Wealthy Affiliate Review: 10 Reasons to Join WA Today

Wealthy Affiliate Review: 10 Reasons to Join Wealthy Affiliate Today

By Ian | Positive Reviews

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I’ve reviewed close to 100 internet marketing products since March 2012, but written very few articles like this Wealthy Affiliate review. I’ve had the opportunity to promote products that would produce tens of thousands of dollars per month to my followers, but I knew those products would set my followers up for failure so I refused to do it. I’ve worked very hard to earn the trust of website visitors like you, so I don’t write this review lightly at all.

Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best internet marketing product I have ever seen for brand new internet marketers. You don’t have to take my word for it though, as I’ll paint a VERY clear picture as to what your journey with Wealthy Affiliate could look like if you decide to trust my recommendation and create a free account (more details on that in a bit).

This Wealthy Affiliate Review and Intermediate Marketers

Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome community and training product for aspiring internet entrepreneurs that don’t know how to build a WordPress site and are 100% brand new to this industry. There simply isn’t a better place for you online if that’s where you’re at in your journey.

BUT… if you’ve been at this for a while and are struggling to “break through”, or you have a budding website that you’re trying to get to the next level, Wealthy Affiliate probably isn’t the best place for you.

A better product and community for the “more experienced” readers finding this review is AffiliateU. It’s another affiliate training product and, by far, the best overall affiliate marketing training I’ve ever reviewed. It’s substantially more expensive though, and although it comes with a very strong guarantee that the publisher has an outstanding reputation for honoring, it’s not an option if you’re on a tight budget. Check out the Affiliate University review if you have a decent amount of experience under your belt.

Don’t Be a Stranger!

Before I really dig in here, I want to ask that you please leave a comment on this post or reach out to me directly at ian@stoppingscams.com if you have any questions at all. I run this site because I’m passionate about helping people get on their feet and establish their first internet business, so I answer all emails and comments personally.

Without further ado, here is how your life could begin changing if you decide join Wealthy Affiliate today:

1) Create a 100% Free Account Today – No Payment Info Required

Reason #1: Wealthy Affiliate has a 100% risk-free trialWealthy Affiliate is the ONLY internet marketing product I’ve seen that allows for a 100% risk-free trial in its truest form. This isn’t some, “We say it’s free then bill you automatically after seven days” trial, it’s 100% legitimate and you won’t ever get billed unless you decide to upgrade to premium (a process that’s impossible execute out accidentally).

You can keep your free membership at Wealthy Affiliate as long as you’d like – no strings attached. There’s no payment information required and you’ll get access to a MASSIVE amount of tools and training, some of which I’ll detail below.

Read Enough to Try It for Free? Sign up for a free account now (affiliate link) >>

2) Start Creating 1 of Your 2 Free Websites

Reason #2: Host two websites for free

Included in the free membership you’ll have just signed up for, you receive free hosting for two websites. Wealthy Affiliate has a VERY simple website setup process (see snippet above for example) where you can literally launch a brand new website in less that five clicks. Just select a few options, select your design, and click the “Build” button. Simple as that.

Note: As a free member you’re limited to two websites and can only use the SiteRubix subdomain (ex: http://YourSite.SiteRubix.com/), as a premium member you can host unlimited websites and you can use your own domain names. A few minutes into your free membership, after you’ve created your first free website, it’s time to dig into the training.

3) Dig Into the Up-to-Date, Legitimate Step-By-Step Training

Reason #3: Up-to-date, step-by-step trainingWith a Wealthy Affiliate free membership you’ll gain access to more training than most products you’ve paid for in the past. The problem with most training products in this industry is usually one of three things:

  1. They’re out of date
  2. They were never legitimate to begin with (total scam)
  3. They’re way too confusing and difficult to follow

Kyle (one of the co-founders at WA) records all of the core training himself and he’s SUPER easy to follow along with. On top of that, Wealthy Affiliate is the only product I’ve reviewed that updates their training as quickly as the search engines update and evolve (usually at least a few times a year).

This means that you’ll never follow lessons for weeks or months on end only to find out that everything was out-of-date and that’s why your website isn’t getting any traffic or producing any income.

