Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Cert. vs WA Bootcamp

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Cert. vs WA Bootcamp

By Ian | Internet Marketing Advice

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I’ve noticed a trend in my comments and emails lately regarding the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

It seems that people increasingly believe that the only thing Wealthy Affiliate does is teach you to bash other products in order to promote their premium membership (which is partially true, but not entirely – I’ll explain in detail below). I’ve had fellow affiliates for WA reach out and tell me they’re no longer going to promote the product because they think it’s headed in the wrong direction thanks to Bootcamp.

I’ve also been spending more and more of my time encouraging my followers to NOT promote Wealthy Affiliate, and instead build a site based around a passion, interest, or expertise they have (as overwhelming as that can seem right now). All of their training is very powerful if you know how to use it, and all of it can play a role in your success online as long as you have the right roadmap.

This post is designed to explain who I recommend WA Bootcamp for, who I recommend Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Certification for, and what you can potentially expect following either of those paths. By the end of this article, you should have a very clear idea of which path is best for you.

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Full Disclosure: WA Bootcamp Is My #1 Complaint at Wealthy Affiliate

WA is still the #1 best product I’ve reviewed for beginners out of 150+ products, but it’s not perfect. WA Bootcamp is its biggest flaw in my opinion. It was a great opportunity when Kyle initially began teaching it, but an incredible amount of competition is increasingly making it difficult for beginners to succeed with.

WA Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 1 Overview

Phase 1 Overview – Click to zoom

I started an internet marketing review site about a year before WA Bootcamp was launched. There wasn’t a lot of competition at that time (maybe 2-3 authority sites) and it was something I’d thought about for years as I pursued other affiliate marketing projects. I finally took the leap, built the site, and was able to get it established fairly quickly.

That’s far from possible these days.

I’ll go into great detail later in this post, but due to many factors working against new internet marketers, the internet marketing review niche is extremely tough to succeed in. Wealthy Affiliate’s training is good, but in this particular case, a lot more factors into the situation than how good the training is.

Picking a Niche Can Be REALLY Difficult

When you’re new to internet/affiliate marketing, I’m not sure there’s anything more confusing, intimidating, and stressful than picking a niche. It’s a big decision, and it influences your internet business for at least the next several months significantly. That’s why a lot of people default to Bootcamp – it’s kind of handed to them on a platter in one of the most frustrating stages of becoming an internet marketer.

how to pick a niche training

Don’t default to WA Affiliate Bootcamp just because you’re overwhelmed by picking a niche. This could end up being a fatal flaw that derails your otherwise successful online business. It’s tough, I know, but stick it out – you’ll be much more successful and profitable in the long run for it.

Your most likely path to success in internet or affiliate marketing is pursuing the niche you can help the most people in. The more people you help, the more successful you’ll be and the more money you’ll make over time.

I know it’s hard to take money out of the decision-making process, but it’s an important thing to do at this stage. You can make money from virtually any niche in this industry. Instead, focus on picking the niche that balances how many people you’ll be able to help with a topic you’re really interested in. You’ll be producing content for this site for months, if not years, to come – it better not be something you don’t understand well or have zero interest in.

bricks of money

How much is your opinion worth?

Your financial worth is directly tied to how much value you bring to the world. The more people you help, the larger market you serve, and the more money you’ll make. If you’ve never worked on a car a day in your life, how can you build a successful niche site that competes against professional mechanics? If you’ve never turned a wooden pen or heard of a lathe, how do you expect to compete against people like me in the pen turning niche?

Similarly, if you’ve never made a living online, it’s probably a bad idea to enter a niche where people will look to you for training and direction on how they can make a living from an internet business.

Pick a niche that plays to your strengths. Later, after that’s successful thanks to WA’s training, you’ll have an incredible amount of value to offer people researching the product.

If Choosing Bootcamp, Know What You’re Getting Yourself Into

As I’ve already mentioned, the internet marketing product review space is extraordinarily competitive, and it’s only getting fiercer with the dozens of new WA Bootcampers entering the niche each month. There’s still plenty of room for more authority sites, but it’s a tough road to get there. If you’re planning on promoting WA through WA Affiliate Bootcamp, you should know what the road ahead looks like.

a long desert road

The road ahead for Bootcampers

Since there’s a lot of competition, you’ll likely need to post a minimum of 2-3 times per week for at least 6-8 months without seeing many positive indicators at all. That might get you up to about 30-50 visitors per day unless you catch an unforeseen lucky break.

Once you begin getting comments and emails, you’ll have a lot of people asking for advice and feedback on their sites. How does it look? Will it make money? What should they change or do differently if they want to be successful?

These are just a handful of the most common questions I get asked, and they get much more complex too (ranging from paid advertising to email marketing to analytics and beyond). I’ve had multiple people reach out to me for help after pursuing Bootcamp because they didn’t know how to properly support and guide their referrals.

Alternatively, if you enter a different niche based on a passion, interest, or expertise you have, you’ll be much less likely to burn out (writing internet marketing product reviews week in and week out isn’t an easy grind) and you’ll truly be able to help the people that reach out to you upon finding your site.

What I Personally Recommend to My Referrals

Wealthy Affiliate is packed with incredible training, which is why I still recommend the product despite my feelings towards WA Bootcamp. A Starter (free) or Premium ($47 monthly) membership at Wealthy Affiliate is still very valuable – you just need to know how to leverage the training correctly.

Instead of building an internet marketing product review site, there are two paths you can take that are much lower competition in most cases and have a much higher chance of success:

1) Picking a Niche Based on Passion, Interest, or Expertise

Where to find the right training within Wealthy Affiliate

Click to zoom

I’ve spent a lot of this review emphasizing this as the best path to take, and you can find the training for it by clicking the “Get Started Here” button towards the top of Wealthy Affiliate’s left navigation panel. That’ll take you to Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Certification.

