How Do You Write a Welcome Blog Post?

By Ian | Blogging

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A welcome blog post is one of the first articles you’ll publish on your blog. It sets expectations for your visitors as you publish posts regularly.

Not only does the welcome blog post help you outline what your blog will and won’t address, it allows you to collect your thoughts so your blog isn’t all over the content map.

Think of it this way: how credible do you consider a blog on health and lifestyle to be if one post is about pet grooming and another is about photography?

Ultimately, with a welcome post you’re creating an environment that truly welcomes visitors to your blog and establishing your place in the industry.

Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

As a blogger, everything you publish should serve a purpose. If you publish a post that wasn’t well thought out and doesn’t have a clear purpose, then you’re wasting time and resources.

You want your visitors to convert — and a CTA will help you reach that objective.

A CTA on a welcome blog post should direct visitors to subscribe to an email list or to the “About Me” page. You could also opt to point visitors to a post that’s closely related to the one they’ve just read.

Talk About Yourself

A welcome blog post gives you an excuse to talk about yourself, and people will be interested to know more about the person behind the blog. 

Include a brief outline of who you are that’s not already included in your “About Me” page. Go into detail about what you’ve achieved and why you’re qualified to talk about the things you’re going to write about. 

This is your chance to build credibility and establish rapport.

Discuss Why You Started a Blog

Inspire visitors with your purpose behind starting a blog. This helps visitors relate to you and may even inspire them to start a blog of their own! Inspiring people adds value to their lives.

Give Your Audience a Heads Up

Inform visitors what type of content to expect from you. Why? It’ll increase your chances to convert them. Visitor’s are more likely to subscribe to an email list if they know what type of content to expect in the future.

Be clear on what your niche is. Don’t beat around the bush.

Keep It High-Quality

Your welcome blog post should be treated like any other post you’re planning to write. It should be optimized, researched, and well-thought out. Plan it out, but don’t overthink it. The last thing you want is to fall into analysis paralysis.

Remember, as a blogger, always aim to add value to your reader’s life, and there’s no better way to do it than to create a high-quality piece of content. 

High-quality content results in loyal subscribers. It encourages conversions because people get something from it in return, and you want to keep it that way for the rest of your blog’s lifespan.


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