed up for blue host and name cheap through your link and will 100% continue to use your links. Thats the least I can do for your awsome free training.

  18. I have already view and studied all the previous sections before 4.5. In fact, I almost have view and have a brief study to the 9 section of the whole course. So, please unlock to me the rest of section 4. i.e, from section 4.5 to section 4.12. Thanks.

  19. It`s really something very sad, and I am sure tehere are many people aroun the world who could have been getting advantage of your generosity of FIMP, but as you said, it has some cost has to be covered. I`m so glad that I arrived just in time to have most of the section in my hard disk. I thank you and i Will try to get the most of it.

  20. Hey Ian,
    I just started the FIMP training and I have been around the IM arena for quite some time (approximately 8yrs.) so I can see what kind of effort is going in to what you’re trying to get accomplished. I already have hosting accounts and websites set up so after I go through a little bit of your training I will be glad to do my part and donate through your patronage link. I will also be sure to promote FIMP on my website,FB fan pages and my YouTube channel. Looking forward to checking out more of your training and a big thank you, for the time I know that it takes you in putting this training together.

  21. Hi Ian,

    Thank you for this training. I already set up my website through namecheap & bluehost using your link.

    Hoping that through your free training, this will be my first step to successful online business.

    • I just granted you access to the bonus material here at FIMP and sent you an email about that as well — you’re going to love those!

      Thank you for doing so much to keep FIMP alive! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. 🙂

  22. I bought hosting when I watched the last vid and am showing my friends fimp , l make sure they sign up with the affiliate link too! good luck man.

  23. Hi Ian,
    I love everything so far. I am excited and finally I’m confident enough to start my business. Some thoughts:
    Perhaps some people just want to learn everything before start their website ?or they try to find a niche? Or they wait to find the money to invest. In my case I’m waiting to get paid from my job at the end of this month. Wait for my receipt at your email ( ian@stoppingscams.com). I am more that happy to give back for everything I’ve learned from you

  24. Anyone who would NOT use the links hasn’t seen the scams out there, or doesn’t deserve to be enrolled. I wish you could set it up so someone could not progress unless they showed a receipt. I plan to do affiliate marketing for you as soon as I figure it out. I will donate, Ian!

  25. Hi Ian, Ive been following this training and just want to say thank you. I currently already have my own business website and I think a domain that I want to use moving forward. I would also like to support this cause. Can you let me know the best way to transfer my hosting over through your affiliate link, if that is possible I would gladly transfer over my current hosting and future ones as well. Thanks for everything

  26. Thanks so much, Ian. I appreciate all your excellent information and keeping it fun. Done: Patreon signed up and shared you on Facebook. I’ll add more to the monthly contribution soon.

  27. I’m a proud monetary FIMP supporter. Your service is way too valuable to be taken for granted. Your program has changed my life and it’s the least I could do.

  28. Hi Ian;

    I’m one your follower, and a small tiny monthly patron of FIMP.

    I’ve a BlueHost account that will need to renew in 5 months. I’ve sign up this hosting 6-7 months ago before I join FIMP.

    How do I renew and chanel this buying (renewing) into contribute to FIMP?

    Best regards;


    • Hey, Ray! That’s incredibly kind of you to ask. But, unfortunately, there’s no way for me to get credited on preexisting Bluehost accounts – only new sign ups. But thank you so much for supporting FIMP through Patreon! Thank you for keeping FIMP free and funded!

  29. Ian,
    I’m doing this training on my cell phone in a semi truck. I’m often gone for a couple of weeks at a time but I’ll buy my domain and get it hosted as soon as I get home and grab my laptop.

  30. Hey Ian

    Not ready to buy hosting yet (will do, waiting for payday…every penny counts at the moment!) but I have done a monthly Patreon contribution. I’ve been trying to find decent internet marketing for years…and at considerable cost! So I don’t want your fabulous FIMP to stop! I will buy the hosting through your affiliate link when ready, too. Plus I have shared with my peeps on Facebook. Keep it up…fab training 🙂

  31. Hi Ian
    Everyone has already said it but let add to it – thank you for a great piece of work.

    I intend signing up for Blue Host but would like clarity on the following from the Blue Host page;

    *Promotional pricing is for the first term only and regular rates apply upon renewal”

    What is meant when Blue Host says FIRST TERM in the above quote taken from the bottom of their sign up page?