It can be intimidating to pick your own niche, but if I’m the person that referred you to WA don’t hesitate to run your ideas past me and get some feedback. I’m much better at picking niches now than I was for the first 2-3 years I was doing this, mainly due to the fact that I picked so many bad ones early on.

2) Use the WA Affiliate Bootcamp Training, but Not for Promoting WA

The WA Affiliate Bootcamp training is really, really good. I’ve had many referrals follow it with a lot of success, but no one that I’ve personally referred has used it to promote WA with much success. There are a couple of people making $100-$200/month after building their site for about a year, and I want you to be much more successful than that if you put that much time into building your business.

The people that are most successful using WA’s Bootcamp training are taking the same business model (writing reviews) and applying it to much lower competition niches that they’re knowledgeable and passionate about. This is a great approach to breaking into this industry. You’re getting great training and a proven business model, but applying it to a niche with significantly less competition.

Your Success Is My #1 Concern

Above all else, I want your online business to be successful. What I’ve outlined above is the best possible way I can think to set you up for success within Wealthy Affiliate, and since it’s my #1 rated product for beginners, it’s the the best way I can set you up for success within internet/affiliate marketing overall.

If you’re willing to see it all of the way through, you can build an internet marketing product review site that’s bringing in a decent amount of income within 1 to 1.5 years (conservatively). It’ll take a lot of work and dozens of reviews, but it’s a proven niche that many people are succeeding in.

Alternatively, you can apply the business model to lower competition niches and start seeing results a lot faster in most cases, or you can follow WA’s Online Entrepreneur Certification to build a business around a passion or interest you have.

They’re all good options, but one road is significantly harder than the others. I’d recommend following WA’s Online Entrepreneur Certification or applying the review model to a different niche until you have at least one site making money. You’ll learn so much the first time around that you’ll significantly increase your chances of succeeding in such a competitive niche, and you’ll have an incredible amount of valuable information and insight to provide to your followers based on your own experiences.

Thanks for Reading – Let Me Know You Stopped By!

I hope you’ve found all of the information above helpful. I know it was detailed and possibly longwinded at times, but I can’t emphasize how important it is to me that I give you all of the right tools to succeed, and I think all of the information above is essential to your success at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’ve taken the time to read all of the way to the end here, please leave a comment below with your thoughts or questions. I’d love to know what’s on your mind.

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I've been in internet marketing for over 10 years, and I've purchased dozens of illegitimate products for the sole purpose of evaluating them and exposing the truth about these products to anyone who's thinking about purchasing it. I never let money influence my rating of a product and your success/safety is my absolute highest priority. Don't want to buy a product? Register for one of my 100% free internet marketing training courses>>

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Kathy March 10, 2015

Hi Ian, thank you for this very insightful information. I agree with everything you’ve said in regards to finding a niche that plays to your strengths. I’ve been struggling with my niche. Like most newbies who joined Wealthy Affiliate, I started with WA Bootcamp and was promoting network marketing. I like you believe in helping others.However it’s difficult to help others when you can’t help yourself? It’s like the blind leading the blind! :} The information you’ve provided really helped with my decision to find a niche that I’m more knowledgeable about. I don’t feel like I wasted anytime because I’ve learned so much and will simply apply the steps suggested by Kyle and(your advice) to promote something I’m interested in, passionate about and have the knowledge so I can truly help provide value to others. Thanks again! Kathy :}

    Ian March 11, 2015

    I’m so happy to hear that, Kathy! Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and experiences, and if I can help you with anything down the road (as always) feel free to reach out!

Amel March 12, 2015

Hi! I have to say, you scared me and at the same time, you opened my eyes. Thanks a lot. I think I found the best mentor to join WA. Again, thank a lot for all your unconditional support!

    Ian March 12, 2015

    Thank you for such a wonderful complement, Amel! Your success is the absolute most important thing to me, so if there’s anything I can help with as you work to build your online business don’t hesitate to reach out!

Adam March 13, 2015

Wow, this is just what I needed. I was going through the entrepreneur certification courses until I realized that my niche “health” was way too broad. Giving up on that niche I just decided to go with the bootcamp because the niche was already chosen for you. But how could I have been soo naive to think that I could help people make money online if I had never made any myself!? I love the idea of using the bootcamp business model for a less competitive niche that one actually has knowledge in.
What a great post Ian.
Thanks a lot for the insight, this has really cleared up a lot for me.
I just had one question.
If I am starting a new site, can I use content from my old site? If so how can I go about doing that?

    Ian March 16, 2015

    Hey Adam! No problem at all – I’m really glad you found it useful and that it resonated with where you’re at in your online business. Is the content from the old site penalized or tainted in any way? If not, you should be able to use it – just make sure you set everything up correctly as though you were transferring the site completely to a new domain name (at least for the content that you’re transferring). Here’s a really good tutorial on how to do that: http://moz.com/blog/seo-guide-how-to-properly-move-domains

Tim Burton March 14, 2015

Thank you Ian. This is a very good article and I will take the advice. If you’ve viewed my website, then you have probably guessed that I am going to market a Clickbank product. However, I don’t want to bash other products. I want to set up the Clickbank affiliation and their landing page for the product. I like the fact that WA orients the learning to tasks. I haven’t started the 2nd course and I may look at applying the information of promoting WA to promoting my choice Clickbank product.

    Ian March 16, 2015

    Let me know if I can help you with anything as you continue building your online business, Tim 🙂

Laura March 17, 2015

This was just what I needed to help me think straight. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with us, Ian.

    Ian March 19, 2015

    No problem at all, Laura! I’m very happy that I could help!

Jaime Zaldivar April 4, 2015

I stopped by…regards, Jaime

    Ian April 6, 2015

    Thanks for taking a sec to let me know, Jaime! Let me know if I can help with anything.

