How Do You Write a Killer Bio? The Right and Wrong Ways to Stand Out

By Ian | Blogging

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A bio is just as important as any other components of your blog. You need to dedicate time to it to ensure your end product is one of the best bios out there. 

It’s all about balance. Strike a happy medium between sharing your background and not coming across as boastful. 

Here are the right and wrong ways to make your bio stand out.

Wrong: It’s All About You   

I know – this seems counterintuitive. But do people really engage with a bio that only focuses on irrelevant interests? A website bio serves a broader purpose beyond the author’s life and background. The main purpose of a bio is to show the audience how you can help solve their problem with the expertise you bring to the table.

It’s not only about you, it’s also about them — your readers.

Right: Focus on What You Bring to the Table

What sets you apart? What value do you provide to your readers? How can you solve their problems?

Focus on your readers.

Be clear, precise, and focused on how your background and expertise can bring value to your readers’ lives.

Wrong: Share Irrelevant and Pointless “Fluff”

Although it’s crucial to establish your credibility through achievements early on, don’t list one after another. Your bio is not a dumping ground for your career path, job titles, and qualifications.

Readers only care whether or not you have the solutions they need.

Right: Share Relevant Information 

Only include personal achievements and titles that are related to your niche – those that directly relate to your reader’s problem.

Less is more.

The less fluff you put into your bio, the more your readers will retain. Carefully select the most crucial facts about yourself that’ll no doubt impress the readers you’re writing for.

What Makes a Killer Bio?

A killer bio is one that establishes your credibility early on without having to write too much. You don’t need to endlessly yammer on to gain the attention of your audience. Only write what’s needed.

Find out what your readers truly need and what their problems are. Once you do, figure out how you can help them solve those problems.

If you can make readers believe you’re the answer they’ve been waiting for (and back it up), you’ve got yourself a killer bio.

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