Just the free course listed above (Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1) teaches you how to build a site, how to begin generating high-quality content, and how to begin optimizing your website’s content for rankings. That’s not even the full extent of the training you have access to with a free account, but it’s already more than many publishers charging $97 or more for their programs are delivering.

4) Drill-Down Into Any Topic You Want

Reason #4: The drill-down ability within the trainingLearning internet marketing can be very, very overwhelming at times.  You will likely find yourself lost, confused, and needing a little bit more detail from time-to-time no matter how good the training is. Wealthy Affiliate is no exception, but they set you up for success with the “Classrooms” section.

Say you got stuck finding a niche. You can go into the “Classrooms” section and read any number of question/answers within the community, focused training exclusively about that topic, video lessons, and so much more.

The same applies to any other difficulty you might encounter. Having trouble building your site? There are detailed lessons for that. Can’t figure out your site’s design? There’s detailed training already prepared and waiting for you. And you have access to a massive amount of this content even with your free membership.

5) Start Searching for Keywords

Reason #5: The free keyword research toolKeyword research tools can be really expensive, ranging from $50 to over $500. But with your free membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll have access to a free keyword tool that will satisfy every need you’ll have as you begin building out a profitable internet business.

Keyword research is essential to your success as an internet marketer, so any program that doesn’t direct you to use one in this industry is probably completely bogus. WA doesn’t just instruct you to use one, but they set you up for success with one starting with your free membership. No unnecessary upsells here, they just want to give you the greatest shot possible at success.

Don’t know what to look for in keywords? Don’t worry, that’s covered in great detail within Wealthy Affiliate’s training.

Read Enough to Try It for Free? Sign up for a free account now (affiliate link) >>

6) Start Interacting with the Incredibly Helpful, Like-Minded Community

Reason #6: An incredibly active, like-minded communityHave you ever found an internet marketing training product that had hundreds, if not thousands, of like-minded community members for you to interact with whenever you need help or moral support? I highly doubt it, and it’s usually one of my website followers’ favorite things about Wealthy Affiliate.

If you ever need help with something, even if it’s 2:00a.m. wherever you are, there’s an active community ready and willing to help at WA. There’s a question/answer section for A LOT of topics such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), website design, and so much more. There’s also a live chat area which is just an open chat room that’s always buzzing with activity.

Note: As a free member, you’ll be limited to the “Getting Started” and “WA Bootcamp” sections within the classroom. If you enjoy your free trial and choose to upgrade, you’ll receive access to many more.

7) Get Support from the Co-Founders (And Me!) When You Really Get Stuck

Reason #7: Direct support from the co-creatorsStuck on something and unable to get the help you need from the community, existing training/discussions, or searching the internet? No problem, this happens sometimes whenever you’re getting started in this industry.

Feel free to reach out to me directly, or you can even reach out to Kyle and/or Carson (the co-founders of the product) if you need additional help. How crazy is that?! It’s very, very rare that I see product publishers active within their own communities, let alone a community that has thousands of members like Wealthy Affiliate.

Don’t believe me? If you sign up for a free account, you’ll see them constantly interacting in the discussions and training. I have no idea how, but they always seem to keep up with everyone in need.

Still don’t believe me? Check out Kyle or Carson’s Wealthy Affiliate profile page. Scroll down and you can see that they answer almost all (if not all) questions posted to their profiles, usually within day or less.

8) Get Unlimited Content and Free Updates with Premium Membership

Reason #8: Almost unlimited content if you upgrade to premiumAfter you’ve created your free membership and had a few days to look around, you might agree that this is the best internet marketing product you’ve ever seen and decide to upgrade to premium.

If that’s the case, you’ll receive access to more training and lessons than you could possibly need to build out a successful internet business. You’ll also receive free web hosting for an unlimited amount of websites with your free membership, weekly live webinars where you can interact with the host and get live help, the ability to private message any Wealthy Affiliate member, unlimited communication abilities, and so much more.

It’s by far the best $49 you could possibly invest in yourself as an aspiring internet marketer, and if you decide to make the jump into premium then you’ll be blown away by how much more you gain access to. If you thought the free membership was great, wait until you see premium.

9) Exclusive Bonuses from StoppingScams.com

Reason #9: Exclusive bonuses from StoppingScams.comIf you found Wealthy Affiliate because of me, I want to provide as much extra information, guidance, and support as I possibly can to make sure you’re successful.