  32. Gah!!! I WILL be purchasing through you! No worries. I’m out of town for a few days but when I can get in front of my desktop I’M ON IT!!

  33. I will absolutely be buying EVERYTHING through your affiliate links Ian ! I have been enjoying this program so much you are definitely the best I’ve seen anywhere and I will be giving you my 100% support! Thanks for just being you!

  34. Hello Ian P.

    I rarely comment but I MUST do it this time. Firstly I would like to acknowledge the fact that what you are doing is truly amazing, You give back by sharing your knowledge and expertise to the world for FREE. It’s really beautiful and selfless of you to do so.

    Please do not be disheartened as not many people are using your affiliate link, it could be they 1) already have a hosting plan, 2) are procrastinating to start or 3) going to purchase the bluehost soon, which I hope that’s the case. Personally I am under number 1, however not getting much success from affiliate marketing previously from self study and trial and error for the past 1 year plus. I meant many months without any commission and only 2-3 months with $10 or less. I am not giving up though.

    Fortunately I stumbled across your beautiful creation. I am really hyped up with your content and have invest time grinding your videos. I hope that by the end of it, I could apply your teachings and see success with it. I have decided, if my website ever takes off and make monthly consistent income, I WILL pledge a portion of it to your Patreon monthly!

    We appreciate all your help and effort. Believe in good karma.

    Thank you,

    • Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words, HX! I’m glad it’s helping you in your journey. I can’t wait to see where you end up in a few months after having the time to implement a lot of what you’ve learned here.

  35. Hey Ian. I love your in-depth training thus far. I already have web hosting. I purchased a multi-year plan a while ago, so instead, I am happy to pledge through Patreon. I hope others see the light and help as well.

  36. Hi Ian, I think you are wonderful for providing all this information for free. I just purchased my domain through name cheap and my hosting through you link at Blue Host — I hope others will just take the leap of faith and do it! The time to take action is Now!

  37. Hi Ian,

    1. I’m loving your course. Thank you so much!
    2. I’m planning to purchase Bluehost through your affiliate link in the first week of May so I hope my contribution to keep FIMP alive won’t be in vain
    3. Just out of genuine interest, and maybe good for other participants to know: have you noticed an increase in Bluehost purchases through your affiliate links since posting this video?

    All the best from The Netherlands!


    • Hey, dro! Yes, actually it has helped. FIMP still isn’t fully sustainable but this video has helped tremendously in getting us moving in the right direction.

      Thank you so much for your plans to support FIMP. Stay warm up there in the Netherlands. My wife and I visited a couple of years ago and we can’t wait to go back!

  38. i have something for you!

    i am releasing a wordpress plugin intended to help in this exact situation!

    wanna test it?

  39. FIMP…please don’t die yet.

    I like your lessons very much. This site is one of the most honest, no hidden upselling stuff. I would love to support by any means, but I’m not ready to buy any affiliate services. Because what I already have is still sitting there staring at me! I need more time to come to the point of buying domain name and hosting.

    It would be better if you could set up a donate button where members can give donation from time to time if they wish. I’ll be the first one to do so when it available.


  40. Hello Ian, I already registered to Blue Host through your link. I tried to email my Official Receipt to Ian@FIMP but Delivery failed , it said here Your message wasn’t delivered because the recipients mailbox is undergoing maintenance and can’t accept message now. But I will try to send it again later until it will goes thru. Thank You


    • Hey Gary! I got your receipt via email a little bit ago and will get you setup with the bonuses shortly. Thank you for keeping FIMP free & funded! It’s incredibly helpful.