Rich April 15, 2015

Thanks for the info, Ian. Very good insight.

    Ian April 16, 2015

    No problem at all, Rich! I’m very glad you found it helpful.

Dori Sigurdson April 26, 2015

Ian, I like your style..I just happen to read your reviews a week or so ago starting with MOBE …. I did sign up with Wealthy Affiliate from your Post… By the way I may have usee my other email address [email removed for user’s privacy] …. I am starting the Niche training today but let me try to explain my point… We have been in the WordPress Web Site development & Digital Marketing for 4 years or so …I want very badly get into the affiliate market or Direct Sales Market to create a very residual income me be 65 and I want the wife, my partner to slow down and enjoy life…I thought that the Wealthy Affiliate might be a fine tool System to sell to our Business community for the $47 and build this up to 300-500-1000 sales.. .. also as I go through thee system (I may have seen) where we can use the systems for our selves as Training Systems for our local Businesses…We have done MasterMind / Training in the field of Social Media Courses but the $$ did not prove out I would like to stay in touch with you as time goes by I am starting on the Niche training …. If you find this Post worth it I would like to hear back from you. Dori

    Ian April 27, 2015

    Hey Dori, I think the training should apply very well to selling your own membership if that’s how you choose to leverage it and apply it to your business! It will take a great deal of consistent effort and persistence, though, in the niche you’re talking about. Expect at least a year of hard work before beginning to see it pay off.

Oscar April 28, 2015

Hi Ian,

As I mentioned before, I am so glad I came across your NMBSreviews videos. It has finally taken off the veil I refused to remove in my effort to succeed at IM. You are a great inspiration to all the people at WA and especially to your followers as is “yours truly”. I’ve been promoting clickbank products for a few years now with information from course, after course, after course and a few hundred…if not thousands of $$$ spent, and have all of 2 (two) sales under my belt (pretty depressing!). I knew that the potential was there, so I would go on with the next WSO or JVzoo product, I knew I just had to keep digging to uncover the secret. Now I’m convinced I found the recipe and it is at my finger tips, I just have to work at it. Thank you for your wisdom and honesty.

    Ian April 29, 2015

    Thank you for such a thoughtful and heartfelt comment, Oscar! I’m just glad that I was able to help keep you safe in this dog-eat-dog industry. If I can help with anything else down the road, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Joy May 1, 2015

Thanks Ian,
Looks like there is a lot of info everywhere. I’m glad to see there are people looking out for us newbies. Really appreciate your insights.


    Ian May 1, 2015

    No problem at all, Joy! I’m very happy to help. Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment 🙂

Helen May 6, 2015

Thank you for this post!
It is such a blessing to receive quality advice, especially when starting a brand new venture. It’s so reassuring to have came across you in the start of my affiliate marketing journey, I know that I am building the correct fundamental skills to this new business. Being a newbie there are bound to be hurdles but coming across people like you who dedicate their time to help to beginners get further, faster is really amazing!
I will begin implementing the strategies you have laid out here and start fresh with the Online Entrepreneur Certification.


    Ian May 7, 2015

    Hey Helen! I’m really glad you found the article to be helpful. If I can help with anything else down the road, don’t hesitate to reach out. Best of luck!

Werner May 7, 2015

I see that you’re a member (which makes you an affiliate) of Wealthy Affiliate.

    Ian May 7, 2015

    Yes, I’ve also be in internet marketing for over 10 years. I don’t NOT recommend promoting Wealthy Affiliate, I just think that new internet marketers should seriously evaluate whether they’re up for the challenge and interested enough in the niche to proceed. I’ve never made an investment in real estate investing, so I wouldn’t start a review site about real estate investment opportunities/programs. My content would be fairly low quality and not as in-depth compared to others in the industry. I think, given how saturated and competitive the market is (many authorities of which have been in internet marketing as long as I have, if not longer) it’s not as good of a fit for new internet marketers as picking a niche site they’re knowledgeable/passionate about and promoting Wealthy Affiliate after they’ve seen some success thanks to the program. I hope that makes sense and clears things up!

Oscar May 11, 2015

Hi Ian, Again thanks for a great article filled with your best and honest advise. I had read it before on 4/29 and enjoyed it just as much. I understand it’s hard for you to keep up with the many people you advise and I appreciate you taking the time to keep encouraging each one of us to succeed.

Thank you,

    Ian May 11, 2015

    No problem at all, Oscar. I’m very happy to be able to help.

Yisroel May 12, 2015

Thanks! I hadn’t looked yet a bootcamp or entrepreneurship within WA.
I would like to add a million life-years to diabetics through liv-a-betes,com, but is that enough of a niche? Diabetes, with a special focus on longevity? Too creepy for diabetics?
I’m guessing eventually I’d like to turn it into a membership site with contests (losing weight, good tips, positive changes, helping a fellow diabetic, etc.), a forum, a buddy system, etc.
An example of my quirky humor & writing style: http://liv-a-betes.com/2015/05/11/i-think-therefore-i-can/

I’m not sure if it was brilliant or dumb, but I borrowed money & bought rights to a WP plug-in from IM marketers, which is taking up lots of time & causing anxiety. (I have a 38-hour-a-week job too.) So, it puts me in the middle of a group of top marketers, BUT I’ll also have to get up to speed FAST on things like building long funnels with upsells & downsells around this plug-in. It’s been a steep learning curve for a 56-year-old. (I have a decade of traditional biz experience, tho.) Thanks for all your honest help!