Within an hour after you join, you’ll receive a message from me loaded with extra pointers and inviting you to ask questions if you need help with anything. I also try to keep in very close contact with my referrals, so you might receive a message from me from time-to-time checking up on you and seeing if you need help with anything.

If you end up upgrading to premium within the first 7 days of creating your free account, you’ll also receive a really steep discount on your first month. You’ll pay $19 for your first month (as opposed to $49) and you’ll be billed $49 every month thereafter as long as you choose to keep your membership active.

Of course there is no obligations to go Premium and I want you to start off with a completely free Starter membership to realize the benefit of WA for yourself.

Canceling is very easy if you can’t keep your membership for whatever reason, they don’t give you a runaround or try to bully you into staying when you’re ready to leave.

But best of all, in addition to 1-on-1 support whenever you get stuck and a steep discount on your first month, my referrals get exclusive bonuses that are only available through this site. I really, really want you to be successful and over the past couple of years I’ve put together some awesome resources to ensure you have the best shot at success that’s possible.

So if you decide to join because of this site, I’ll make a very deliberate effort to take care of you and support you every way I know how, and these bonuses are just the start of that.

10) You Could Be Wealthy Affiliate’s Next Success Story

Reason #10: You could be their next success story.Whether it’s making it to your first few $250 commission days like the image above, or whether it’s your first $2.80, you could be the next person sharing a success story within the Wealthy Affiliate community. Here are just a handful of the successes that are shared almost daily within the Wealthy Affiliate community:

Some of these commissions are pretty good-sized, and others are just the first few pennies these people have ever earned online. Everyone has to start somewhere, but more importantly – have you ever signed up for an affiliate program that even made you $0.05?

If not, I think Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible place to start, and you can get started for free today. A few days from now you might have completed as many as nine of the steps above, and be well on your way to #10.

Create Your Free Account Today >> Sign up for a free account now (affiliate link) >>

About the Author

I've been in internet marketing for over 10 years, and I've purchased dozens of illegitimate products for the sole purpose of evaluating them and exposing the truth about these products to anyone who's thinking about purchasing it. I never let money influence my rating of a product and your success/safety is my absolute highest priority. Don't want to buy a product? Register for one of my 100% free internet marketing training courses>>

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(66) comments

Craig July 18, 2014

Good honest review, I like the sound of this program and what it has to offer. I like how you are able to get help whenever you need it, and that’s a bonus in my book. Half the programs online today as you say, offer training that is so far out of date it’s not funny. To be successful online these days, you have to stay current and up to date.

    Ian July 18, 2014

    You’re absolutely right, Craig! Thanks for taking the time to read over it and leave a comment, I really appreciate it! Let me know if I can ever help you with anything IM related.

Steen Rasmussen July 25, 2014

The best thing I ever did was take the 7 day free trial to check all of it out. Day 2 I found myself totally overwhelmed with info. So I finished my trial and signed up. And I haven’t looked back since.

balaji July 31, 2014

Hi Ian,
I tried to sign up but There is no free account. Is restricted to specific country?

    Ian July 31, 2014

    Hello Balaji, yes – unfortunately certain geographical areas (India, regions of Africa) were blocked due to the large amount of abuse within the community from within those countries.

Kyle August 7, 2014

Thanks for the positive review Ian! If there is one thing that remains a constant within the world of business is the fact that people doubt their natural abilities. The is room for all of us to create success within the online world within ANY niche or interest we are passionate about.

I encourage anyone that is interested in taking their interest or passion and turning it into a full fledge business to at least give the Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate to try. Not only will I be there to help you if you ever get stuck, you have a community of support there rooting for your success (and it is free to get rolling).

Thanks again for your ongoing encouragement Ian and for your diligent efforts to keep the “opportunity” crowd free from the many of scams that exist out there.

    Ian August 11, 2014

    Thanks a lot for stopping by and joining the conversation Kyle! Keep doing great things over there at Wealthy Affiliate and I’m sure I’ll continue to see you around the community. Thanks for all that you do!

      Kyle August 22, 2014

      No problem Ian, my pleasure!

