4.12 Setting Up Google Analytics and GSC for All Kinds of Helpful Data

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In this video I discuss:

  • Why it’s so important to setup Google Analytics and Google Search Console at this early stage
  • How to signup, create a property, and install a Google Analytics script on your WordPress website
  • How to verify Google Search Console website ownership in WordPress using the Yoast SEO plugin

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4.12 Transcript Below

Okay, one final step here.

We want to make sure we get Analytics and Google Search Console set up so that we can get some really helpful data. This data is technically optional; but if you spoke to any experienced internet marketer, they would tell you it’s an absolute necessity. So it’s important that we get it set up now and start collecting data because it’s going to come in handy later. So you aren’t going to need these like really extensively for a while; but when you do need them, you’re going to be super happy that you set them up early. Because at least in the case of Google Analytics, you don’t start getting data until you set up the code on your site. And if you wait until you actually need the data and you install the code, you won’t have historical data leading up to that point.

So what we’re going to do in this video is we’re going to create a Google Analytics account, we’re going to add our site to the account, and install the tracking code which we’ll do using a plugin. And then we’ll create a Google Search Console account, and we’ll add our site to it, and verify it using Yoast.

So I’m going to hop out of here, and after all of this, your website is going to be totally set up. So congratulations, your website is totally set up when you’re done doing this. So we’ll get to the real congratulations here in a minute.

So I’m going to come over into my web browser, I’m going to go to analytics.google.com, I’m going to come down here into More Options, I’m going to hit Create Account, and I’m just going to fill this form out really quickly. So my email is ian@ruetattoo.com… password (oops, of course they don’t match. Oops. Of course, on camera I choke up)… okay. I’m not going to put my real birth date on camera. We’ll just say January 1st 1980. And mobile phone… I’m not going to put my real mobile phone on camera either… so we’ll just go… I will verify that stuff later. You want to put in real information but you’re not going to be recorded. No! I need to verify my account. Crap. So I’m going to have to put in real information here. I’m going to have to put in real information so I’m going to have to stop the video and I’ll snip this part up.

So I verified everything and now I’m back at analytics.google.com. I just want to hit Sign up here. I need to input my website data so my Account Name for this can be RueTattoo, my Website Name can be RueTattoo. These don’t matter too much.

Again, because I’m on Bluehost and it’s automatic when you’re hosting with Bluehost these days, https is the protocol for the beginning of my website and it is RueTattoo.com. You want to be careful about… like a lot of people put www.RueTattoo (or whatever your domain is) .com and that’s okay. But you want to use the one that is in your settings for WordPress. If I come in here and you can see my WordPress address does not contain www. so I want to make sure to use the non-www. version consistently. Or if yours does have the www., you want to make sure to use that one consistently. Just make sure you keep it consistent across the board. It’ll keep things from getting out of control. So https://RueTattoo.com.

Industry Category… I guess technically it would be like Lifestyle and Leisure or whatever… Arts and Entertainment? Maybe Education? Technically, tattoo removal qualifies as Healthcare. We’ll just go Hobbies and Leisure. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter that much.

Okay, I’m going to set my Time Zone because that determines when your data resets for a new day. I personally don’t want to share anything with Google because I’m paranoid. So I click Get Tracking ID, now I need to accept the terms, and it spits out this handy-dandy Tracking ID.

So what I need to do is I need to copy this. So for me on a Mac it’s Command-C. You could also just right click and hit Copy. There are a number of ways to do it but your productivity will increase significantly as an internet marketer if you get used to keyboard shortcuts. So it’s Control-C for PC; Command-C for Mac.

So now I want to come in here to Plugins, I want to hit Add New, and I want to search for ‘header and footer’. Insert Headers and Footers. This is it. This is what we need. So I’m going to hit Install, I want to hit Activate.

And now under Settings, you see we have Insert Headers and Footers. I’m going to navigate there. So I need to add this script which is what we just copied from Google Analytics… I need to add it in my header. So I’m just going to… again, for Mac it’s Command-V; for PC it would be Control-V; or you just right click and hit Paste. So I want that script in my header. So since it’s Google Analytics, it’s really important. So I’m going to go ahead and hit Save. And now I have Google Analytics installed on my website. Easy as that.

It may take a couple of hours for Google Analytics to start receiving data and notice it’s actually set up. But you are set up if you did all of this correctly. If you copied the code, pasted it here – good to go.

So the next thing we want to do is we want to set up Google Search Console. So I’m going to come over here, I’m going to say ‘Google Search Console’, and I need to log in. Good. I got my password right the first time that time. Alright.

So my website that I want to add… you can see it says ‘Welcome to Search Console’ so it’s all ready and queued up for me. Again, this is where it’s even more important than Google Analytics. You want to make sure that you use the version that is listed under your General Settings. This is very, very, very important when it comes to Google Search Console. So if you don’t have www. here, don’t put it in over here. So it’s RueTattoo.com. Double check for spelling, Add a Property, and now we’re going to need to verify.

Recommended method… I can’t remember which one Yoast is. So I’m going to go Alternate methods and meta tag… I think this is it. Let me navigate to that section in Yoast SEO. So I want to click in Yoast SEO… I can’t remember what yet. Webmaster Tools. Okay, you can. So, let’s see. They probably linked to an explanation… ‘verify meta values’… okay. So this should… I think this is it. So if I go Google Search Console and I paste this in, hit Save… okay. Verify. Maybe. Maybe we’ll see. Hey, good! I did it right! I’m not too rusty, I guess. So, that’s it. We have… and you can see it was to the correct URL: https://ruetattoo.com. So that’s it. And so now if we revisit… congratulations, your website is totally set up!

I know this has been a lot. Trust me, it’s taken a lot out of me to teach it so I can only imagine – especially if it’s your first time doing it – how much it has taken out of you as a student. However, it is essential to your success. Just keep reminding yourself of that. When you get overwhelmed, take a deep breath, take a break if you need to, take the rest of the day off – whatever. The important thing is that you always get back and keep making progress, alright?

So now that this is all set up, we’ve got our website set up, we’ve got our hosting set up, we’ve got our domain name, we’ve got our core content… I mean, holy crap! If you’re to this point in the video, it’s incredible! You’ve done a lot of stuff especially if this is the first time you’ve ever done it. And even if it’s not the first time you’ve ever done it and it’s the first time you’ve ever done it the way that I’m teaching and you’ve gone through all of this training, you are really ahead of the curve – I think compared to the average person that tries to pursue internet marketing.

So, if you’ve watched all of these videos and you’ve done everything I mentioned about setting up your website and everything I taught and you’ve watched all of the sections before this, you’re ready to go on to Section 5.

We’re going to start talking about keyword research. I need to stop doing that with my arms because I think it makes the microphone go crazy. I noticed earlier. Sorry about that. So we’re going to start getting into keyword research which is so important. I know I say that about everything but when you’re talking internet marketing, all of the stuff that I’m teaching is very, very important.

So keywords will determine… and I’ll talk about it at length… but they will determine whether your business is made or broken. So it’s essential. It’s something that’s not taught very well or very in-depth usually; but of course, here at the Free Internet Marketing Project, we’re going to fix all that.

So if you have any questions, as always, feel free to post them in the Facebook group. It’s free for registered members.

And I hope you’re enjoying yourself. I hope you’re not feeling too overwhelmed. I hope you realize what massive progress you’re making. Even if it just feels like you’re making baby steps, you are making some very serious progress as you go through these videos. And I look forward to continue helping you create a profitable internet business, and hope to hear in the coming months that all of this is paying off, and you are profiting.

So, I will see you in the Facebook group and I will see you in the next video.