4.10.1 How to Check If Your Theme Is Mobile Responsive

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In this video I discuss:

  • How to quickly and easily tell if your chosen theme is mobile responsive

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4.10.1 Transcript Below

Hey, guys!

I just wanted to make one quick amendment to the last lesson. You will notice that the website is more built out because I didn’t realize this until a couple of days later but I forgot to show you how to tell whether or not a theme is mobile responsive. I mentioned that it was one of the most important things and then I just kind of left you high and dry and didn’t mention how that’s done. It’s actually really, really simple and this is going to be a really quick amendment.

But you know, you’ll notice my menu is set up and all that stuff – don’t worry about that – that’s taught in the coming lessons so you’re going to learn about all that. But I do want to tie off this loose end.

It’s really simple to tell whether or not a website is mobile responsive which means that it adjusts accordingly when it’s being viewed on a mobile device. Really essential in today’s search engine climate. There’s actually been a lot of information released by Google talking about how they don’t rank sites as well when they’re not mobile responsive – at least for mobile results – so, really important.

And the way you check whether or not your theme is mobile responsive is you just come over to the side until you get that little resizing arrow and you can click and drag. And as you’ll notice, it’s shrinking… it’s shrinking – that’s the first good sign.

But once it gets to that point that it’s like tablet-size, you notice how the header changed now the menu’s up here instead of off to the left. And you shrink more and more, and it just keeps reformatting, it keeps moving the content into thinner and thinner places.

And now you can tell it would be much more obvious if I had more content on the site yet, but we’re just not quite there in the training. And each side is going to look a little bit different. Your menu may not pop up into the top right. Don’t look for exactly what just happened on my site to happen on your site unless you’re using the same theme. But you want to see that it does something sort of along those lines. You particularly want to see that it’s shifting and resizing. That’s the main thing you want to see.

And of course, the ultimate way to check and see if the theme is mobile responsive is to pull it up on your phone; but this is a quick workaround.

So when you’re looking at themes and you’re like, “Is this one mobile responsive? I don’t know if it checks that box.” Just grab it and do that. And if it adjusts accordingly, then more than likely – almost guaranteed – it’s mobile responsive.

But if starts like looking really funky and crunched up and things just aren’t looking very good, it’s probably not mobile responsive and you probably want to rule it out.

So, that’s that. Alright? I just want to go over that really quickly. Sorry for forgetting it the first time around but at least I remembered. I was laying down to sleep or something and I was like, “Ah crap! I forgot to show them how to see if a theme was mobile responsive!” So there it is, alright?

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to post them in the Facebook group; otherwise, I’ll see you in the next video.