    Ian May 12, 2015

    Hey Yisroel – it sounds like a perfectly fine niche. Just like anything else, it could take a decent amount of time and consistent effort to breakthrough, but it looks like you’re very passionate about it which should be enough “gas in the tank” to keep you going. I wouldn’t spend so much time worrying about upsells, downsells, how to monetize, etc… just yet. It’s good that you have some ideas in your mind, that’s important, but until you start getting a decent amount of traffic, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Focus on creating high quality content and promotion – the rest can be focused on later when it actually produces results. Many people spend hours and hours worrying about these things up front and begin to feel like they’re not seeing enough results for how much time they’re putting in – and they’re right. Focus on these things once traffic is actually coming in and they can have some impact.

Carolyn May 19, 2015

Hi Ian,

I enjoyed reading your article and found it to be very helpful in that I’ll go back to the certification training instead of Bootcamp. I was going to promote WA, but didn’t and don’t have enough info to write good content, so at this point, I don’t have a niche, and no prospect of making any money soon. I’m a baby boomer that has worked many jobs, and therefore know a little bit about a lot of subject. But not enough passion about any of it to build and maintain a website. Everyone has been commenting to help, and I really appreciate that, but unless they’re me, they don’t know where I’m coming from.

Hope this wasn’t too much of a downer, but I’m still sticking with it.

Thanks Ian!

    Ian May 20, 2015

    No problem at all, Carolyn! What you’re experiencing is extremely normal and the first (as well as one of the hardest) obstacles to overcome when trying to create a successful online business. If you need any help fleshing out your niche ideas once you’ve gone through the training and have a few to run by me, don’t hesitate to PM me. I’m happy to offer any guidance and insight I can.

Bryan Ashe May 21, 2015

Thank you Ian! Your internet marketing advice, “Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Cert. vs WA Bootcamp” is extremely relevant . I’ll admit I was attracted initially to the WA Bootcamp, however after thinking on it I like the idea of using the review model on a different niche that interests me and that I have experience in. I’m in brainstorm mode!


    Ian May 22, 2015

    Awesome, Bryan! I’m really glad that I could help. Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment, I’m really happy to know that this post is helping so many people 🙂

Dee Molina May 24, 2015

Hi Ian,
Just read “WAOE Cert versus WA Bootcamp” – thanks for writing about a subject that was definitely on my mind – now comes the kinda sorta hard part where I need to decide which one to do… I have lots of interests and the only thing that is stumping me at this time is what Niche(s) to pick and go from there.

    Ian May 25, 2015

    Hey Dee. That’s definitely the hardest part overall when getting started in this industry. I’m glad you found this post before making a decision, however. Even picking a not-so-good niche is much better in my opinion than going into a fully saturated, very competitive niche like a lot of people following the path of WA Bootcamp.

Mike June 2, 2015

Hi Ian, thanks for the advice it has totally changed my outlook as I was going to try the bootcamp first.



    Ian June 2, 2015

    No problem at all, Mike! I think that’s a pretty common misstep, which is why I created this post. I’m glad you found it in time and that you found it helpful – don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help you with anything else as you continue on your journey!

Thiha Min June 25, 2015

Hello Ian,

I’ve been thinking this topic for a long time. Now, I have a very clear plan.

This is a very insightful, very informative and A Painfully TRUE Reality. I have nothing against with WA.WA is the best place for everyone who really want to learn about internet marketing and many more things.

Most of us ( including me ) have a big issue with choosing a Niche like you said above which is totally true. I am amazed how hard to choose a niche ( let alone to be able to choose profitable niche ) and generally we understand that it should be a hobby, a passion etc.

But choosing a niche is more than that, I think. I could be wrong because I don’t have enough experiences to make a point.

Anyhow, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me every step of my internet marketing career. You have been very HONEST, HELPFUL AND SUPPORTIVE for me and other people I know.

This is a very valuable post for me. Thanks again Ian.

Kindest Regards,
Thiha Min

    Ian June 25, 2015

    No problem at all, Thiha! I’m more than happy to help any way that I can 🙂 Thanks for giving it a read and never hesitate to reach out if I can help with anything.

Dave Sweney June 28, 2015

Hi Ian,

Appreciate the note referring me to this honest evaluation of this aspect of the WA site…

I am going into this whole online marketing segment having carefully thought through my desired outcome overall.

This includes focusing on a tight group of niches that I am somewhat familiar with and can offer something of value to those who choose to join my list./team…

Your point is well taken that the road to success for recruitment to educational resource sites as WA is (and so much more) is a challenging one. There is a huge amount of competition.

It will be a pillar (niche) of the overall platform (brand Dave) however, and as I gain credibility in each of the other pillars I am developing, it can contribute to the residual income that my brand provides.

If one were to count solely on this site or niche I fully agree likely one is setting themselves up for disappointment and failure.

How to best get attention and separate yourself from the pack in the online training/program niche however is key, to an extent moreso in this niche compared to some of the other ones that I am focusing on…

Rather than focusing on the negative I will focus on the positive… Certainly your methodology will bring in visitors, and I do appreciate that you really do review the products and services that are not good, and that offers real value…

What I have seen to often is a bait and switch used, where the title draws you in, the articles are clearly not objective, only intended to deliver the prospective customer to their funnel campaign, and conversion…

I have seen this time and time again… I will certainly likely review the competition, but focus on the points of difference as opposed to smashing them without a lot of thought or backing up with facts…

Thanks for taking the time and having the concern to offer your insight with this article… As others have said, I am glad that the two of us managed to connect. It will be interesting for me and hopefully for you as I move along…

Cheers to you!

Dave. 🙂

    Ian June 29, 2015

    No problem at all, Dave! I’m really glad you found it helpful. Best of luck! I’m sure we’ll continue to be in touch as you continue on your journey.

Eileen August 4, 2015

Great advice, as always! Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge!

