Simple Local Lead Generation System Review: A Great Product!

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Simple Local Lead Generation System Review

What’s Up Ya Internet Marketing Fanatics!

Man… I’ve got a bit of a treat for you guys; this is the first ever internet marketing product I’ve reviewed that’s actually worthy of your guys time and money! I was having a bit of a slow day (I’m writing this review a tad sick and without my cuppa coffee), and all of a sudden, this internet marketing gem decided to drop right into my lap!

Today, I’ll be reviewing Simple Local Lead Generation System by Mike Cooch. Mike has made a couple of bold  internet marketing claims on his sales page; Mike says that his product will teach you how to obtain leads for businesses, and that “Selling Leads Is One Of The EASIEST Things You Can Possibly Sell A Client!” He says that you’ll be able to start earning revenue almost immediately, and he’ll give you an over-the-shoulder look at how he does so.

No clickbaity sale claims on this page; generally, you’ll hear things such as “make money online within 24 hours – no prior experience required and almost no effort setting up this autopilot cash system!” Always good seeing a sales page with honest, straightforward, and no fluff claims. In this review, I’m going to show you exactly why Mike Cooch’s product gets a thumbs up from ya boy Danyon, and why it’s something that you should definitely stop and take a close look at.

Simple Local Lead Generation System Review Featured Image

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Simple Local Lead Generation System Review In 15 Seconds Or Less

Alrighty, guys and gals, if you’re looking to start a local lead generation business (a business where you connect a local business with leads, duh), then this is definitely a product for you. There are a few missing elements such as how to specifically find local clients to work with and the intricate details about setting up Facebook Advertising campaigns, but the meat and potatoes are here. The quality of the information presented is top notch (I’m not sure if you guys and gals use that word in the States, but it’s pretty much New Zealand slang for “amazing”), there’s no fluff included whatsoever, and there were even a few times when I myself had a few “aha” moments, where Mike Cooch showed me a few tricks of the trade that I was completely unaware of.

This product is definitely worth your time and money.

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A Couple Of Things To Note Before We Get Started…

Like I said, Mike Cooch doesn’t show the exact process to finding businesses to work with, or every single little step required to set up a Facebook Ad Campaign; you’re going to have to use a bit of initiative and a bit more solo research coming from your part. But, if you’re willing to look up a few free guides on Youtube and Google on getting started with Facebook Ads, and do some solo research on local businesses that can become your clients, I can see you making some good dosh from a business like this. It just requires a bit of your time, effort, and initiative.

Some Upsells To Begin With

There were two upsells in total following the purchase of Simple Local Lead Generation System. It seemed to be a few templates for you to follow from Mike Cooch himself and a membership group that gives you access to more training and other bonuses.

Simple Local Lead Generation System Upsell 1

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Simple Local Lead Generation System Upsell 2

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I’ve always thought that membership groups were a worthy investment; it’s just always good to surround yourself with people on the same journey as you, and if you get some extra training and access to the big man himself, then that’s just more reason to do so! Ultimately, it’s your choice, though. If you can’t be bothered with any of the upsells, just skip them all, and you’ll be taken to a membership site that looks a little something like this.

Simple Local Lead Generation System Membership Site 1

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Simple Local Lead Generation System Membership Site 2

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Keep in mind that at this point, I’m already in the mood of “damn, this is just going to be another product that I’m going to have to decimate, except, in this case, it costs $97 rather than the average $37.”

But once I dove into the training, I was completely blown away by Michael’s product, and for a good reason…

The Layout Of The Training Is Impeccable

The training is presented in video format, and Mike is extremely good at presenting the information in a straightforward, no-fluff fashion. Sometimes, he’ll be on camera, talking about the overview of the program, what you’re going to learn, and all that other jazz.

Simple Local Lead Generation Video 1

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And other times, he’s got himself speaking over some slides and explaining the concepts. Check out this screenshot of the principles he teaches, and how every one of it relates to your local lead generation business.

Simple Local Lead Generation Content

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His way of teaching is a breath of fresh air, and it’s for one particular reason…

He’s Got “It”

I couldn’t really put it into words. You know when someone’s just got “it”? It’s just that intangible factor that you can tell has been cultivated over years of trial and error until they’ve finally perfected their craft. It’s like watching The Lion King for your first time – the whole essence of the movie including the story, the development of the characters and their own personality traits, the good versus bad theme, the emotional pain points of Simba losing Mufasa, the feeling of triumph as Simba beats Scar at the end (with the help of the hyenas, of course).

That’s the exact feeling that I had when watching this guys material. You can tell that every word he speaks comes from years of internet marketing experience.