Sean December 21, 2014

Hi Ian,

This all sounds great however I’m not sure I am 100% clear on the business model that you are teaching to your clients. Is the ultimate goal to create an eCommerce site or an Affiliate brand with a website to drive traffic towards?

    Ian December 22, 2014

    Hey Sean, ultimately it could be either. The strategies WA teaches can be used for both, although they apply more traditionally to building affiliate sites and driving traffic to them.

Eileen December 30, 2014

Hi Ian,
I wanted to see your review of Wealthy Affiliate. It was very informative.
Thank you and keep up this great service.

    Ian December 31, 2014

    No problem at all, Eileen! I’m very happy that you found it useful. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

Clen February 17, 2015

Hi Ian,

I see a lot of great reviews about Wealthy Affiliate. But I’m not sure if I can believe them all. Just like yours, you are clearly an affiliate of the network yourself. Are you being really honest here, is WA really that great?


    Ian February 17, 2015

    If you’re a beginner to intermediate level internet marketer, absolutely. If you’re already making a part-time or full-time living in internet marketing, it’s probably not going to be the product for you. I understand your skepticism (I’m a very skeptical person myself) but you can get a real “feel” for WA by just signing up for their free starter membership. It’s going to be fairly restrictive and you’re only going to have access to a small percentage of the training, but it’ll give you a very clear idea of whether or not WA is a fit for you. I’ve purchased and reviewed dozens of products in this industry over the past three years and although WA isn’t perfect, it’s leaps and bounds ahead of anything else I’ve reviewed. My opinion is never influenced by commission size and I don’t accept payments for positive reviews – my #1 priority is to give people honest information in an industry packed with scammers, so I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t 100% believe it were true.

Deanna Martin July 18, 2015

Hi Ian, Love your site. So much information. I joined WA a few months ago and am a premium member and I love it.I am doing the WA boot camp. My technical skills are not that great, but I’m learning and enjoying it a lot.

    Ian July 19, 2015

    I’m really happy to hear that you’re enjoying it, Deanna! You might check out a related post I have about new internet marketers following WA Bootcamp, though!

luis July 30, 2015


Is the free website option in, wealthy affiliate , is okay to check out possibilities how the page starts to rank.Or you suggest to go and get bare minimum a cheap hosting and not to meddle with their option.

Have you tried it yourself or any of people you know used it?
My consern is that if you build site out in there and wen you see all works .. starts to bring in money and you then finally have funds to get real thing… tht you need to redo it all and i do not like redirects etc.

    Ian July 31, 2015

    No worries about redirects, etc… WA is just like any other shared hosting you’d sign up for, except with the free membership you’ll only be able to use subdomains instead of your own domain name. The free membership isn’t really meant to be used to get sites ranked and start generating income – subdomains typically don’t rank very well at all in today’s search climate. The free membership is more for getting a feel for the product, training, and community you’ll get access to if you decide to upgrade. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

Guy September 4, 2015

Hi, i’ve been a member of WA during a year, reaching a top 20 place in the Ambassador “race”. I did appreciate the courses, but the sectarian attitude of some members didn’t please me at all. So, 100 for the courses but zero points for the community.

    Ian September 4, 2015

    Hey Guy, could you elaborate on what you experienced within the community that turned you off so badly? I’d like anyone seeing your post to know specifics, that way they’re sure to avoid the product if what you’ve described is a deal breaker for them. Thank you!

Bob Zeiss September 25, 2015

Although I am familiar with building sites and a lot of what that entails I am looking to now start a new business online and wanted to start from scratch. I came across Trafficblackbook and thought I really needed an honest review before diving in. I am glad I did because your site seems to be what I need as a starting point.

I like your clear “no nonsense” style as this is what I would like to emulate.

I will scour your site to find help on how I should proceed and I will follow the training courses step by step. Maybe even sign up for the affiliate programs.

Congratulations on your site, I like it a lot.


Bob Z

    Ian September 26, 2015

    Thanks a lot, Bob! I’m glad I could help. Feel free to reach out to me directly if I can help you with anything else down the road.

      Bob Zeiss September 27, 2015

      i hope that over the next few weeks I will be able to make a solid start to my online business. With your help of course.

      Bob Z

        Ian September 28, 2015

        I’m happy to help however I can, Bob!