    Ian August 5, 2015

    No problem at all, Eileen! I’m glad you found it helpful 🙂

Ruslan Nizamov September 7, 2015

Thank you Ian, that’s exactly what I did. Started with Entrepreneur certification, reached the niche selection, switched to the Bootcamp. 100% agree, this enrollment business shall be started AFTER you already got sense of the living online. Will think about website related to electrical engineering… or some hobbies – self-discipline, etc. I really appreciate your effort and sharing the valuable experience. Ruslan

    Ian September 8, 2015

    Hey Ruslan! I’m very happy that I was able to help, and that you saw this article when you did. Let me know if I can help with anything else down the road!

Safiyyah September 8, 2015

Hi Ian,
Thanks for the advice. I already have a niche in mind so was not going to go with the WA bootcamp but useful information here anyway! Glad to have your help!

    Ian September 9, 2015

    Hey again Safiyyah! I’m happy to hear that – a lot of people lean toward the Bootcamp training whenever they struggle to come up with a niche and, man, does that get a lot of people in a heap of trouble. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment letting me know you read it!

Bob Williamson September 30, 2015

I think that your approach and advice is just what I have been looking for. I appreciate your evaluation of WA boot camp. You have saved me a lot of time and hassle because I have little knowledge of internet marketing as yet so wouldn’t try o educate people on the subject There are other areas where my knowledge is greater and my passion stronger.

My aims are:

Build four informative and attractive sites based on Malaysian Heritage, Photography, Hotels and Travel (SE Asia), Business startup in UK, Malaysia and Thailand. I will approach each site methodically and get each 90% complete before starting the next.

To learn how to build traffic and monitor it.

To write some content but use content writers where possible.

To earn a reasonable amount of money from those sites. My target is around (£40,000) but I am realistic.

Derive a lot of pleasure from building something successful.

I think those aims are achievable.

I made a mistake in my first few days with WA in following lots of members and responding to posts. Doing that resulted in a big overhead in terms of responses and comments. From now on I will keep a very low profile and follow as few people as possible.

Your offers of support and advice are really appreciated and I would really like to use you as my mentor, however I have a concern that this is a one way thing and you are not getting anything out of the relationship. After all if I continue my Premium membership of WA all the money goes to them. Although I do think that they are good value, any business has to be properly funded after all

Thanks again for all the help.


    Ian October 1, 2015

    Hey Bob! You have a great outlook, and I couldn’t agree more about spending a bunch of time chatting and commenting in the community vs. building your business. One has really clear ROI in time, the other doesn’t. And I also agree about keeping WA funded – I outgrew their training quite some time ago, but I think what they’re doing is great so I keep an active membership to support their mission and keep in touch with all of my referrals whenever they need me. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave such a thoughtful and insightful comment!

James Clarke October 11, 2015

Hi Ian

You just answered my number 1 question after going Prmium at WA.I was wondering if I should continue with the getting stared course or move to affiliate boot camp training think it will be best for me to stick with the path I’ve started. Thanks for the guidance.

    Ian October 12, 2015

    No problem at all, James! I’m very happy that I could help.

greenwoodtam October 19, 2015

Thanks for valuable info. I do have a question. My husband retired from building bobwire and wood fences for very wealthy people like Randy Owens from Alabama band and wealthy doctors and business owners. Would teaching people how to build beautiful long lasting fences be a niche. I could get testimonials, pictures, interview my husband, do videos of how to, etc. I thought I could advertise businesses that sell the supplies that you need and for a premium cost or back end sale maybe show how to video series and offer access to my husbands advice. Would that work since we both retired and he is a pro yet he has all this knowledge and its a waste to not share it. People waited two years for him to build their fence cause he was so booked. Should I go that route?

    Ian October 20, 2015

    I think that’s a great niche! There’s a lot of potential there not only for content but for information products you could put together and sell down the road after developing an audience. I love the idea, and think that’s a promising route to take if you follow the training closely and put in hard, consistent effort.

michelle tritten October 28, 2015


Many thanks for sharing your experiences and valuable information!


    Ian October 29, 2015

    No problem at all, Michelle! I’m very fortunate to be in a position to help, and happy to share my insights and experience wherever I can.

Donna November 1, 2015

Hi Ian, great post and great advice. I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I love the training and the hosting service. You are so right to recommend to people to use the training to promote what they are passionate about. I promote Wealthy Affiliate, but I also have other sites that promote other things I am more interested in. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to taking your training courses!

norstad November 5, 2015

Hi, I just wanna say thank you for the wonderful advice that you just shared with us. I just gotten started with the training today in WA and this helps a lot especially for me who has no clue at all on what to do. It really helps me narrow down my perspective on how would I do this business and what path to take in order to get to my goal. 🙂

    Ian November 5, 2015

    No problem at all, Norstad! Very glad that I could help.

Frank November 10, 2015

Good article, Ian. I just joined premium today, and here’s a lot of material I haven’t got to yet, but I will press on.

I do agree strongly with one of your statements – picking a niche has been one of the hardest, most stressful things I’ve ever done!

    Ian November 10, 2015

    Most definitely – don’t hesitate to PM me if you want to run the ideas you’ve had so far by a skilled set of eyes!

Lynda November 10, 2015

Thanks and I appreciate your guidance!

    Ian November 11, 2015

    No problem at all, Lynda! Happy to be in a position to help.

Bill November 19, 2015

I think i use it for a guide to get into something that really interests me…thanks for everything

    Ian November 20, 2015

    No problem at all, Bill. I’m happy to help.

Sten November 21, 2015

I am going to follow your suggestion. What that means is that I am really going to sit down , and try to know myself thoroughly, in light of my strengths, passi0n and interest.I will give it a serious thought.Whatever niche I come up with, I will pass that on to you. I was going to rush to create my website, but I think the course of wisdom is to be patient, come up with a profitable niche, and only then create a website. I will most definitely be in touch with you.

    Ian November 22, 2015

    Really glad to hear that you found it helpful, Sten. I’ll definitely be around whenever you need my help, and I’m happy to help however I can!