  41. Hey Ian,
    I’ve signed up with BlueHost through your affiliate link and I forwarded you a copy of the receipt. I also signed up to become a Patreon. I don’t want FIMP to die. This is a great training.

    All the best,

    • Thank you so much, John! That’s incredibly kind of you. I just granted you access to the bonus material here at FIMP and sent you an email about that as well — you’re going to love those.

      Thank you for doing so much to keep FIMP alive! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

  42. Hi Ian,

    Thanks so much for this training. You’re right… this project is quite possibly the best “full bodied” internet marketing training being offered FOR FREE on the web right now (can you tell I’m a coffee snob?). I hope more people are able to support your project here.

    FYI – I’ve purchased a domain/hosting from your Bluehost affiliate link and I’ve sent you my receipt. Thanks so much!

    • Thanks so much, Marcus! I can’t tell you how much the support helps. I got you setup with the bonuses just now — you’re going to LOVE them. They do NOT disappoint 🙂

  43. Hi Ian,

    Just wanted to give you a heads up in case other people were experiencing this issue:

    When I click the link or video thumbnail in your email (FIMP is dying) it brings me to the site but asks me to log in. So, I log in and click the link again but it does the same thing again. So, people who aren’t aware of where that link leads may never find their way to this page. Let me know if that’s confusing and I can try to explain it better to you.

      • If that doesn’t work try clearing your cache in your browser and then clear your browsing history and clear your cookies to clear your cache or actually flush your domain name servers just click on your start button then type cmd in the prompt box and then in the cmd box type ipconfig/flushdns and this will flush your domain name servers then clear your browser and delete your cookies in your browser settings. This will also help to make your computer run a little faster as well.

  44. Haven’t needed your affiliate services as yet. I will use them as I need them and will join Patreon. But have given you several plugs on Facebook and Twitter and on my personal bio site and will continue to do so. I hope that you can keep this going. It is a brilliant service and as someone who is totally self taught your training is fixing a whole lot of mistakes.

  45. Hi Ian..I will lend my support your links. Right now I am just a newbie at internet marketing and learning to build myself through your program. Once I am done with this program and start my internet marketing journey, I will surely support you in every manner I could. Hope you keep on doing the good work your doing and keep this free program going on till you can with new resources and topics.

  46. I used your links. I don’t know why you wouldn’t! You clearly went to some trouble to find the best rates and service. Unless everyone already has hosting, this makes no sense to me! At least they have the option of giving through Patreon in lieu of using the links now.

    • Totally agreed, Christina! Could you please forward me your Bluehost receipt (ian@stoppingscams.com), along with your FIMP username? I’d like to grant your FIMP account access to some premium content that’s hidden here on the site 🙂

      Thank you so much for your support!

  47. Hey Ian,
    I just pledged some monthly amount on Patreon to help out. When I get to starting the website, I ‘ll use your affiliate links. Really like the info you’re presenting. I have experience setting up websites and installing wordpress, but I’m watching all the videos to fill in any gaps in my knowledge ( I have a lot of gaps). Hope FIMP keeps going.

    • Thank you SO much for that, Mark! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you supporting FIMP not only with Patreon, but also with the hosting commission. Bluehost has been taking GREAT care of our community members, so I think you’ll be very happy there too. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help you with anything as you continue on this journey!

  48. Complete newbie here and just wanted to give you a massive shout out to it s value.
    Been looking on line for several “shiny objects” and fell for some!
    Basically my idea is to just start a blog and take it from there.
    Your training is awesome and can t wait to get on line 🙂

    I will use your affiliate link to host PROMISE!

    Keep it up, greetings from cold Amsterdam

    • Thank you so much, Melanie! Please help share whenever you see the opportunity.

      And Amsterdam is my wife and my favorite city that we’ve visited in Europe (and we’ve visited quite a few)! But probably not so much during the winter 😉 Thanks for joining our little community, and I look forward to seeing you around!

  49. Hey Ian,
    I already have Hostgator and have been pretty happy with them so far, but I did signup to support you through Patreon.

    Hope this helps the project!