Rick November 30, 2015

Hi Ian,
I have made the decision to join Wealthy Affiliate after reading your post here and a few of other reviews found on the internet. Your post is the one that made me decided to join WA. I go straight to Premium because of Black Friday Special. I hope I can be successful online like you guys. I am from Malaysia, a South East Asian country very far away from US and I hope I can make money online and earn USD$. Do you think I will be less successful or will face a lot of difficulties due to that I am from Malaysia? Does this matters? I can tell you frankly that I am really a hardworking person because I know I am not a smart or talented person. I strongly believe hard work and practice makes man perfect. That’s all from me. I hope to meet you, Kyle and others in this community in the future. 🙂

    Ian November 30, 2015

    Hey Rick! That shouldn’t factor into your success at all. If you were from, say, Nigeria, you might have some issues receiving payment from affiliate programs. But your geographical location doesn’t have any impact on your success in this industry, which is why there’s a strong culture of travel amongst successful internet marketers. One of my close friends in this industry lives in Taiwan and is originally from the UK.

    So, needless to say that shouldn’t be an issue! Make sure to forward your receipt to me from your Black Friday purchase (ian@stoppingscams.com) – I have a really good bonus this year.

Siddiq December 16, 2015

I am a student. I have a goal of making about $100,000-$200,000(+)/year within the next 2/3 years with multiple income streams. I am considering joining WA. But I have some Questions.

1. How can I find out in WA which niches are profitable, if I join WA?

2. There are many different niches; from your knowledge, how many niches(if more than 1) should one person have to provide others with eye catching websites with solid and valuable information make a comfortable living(6 figure) as there are abundance of overwhelming information?

3. Out of curiosity, how many hours a week would you recommend doing WA to have some income(Say maybe $1000/per month?), within 3 to 6 months?

4. Can I incorporate as many languages as I want in all of my websites? Like if my website is in English, the visitors can scroll up or down the Language section to choose to see the website in any language they prefer?


    Ian December 17, 2015

    Hey Siddiq:

    1) This is taught in the course.

    2) You can do this with one website, or you can do it with 10+. It depends on the niches you pick and how well you execute.

    3) Within 3 to 6 months is steep. Set your sites at around 12-18 following the strategies taught at WA. Some will see results before that, but I’d say that’s a good average for the people that DO get to that level of income. And I’d say at least 10 hours/week.

    4) Yes – that’s totally acceptable.

Kimberly December 21, 2015

Hey Ian–I’m already a WA Premium Member, and I’m just about to get started in earnest. Just wanted to tell you that I really like your website, and I also appreciate your response to Siddiq–he asked some of the questions I’ve had myself. It gives me a LOT of hope. Thanks again!

    Ian December 22, 2015

    No problem at all, Kimberly! I’m glad you found it helpful, either way 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read this review and leave a comment! Best of luck to you as you work to grow your business in 2016.

Tomas Bishop April 20, 2016

People rather chase up after get rich quick opportunities then actually spend money on something that teaches them!

Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. It’s not those opportunities your probably use to that promise thousands without any effort. I’ve been through just about every internet scam there is it feels like and there is a lot of them. There is so many scams on the internet and very little legit business. I suggest that you guys give wealthy affiliate a try or you’ll have a hard time making it online, trust me. I just only learned a couple of months ago how to make money online and it took me years to get where I am at now. Wealthy Affiliate showed me the way and it can show you as well

samuel May 2, 2016

Am a nigerian a. And also a member of WA but I have a problem, I can’t b com a premium member cos nigeria is not amongst the listed countrÌes in the opÞion. Pls I need help

    Ian May 2, 2016

    I’ve been told by Kyle in the past that you should just select a different country on the list. If that doesn’t work, email Kyle directly.

Hector Olivera July 28, 2016

Hello Ian,

I used to be a memb er of Wealthy Affiliate but never made any pages or anything else and eventually canceled.

Can I join again under your aegis?

I’ll appreciate your response.

Hector Olivera

    Ian July 28, 2016

    Hey Hector! You might have to use a different email address than you used previously, but yes – you should be able to.