Danny November 26, 2015

Ian your a mind reader. I too made the jump to WA Bootcamp. Wondering all the time should I have done this or not. Thanks for catching me and turning me back around. It’s time to get started. Again. Your right I will need the information down the road. Thanks

    Ian November 27, 2015

    I’m very happy to hear that, Danny! And I’m more than happy to help however I can. Thanks for stopping by and, as always, let me know if you get stuck anywhere along the way.

Richard November 28, 2015

Hello brother new to your blog. i mean i stopped by a couple of times to see your reviews on a couple products but thats all, but today i looked around and i really like it. i even signed up for one of your free trainings. anyway was wondering have you done any reviews on any desmond ong products such as 200 in 20 minutes? thanks and i really enjoy your site my friend.

    Ian November 28, 2015

    Hey Richard! Thanks very much for the kind words. We’ve only reviewed one of Desmond’s products, “Key to 10K“, and it was pretty bad. I haven’t seen 200 in 20 minutes, but based on Key to 10K, I’d say this guy is to be avoided.

Gunde December 16, 2015

Ian, Thank you for the eye opening information. I’ve been in several system platforms where I was left by myself with no help at all. I appreciate you extending your hand to help me when I feel stuck. Again thank you. Gunde

    Ian December 17, 2015

    No problem at all, Gunde! I’m happy to help any way that I can.

Randall January 4, 2016

Great heads up. It answers at least a few of my initial questions. Like how to write content as an expert on something if you are not one. Don’t. At least if you have a passion about something expert or not the passion will come through. I had plenty of niche ideas when I started and was courted to the bootcamp as additional training and it was better at explaining some things in the starter membership but now I am back on track and pursuing my original niche ideas. Looking forward to the keyword research in the premium it was non existent in the starter or so it seemed. I looked at lots of people to join Wealthy Affiliate through and I am glad I went with you, the integrity comes through. Thanks for keeping it real.

    Ian January 4, 2016

    No problem at all, Randall! Keep me posted on your progress and let me know if you get stuck anywhere along the way.

Elijah Raney January 29, 2016

Thank you for the information very helpful. I like the explanation of why not to go with WA Boot camp it helped sway my decision to pick my own niche because honestly picking a niche can be pretty hard for some one just starting out. But I would rather put the hard work in that I know will get me results a lot sooner!

    Ian January 29, 2016

    Couldn’t agree more, Elijah! It’s something a lot of people struggle with, which is why the default to Bootcamp, but it’s better to pick a niche around a passion/interest you have if you’ve never made money online before!

Josie January 31, 2016

Hi Ian…thank you yet again. This is the second time you had opened my eyes just when I needed it. 🙂

    Ian February 1, 2016

    More than happy to help, Josie! 🙂

Terie February 28, 2016

Thanks for the information this is very enlightening! I can see where I am going wrong.

    Ian February 28, 2016

    Very happy to help, Terie!

alex March 1, 2016

how/ where do i find info to improve my niche? in internet forum, for example?


    Ian March 2, 2016

    It depends. Typically, the best experience is real-world experience because you get a lot of insight on the topic that nobody else in the industry is offering. Otherwise you can sometimes curate content from leaders in the industry, books, forums, etc… But even if you write completely unique, non-duplicate content it’s not remotely original since it came from another expert within the space. As a general rule of thumb, I’d say if you can’t offer your own original, helpful insights and answers to your followers, you’re probably not in the best niche you could be in based on your passion/experience.

Gayle March 22, 2016

Hi Ian, I am a very detailed type personality and study everything about a topic that I choose, so I wish that you would have sent this link to me before I chose WA bootcamp. I spent hours choosing a name, (unleashingyourprosperityself) to now realize that this died before even getting started. I do understand the clarity of your logic. You would not be able to teach the art of dressage if you had never been on a horse. But regardless, your “reality check” blog really burst my enthusiasm bubble and I am back at the beginning with my original plan when I joined WA which is to “make money online”, a hugely generalized topic, but a goal none the less. This new clarity requires a tremendous amount of consideration because I am not interested in carrying product or retailing, distribution, etc. My enthusiasm was for helping others to help themselves. Even though I am a bit stymied, I sincerely appreciate your perspective and honesty. Thank you Gayle

    Ian March 23, 2016

    Hello Gayle! This link is actually built in to two automated systems within my WA messages that are sent to my referrals. I apologize for you just now seeing it, but it’s the third time I’ve mentioned it.

    The other two would be one mention of it on your profile within one of my posts (within the first few days of you joining WA’s free membership) and the other was my WA Bonuses email that you received upon upgrading.

    I’m so sorry to burst your bubble, and I know that’s a risk I run with everyone that I refer to this article. It’s not my intention. My #1 priority is your success, so I’d much rather alert you to this situation now than have you 6-8 months in and feeling miserable because you’re not seeing any progress, due to everything I’ve mentioned within this article.

Veanna & Dennis March 24, 2016

Hi Pribs,

Thank you so much for this very very important review of the WA. We are 11 weeks in as Premium Members, on the annual Program – so we are totally sold on the WAU and are in for the long haul. We went for the Bootcamp option almost immediately because we felt that promoting the WA is the very best service we can offer the most people.

When we came to Lesson 8 in the 1st Bootcamp Course, to write our Review of the WA – well we choked for several weeks, not knowing how to say what it is in a logical, straight forward way. It was like being tongue-tied, stammering and stuttering, because we have never done anything like this, we didn’t feel like we knew even remotely enough about WA to say anything relevant. So we wrote and wrote and re-wrote, never sure enough about our ability to do this Review, and not even knowing what we should ask the WA Community for help.

But now in the last two weeks it’s becoming clearer and we are just telling it as we have experienced it. This is so obvious to us now and our Review page is starting to take shape. It’s still a work in progress though. We love the WAU and still feel it is the very best “product” we can offer to those searching for a way to earn money online.

