What is the Average Length of a Blog Post?

By Ian | Blogging

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How long should blog posts be? It would seem that longer content produces higher search engine rankings. However, Google doesn’t decide a page’s ranking by looking at its word count. 

Long-form content (i.e.,content with 2000+ words) provides more opportunities for SEO factors to work in the content’s favor. The longer the content, the more detailed it will be when tackling the subject-matter.

Of course, if a blog post prolongs its word count in an obvious way, such as adding pointless fluff, it most certainly won’t rank and will most definitely put visitors off. 

So why does long-form content fare better when it comes to ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)?

More Opportunity for Backlinks

The more you discuss a subject, the more your credibility about it builds. Long-form content is an information gold mine. Other websites will notice this, too. If your article is as credible as you want it to be, then other bloggers will link to it.  

Focus Keywords Will Appear More Often

The longer your content is, the more clues Google has to determine what your content is about. Of course, the more you talk about a certain topic, the more often your main keyword will appear. 

This is not an excuse for keyword stuffing, though! 

Optimize your blog posts naturally. I cannot emphasize this enough. If you’re writing in a natural way (in other words, without forcing it), your focus keyword will pop up naturally throughout the text (Google also picks up on synonyms and related keyphrases). 

In longer posts, there’s more space for headings, links, and images, in which you can also mention your keyword. More content means more on-topic, high-quality information.

Long-form content can help you rank for multiple long-tail variants of the keyphrase you’ve optimized your text for. That’s because in a lengthy text you address various topics. Your posts, especially those that take a deep-dive into subtopics, will have a chance to turn up in search results for the long-tail variants of your keyphrase.

You Provide More Value

Most bloggers share the same goal: to add value to their audience’s lives. The best way to do that is by creating high-quality content.

Don’t forcefully stuff your content with gibberish in an attempt to ramp up the word count. This practice is incredibly frowned upon, and Google WILL penalize your efforts.

Instead of focusing on trying to make your content longer, focus on creating valuable high-quality content and your word count will naturally get longer. 

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