But it’s not just enough for me to say it, let me show you a few points as to why I know this guy’s the real deal. First off, the model that he advocates is similar to the business model that top-level marketing guru Jay Abrahams advocates which is to get paid for the results that you bring to your clients.

Simple Local Lead Generation System Business Model

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He says that instead of charging a flat fee to your clients for your lead generation skills, you should negotiate a deal with them that you get paid per lead you generate. This is great for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s a win-win situation. Not only do you put your money where your mouth is which shows honesty/integrity to your clients, but you also put no risk for your clients which entices them to want to work with you.
  2. You get paid for the effort you put in, which means that it’s scaleable. If you were to pay a flat fee, you’d get paid the same amount of money no matter how many leads you bring in. In this business model, your income is only dependant on the amount of work you do, which leaves it uncapped.
  3. You’re using your own real estate (budget for advertising, landing page, facebook ads). This way, you’re setting up your own real estate, you’re investing in your own methods and training, and you can replicate this to all your clients that you decide to work with.

He also gives criteria for what’s considered to be a profitable market, as well as examples that work quite well with the type of business you’re going to be starting.

Simple Local Lead Generation Criteria

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Simple Local Lead Generation Examples

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When someone can explain not only the how but the why of a particular subject, you can guarantee that that person has the experience to come along with that wealth of knowledge. When Mike teaches, you can just tell that he’s someone who’s been through the journey, become successful, and has got “it.”

Mike Cooch Is Extremely Honest

Another reason why I thought this product would be worthy to you guys is because Mike is extremely honest in his training. He even says in the introduction video a few points of honesty that 99% of other internet marketing products leave out; he says that this is going to require a lot of work, effort, and you’re probably going to screw up a bit in the beginning (which is part of the process – I’m amazed at how many people try something new and get angry when they don’t get the results that they saw the experienced master has).

Simple Local Lead Generation Honest 1

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He also shows the inside scoop on his case study that he’s running with this business, and he even specifically says in the video something along the lines of “to be completely honest, these numbers are pretty bad. But we’ve only just launched the ad campaign, so we’re going to do some tweaking and get this bad boy up, running, and successful.”

Simple Local Lead Generation Honest 2

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Simple Local Lead Generation Honest 3

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Which leads me on to my next point about the product…

The Case Study Is In-Depth As Hell

Mike runs you through a case study that he’s working on at the moment; he’s getting some leads for a chiropractor in Denver. In this case study, he shows you the exact numbers of his Facebook Ad campaign (both good and bad numbers), he shows you the landing page that he uses, the reasons why some of his ad campaigns weren’t successful, what he does to tweak them to make them successful, and much more.

Simple Local Lead Generation Case Study 1

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Simple Local Lead Generation Case Study 2

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Simple Local Lead Generation Case Study 3

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Simple Local Lead Generation Case Study 4

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Saying the concepts is one thing… Saying things like:

  • Find a profitable market
  • Find businesses within that market that requires leads
  • Set up a Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Split Test Your Ad
  • Scale The Successful Ads

Writing out those concepts is COMPLETELY different from seeing it in action, which is what Mike Cooch teaches in his Simple Local Generation System. He’s also included a bunch of updates to show you what’s working as time goes by, and for that reason, I can comfortably recommend this product to you guys. Mike Cooch has the theory along with the practical information to go along with it and really cement the ideas into the viewers head.

Other Tidbits Of Information

I thought I’d just add a few points about Simple Local Lead Generation System to wrap everything up:

  • Mike Cooch gives off the “you have to work hard” vibes. If you’re not willing to put in any effort, then this product isn’t for you.
  • Mike has also written a few articles over at Entrepreneur which adds to his legitimacy because I’m 99% sure Entrepreneur wouldn’t be working with any crappy, scammy internet marketers.
  • The product costs $97 which is pretty expensive. However, if a local lead generator business is the type of business you’re wanting to start, the investment is well worth it.
  • Mike advocates using your own real estate (lists, websites, etc.) to bring in the leads. He pushes a product called Click Funnels which I’ve heard of before; I did a bit of research around it, and it’s also something that’s worth the investment if you’re going to start a lead gen business.

And that’s it!

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Final Rating: A-

The only reason why I’m not giving this an A+ is because it doesn’t dive into the tiny, intricate details about how to set up a Facebook Ad Campaign; you’ve gotta do a bit of work yourself to sort that part out, and also to find clients to work with and start collecting leads for them. But ultimately, Michael Cooch’s Simple Local Lead Gen System is a really great internet marketing training product that’s being taught by a guy who knows what he’s actually talking about.

This product is definitely worth your time and money.

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Here’s to your internet marketing success! Catch ya later Internet Marketing Fanatics!

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