Vanessa August 28, 2016

Hello, I’m in the process of seeking out a place to start my first online store and considering shopify, can I sell my products on WA like I would on shopify or is it just affiliate marketing?
I’m not internet savvy and I’m really taking a leap of faith here lol any extra recommendations would be sincerely appreciated


    Ian August 29, 2016

    There’s marketing training in WA that would be very helpful for building an eCommerce store (you’d just promote your own products instead of other peoples’ for affiliate commissions), and you can setup a store on WooCommerce, which is as close as you get to Shopify on the WP platform. I’ve used both and I prefer Shopify if deploying quickly is important to you, but WooCommerce is a great, much cheaper solution as well.

    So long story short: Yes, WA’s training is still applicable, and there’s a way to launch an eCommerce store on the sites you host there (WooCommerce). I hope that helps, Vanessa!

Kevin September 14, 2016

Hi Ian!

I want to ask something. Can we use WA to learn about ecommerce? because i’m more interested in doing ecommerce business compared to affiliate. But I think it would be great to use both at the same time?


    Ian September 15, 2016

    Yes, the methods they teach at WA will also work for promoting an eCom store.

      Kevin September 20, 2016

      I also want to ask this, i used to be a WA member back in the early 2016 but i havent upgrade to premium and have been inactive for about 6 months.

      Is it possible to make a new account using different email?

        Ian September 20, 2016

        Yes, it’s possible. But you need to sign up with a new email address that’s not in their system, and use a computer with an IP address that’s not in their system (they track IP addresses for each account to prevent abuse, so if your IP address is tied to a different account when you’re trying to sign up, it won’t work). I hope that helps!

Nicholas Ellis September 22, 2016

Hey Ian, I found your article about Source University and it brought me here since I am a beginner. I have a few questions, first off I looked at WA and it seems like they are teaching you to build websites for affiliate marketing. I was searching for courses about local client SEO so do you have any recommendations? Would Source University be a better choice? I would prefer to learn and start online business through local client SEO.


    Ian September 22, 2016

    Hey Nick, if that’s the path you’re most interested in, the best product would be Stephen Floyd’s Bulletproof SEO. But it’s much more expensive than Source University, as it covers a lot more material with much greater detail. So if the cost is prohibitive, Source U is a decent place to start with client SEO in mind.

    I wouldn’t recommend WA for client SEO, to be completely frank. Could it be used? Yes, but Stephen’s methods are much better for that purpose, and Alex’s are decent too. I hope that helps!

Gopika November 9, 2016

Hello Ian. Thanks for your easy explanation.
Im a completely begginer and I want to start my WA account.
My mother tounge is spanish so I guess for me it will be better to write my websites in spanish. But Im wondering if spanish webs are less comercial than english ones (they sell less).
Would you recommend to start in english even my writting is not the best?

    Ian November 9, 2016

    Both are valid paths to success. There are plenty of affiliate offers for Spanish-speaking countries, so I’d recommend starting there as you aim to learn the process and build your first site.

Obinna November 25, 2016

Good day Ian,
please i am from Nigeria,recently left my salaried job and looking to start an online business.How do i go about seeing from your comment above,we can not register for the free for a start.

Pls help

    Ian November 25, 2016

    Hey Obinna – drop me a line at ian@stoppingscams.com.

dominic January 11, 2017

Hi Ian,

I found your site when I checked a review of one of the list building courses and I feel you are honest and really want to help people succeed in IM. I signed up for your free course.

What is the best course I should take if I want to sell/market a health supplement? Is it WA or the two others you recommend in your website? Because I’ve seen a product that has helped people with their health concerns and which I sold traditionally (warm market) thru network marketing. I now want to learn how to sell this product online to help more people, without leading with the opportunity-just the product (I was attracted to this product because of its effectiveness in the first place. It just so happened that it was marketed via MLM).

Thank you very much in advance for your advice.

    Ian January 11, 2017

    Hey Dominic! Wealthy Affiliate or AffiliateU (much more expensive, but review can be found here) would be the two programs that I think would be most helpful given what you’ve said here.

John Trapani January 23, 2017

Hi Ian,

I found wealthy affiliate through your site and eventually upgraded to premium. I hope you received credit for that as my upgrade was some time after becoming a free member.

I appreciate the numerous times you reached out. You are a man of your word.

WA is a great community… I’m considering hiring someone to build out an affiliate site to get me jump-started.

All the best,