But now, from reading your Post here, we have to re-evaluate our commitment to pursuing the WA as our sole niche. With no background in affiliate marketing, and no real internet marketing experience, can we succeed in this niche? We are retired, so we have the time. We still love the WA and are passionate about sharing it. We have read some comments that you have to write over 100 post/pages to really get Google’s attention. So we are ready to make this our “JOB”. If we really do “go for it, all out” would you still discourage us from continuing in this path?

We are not sure what other niche to pursue: we are both spiritually oriented, are not materialistically inclined, and do not follow trends and the “newest” whatever. Do you have any ideas on how to “market” spirituality? We are absolutely passionate about sharing Truth with a Capital “T”, and we are really tuned into the new Physics and Fred Alan Wolf, John Hagelin, and other quantum physicists who see the spiritual side of quantum physics.

It seems a shame to abandon our quest to share the WA after we have put so much time and effort into writing our Review Page over the last almost three months. But, as you have reported here, we may not see much return on our investment. A year could go by, and we may not even recoup our annual membership fee. That would be a challenge.

So we are so thankful for this review and we will greatly appreciate any feedback you feel to share with us. Have a fantastic day.

    Ian March 24, 2016

    Hey Veanna and Dennis! I’m really happy to see that you found this article helpful, even though it sounds like it found you a bit late, unfortunately.

    Both niches you’ve mentioned, one more spiritual and one more philosophy oriented, are very difficult to monetize as far as I’ve seen over the years. They’re a couple of the very rare exceptions to “you can make money in any niche”. And I’m sure it’s possible to make money in those niches, but most people arrive on your site won’t be looking to solve their problems by making a purchase, they’ll be looking to solve their problems by finding information (and likely not looking to pay for that information). That combination makes niche sites like that very difficult to monetize.

    Do you have any other passions/interests that you’ve mulled around? Feel free to send me a PM on Wealthy Affiliate so that we can work this out in a more private medium, if you’d prefer to do so!

Kimberly Fong March 30, 2016

Thanks for your honest input!


Sandeep March 31, 2016

Makes complete sense to me. Thanks Ian.

I’ll PM you as I have some thoughts to share.


Wayne April 8, 2016

Ian I like your honest opinons of affiliate marketing. Once I find someone who can combine experience and honesty I try to latch on to their advice. I’m trying to take a path from information I learned from Google Sniper. They encouraged to pick a keyword phrase in your niche that is being searched at least 3000 times a month. They also gave a number when that phrased is typed in with ” ” not to have too many listing sites offered by Google. Please tell me your advice to the following information: Select ONLY ONE keyword phrase to target your site with. Put that exact phrase in your domain name. That keyword will be the Title on your homepage. On your homepage create 3 blogs. 2 with that exact keyword phrase incorporated in the title. Put that phrase in the first sentence of each blog. Work the phrase at least 2 or 3 times in each blog. Make sure the keyword phrase is bold faced in the lead blog. That whole idea is to get ranked on page one of Google. If you respond to this I would like to tell you some of my experience with the first website I built.


    Ian April 8, 2016

    No. There are a lot of different ways to do this, but that advice is invalid. I would recommend the following:

    Choose 1-2 higher search volume competition keywords to target with your homepage. Make sure those keywords are working into your meta title and description, and mentioned throughout the homepage (preferably throughout the content and in a H2 tag or two).

    The rest of your site should be composed of articles that target one low-competition, long-tail keyword each.

    Again, there are multiple ways to approach this, but this is what I believe is the most “newbie friendly” one.

ShaunieW April 9, 2016

Thank you again for your knowledge I thought about the WA Bootcamp but I have decided to pursue my passion instead thanks to your article.

EBUSSFI April 30, 2016

Hi Ian, good article. I know what you mean about competing with the experts, they are very talented. The niches that I am interested in are very competitive in general. You are right I will begin with a niche that I know. Thank you.

    Ian May 1, 2016

    Glad you found it helpful, Ebussfi!

Dalton May 1, 2016

Hey Standing Ovation, and a round of applause it’s great absolutely great! I am greatly impressed and I definitely don’t get where you’re coming from. Thank you for being the provider of REAL INFORMATION that doesn’t have an affiliate commission attached on the other side of the curtain! So many people are just so obviously in this for a quick buck and would sell their opportunity to cultivate real and deep relationships with their visitors for literally a $1 on the front end! Towards the top where you stated the fact that so many people can not see around the “money mini-blinds”, not knowing if they just opened the blinds a little they would see the mountains of relationships and quality a few hundred yards on the other side! Please keep inspiring people and showing them that being who you are no matter where you are whether in this world or the 1’s & 0’s behind a screen!

Standing Ovation!!!
Dalton B.

Jerri May 5, 2016


Thanks so much for sending me to this post I was just starting to think that maybe I should do the Bootcamp even though this is my first time trying for an online business, but after reading this I think I’ll stick with my original niche idea. Thanks for helping us newbies out!

    Ian May 6, 2016

    Of course! I’m happy to help however I can 🙂

Sean Smith May 15, 2016


I’m glad I found out about WA through you! I’m motivated to put in the work and I’m glad I have you here to help! Thanks!


    Ian May 16, 2016

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your time at WA so far, Sean, and I’m glad I was able to help. I’ll keep an eye out for your message in case you get stuck anywhere along the way and need a hand.

Mark Zalusky May 21, 2016

Thanks Ian
When your new its hard to see the tree through the forest.
You help to focus through the forest and start to see the tree

    Ian May 22, 2016

    No problem at all, Mark. Very glad that I could help!

Francis May 24, 2016

Thanks for all the wonderful insight and help Ian you’re truly amazing!

