Do People Still Blog?

By Ian | Blogging

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The certainty of blogging became blurred with the rising popularity of videos and podcasts. One question remains: do people still blog?

In other words, do people still see blogs as a good business investment? Has video content taken over the internet marketing world, therefore decimating the world of blogging?

The answer is a resounding NO. Blogging remains one of the best internet marketing strategies out there.

WordPress reported that there are 70 million new posts published every month. More and more people these days are starting blogs, with over 409 million people viewing more than 20 billion pages of content each month.

Statista predicts that the number of U.S. bloggers will grow to 31.7 million by the end of 2020. This number has grown a lot compared to the number of active bloggers in 2015, which is 28.3 million (and this is in the U.S. alone).

Gone are the days of plain-text blogs – these days, blogs are unrecognizable from their original roots. Websites like The Huffington Post and SB Nation are examples of how much blogs have evolved over the years.

So, is blogging still relevant with the growing popularity of video and podcast content? Absolutely! People are still blogging, and it’s as relevant as ever.

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