    Will we get the free extras also, just asking 🙂

    • Hello Vincent! Unfortunately I can’t give away the premium training for the relatively small Patreon contributions that I’ve been receiving (compared to a $75-$125 hosting commission). Essentially what’s happening here is that Bluehost is paying me for my premium content on the user’s behalf in the form of a commission.

      But thank you very much for your support! I sincerely appreciate it.

  50. Yo, Ian!

    I just got the domain name and registered at Bluehost thru your link. Unfortunately, my cc is almost maxed, otherwise I’d throw you another 50-100 for all of this awesome, priceless training! I should be getting a decent tax return in April, so I’ll do something then.


  51. Ian I will support your links as I am a newbie at internet marketing. I thought just going thru the entire program first but guess I need to jump in now not later… H-m-m

    • Thank you very much! And as long as you ACTUALLY take action in the long run, feel free to go through the whole course first! But most people that do that get to the end and just kind of go, “Meh.” And never come back to the training.

      That’s one of the reasons I encourage taking action quickly — making mistakes is an excellent way to learn (it’s a shame people don’t embrace that more!), and this gets the momentum going. From what I’ve seen after years and years of watching people pursue online business, that’s a pretty big component of most peoples’ success! A lot of people that say they’re going to start later just, unfortunately, never start.

  52. Ian,

    You’re doing an awesome job and thank you for that. I had my own website prior to coming to this project, yet I still wanted to register for another site. Unfortunately, I have some reservations about BlueHost and therefore opted for another hosting company.

    Nonetheless Ian, I am going to order the tools in your links and resources through your affiliate links as and when I pass by the tutorials in FIMP. I am about to complete module 4, so I guess this will be soon!!

    Rest assured that I am not a bystander – it’s only a matter of time 🙂

    • Hey Ayman! Thanks for chiming in.

      I’ve gone to incredible lengths to ensure every FIMP member gets outstanding support at Bluehost.

      I wouldn’t put such a tremendous amount of work into this project and then recommend a host I couldn’t trust 100% to take care of our community members. That compromises the integrity of this entire project, and puts a reputation I’ve worked for over 10 years to keep spotless (not an easy thing to do in this industry) in danger.

      The moment I can’t trust Bluehost to take care of our members, they will no longer be the recommended hosting company — guaranteed. I’ve put too much thought into this project to jeopardize it for brand allegiance.

      For anyone that still doesn’t believe me, there’s also a link to SiteGround that supports FIMP on the Links & Resources page.

      I just wanted to make that perfectly clear for anyone reading your comment.

      I can appreciate your position (although this is exactly what I made this video to address — this lack of trust in me as the instructor will absolutely kill FIMP), but I also sincerely appreciate any support you provide by purchasing other services & tools for your business through FIMP’s affiliate links!

  53. Hi Ian,
    sorry about these news, hope Fimp can stay alive! I went to the patreon link, but the only option there was pr month. I was prepared to give a one-time contribution of $ 10, but I am scared of tying myself up to indefinitely payments, even small. I think I am not the only one thinking like this, so the monthly only option, probably scares away a lot of people.
    Another tip: You have hosting as the only commissionable product. I may be wrong, but think a majority, or at least very many of us, already have hosting. Thus no need for that product. So why dont you put up 3-4 more products that you think are important for “online businessers” and endorse those products openly. No problem for anyone, as long as you genuinly think these products are very relevant and good value for money.
    All best,
    Geir S.

    • Hey Geir! There’s been an awesome outpouring of support in response to this video, and a lot of people stepped up to donate monthly, as well as many others that pulled the trigger on hosting. If this keeps up, FIMP will be on a good track (but it’s still a very long way from being “in the clear”).

      Unfortunately it appears that the only way to make a one-time contribution on Patreon is to cancel after your first payment clears. I’m sorry you didn’t feel that FIMP was worth more than $10! 🙁

      I actually have a whole page devoted to my recommendations, with all kinds of internet marketing tools and resources that I use in my personal business week after week: Links & Resources. I hope that’s along the lines of what you were looking for!

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