    Ian May 25, 2016

    No problem at all, Francis! I’m more than happy to help in situations like these 🙂

James Finnerty June 1, 2016

Hi Ian, thanks for all of this great information. I found the article very direct and honest and it has given me a better idea of how I should approach Wealthy Affiliate.
Cheers, James.

    Ian June 2, 2016

    I’m very happy to hear that, James! That’s exactly what I intended when writing it. If you get stuck anywhere along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Kanu Chijioke Godfrey June 1, 2016

This is a very insightful article. It helped to clear a lot of confusion in my head concerning WA.I will now continue to dwell more on the certificate course than ever before.

    Ian June 2, 2016

    Very glad I could help, Kanu!

Allan June 17, 2016

My biggest takeaway here confirmed a great fear/realization I came to a few days ago…I guess it actually was knocking around in my head for some time, but I was finally able to confront, admit, and articulate it to myself, and it’s this –

“I can’t help anyone make money online if I’ve never done so before”.

I’d be perpetrating a fraud if I tried otherwise. So no matter how appealing or noble a cause to “Teach” someone how to make money online…it just could not be done in good conscience. And I believe that was my biggest block.
Thanks for this article and advice.

    Ian June 18, 2016

    No problem at all, Allan. I’m very happy to hear that it was helpful to you where you’re at in your journey.

klchang June 29, 2016

Hi Ian,

Thanks for directing me here. Very practical. Advice taken.
Will appreciate if you can look at my profile on the topic Niche!
(at WA).
Your comment and insight are most welcome.

Thanks again.

    Ian June 30, 2016

    Shoot me a message and we can discuss it further.

Victor Lum July 26, 2016

Thank you for the honest insights.
Now I have a greater sense of direction.
Feeling good that I found WA through you.

Still… “desperately seeking to make my 1st dollar from internet!!!”

    Ian July 26, 2016

    Very glad I could help, Victor!

Shirley July 31, 2016

Okay. Thank you for this. I appreciate the information, and I understand what you are saying.

I will send you an email.

    Ian August 1, 2016

    I’m glad you found it helpful, Shirley!

Chris August 3, 2016

This review was an eye opener and just what I needed to hear at this time. I was on the verge of giving up as I have been doing this for 4 months and not results yet. In a way I’m happy to know that I am close to being on the right track. Thank you for the honest post as its something that helps guide me to my path of success.

    Ian August 3, 2016

    I’m very glad you found it helpful, Chris. I wish this information were more prominently displayed in WA’s members’ area before setting you down the road to Bootcamp. It’s been a point of contention for me with the product in the past, and it’s my least favorite thing about a membership there. I even almost stopped promoting WA at a time because it upset me so badly, but ultimately I decided their Online Entrepreneur Certification course (the one I originally recommended the program for) is still there and very helpful, so I would still recommend the product and educate people on how poorly Bootcamp sets people up for success. It’s the most I can do, given the circumstances.

Bryce August 3, 2016

Howdy Ian, what an OUTSTANDING article! I just joined WA a couple of days ago. I am an experienced internet marketer for 20+ years with only partial successes.. I thought I could improve upon my failures with this overall training. I decided that the affiliate bootcamp was the quickest way to go for me and I am 50% thru it now. However my webworkerincome.com site is for promoting WA as I thought it would be a great way to learn everything and have an income also.

Your article came as a total surprise to me that what I am doing is exactly what you say NOT TO DO. I have looked a little bit on WA entrepreneur certification but switched to AFFILIATE BOOTCAMP yesterday.

Thanks again for this information and I will have to reevaluate my direction. I do have some things I am passionate about for possible niches, baseball, spirituality, make money online, 19 yrs fulltime rving. are my most passionate.

Bryce Jackson

    Ian August 4, 2016

    I’m very glad that I could help, Bryce! And the RVing niche is one that I’ve always though about entering myself, but haven’t done much RVing to offer much value. I think there are a lot of opportunities there!

Mark August 3, 2016

I’m so glad I read this post Ian. You read my mind about what direction to take. I have decided to go for low competition niches first for faster results as you mentioned. It’s my first day as premium and I am going through the precarious thinking period of choosing a niche. Any sound advice would be much appreciated.Thanks a lot,Mark (markraz)

    Ian August 4, 2016

    Hey Mark – I’m glad you found it helpful. The only advice I can think to give based on this message is to never expect things to happen quickly in this industry, even with fairly low competition niches these days. If it happens quicker than expected – awesome. But a lot of people set themselves up for failure rather than success by expecting (or needing) results quicker than this industry typically offers them. If that’s the case, a job is a much better fit for securing income now than an internet business is.

Tony August 15, 2016


Great article. Really put thing into perspective. Looking forward to working with you (and WA as your my sponsor) and much success very soon. 🙂


    Ian August 15, 2016

    No problem, Tony! Happy to help!

Suresh August 17, 2016

Thanks for the info Ian. Very good insights. Appreciate your unconditional and unwavering support.

Rori August 20, 2016

Hi Ian,
I never once felt led to believe that WA is set up to have everyone sell WA! I already have my passion, in place for 3 years now, and intend to pursue it using the power of the WA platform, WA training, online marketing and some good products developed by me. I’m all about proven success strategies to help people achieve good life outcomes. That said, I would certainly tell people who might be considering online marketing about the WA platform, whether they have their own product or services to tout, or they want to sell others’ products via affiliate marketing.

    Ian August 21, 2016

    I definitely agree that’s a solid approach, Margie! I don’t think beginners should build a site totally around promoting WA, but I definitely don’t see anything wrong with telling people about it along the way 🙂

Ariel August 22, 2016

Hi Ian,

Ariel here again, big appreciation for this. I would say it’s a perfect timing. I was confused where to start or what path should I take whether WA Online Entrepreneur Certification or WA Affiliate Bootcamp. Because of this, I have a clearer view now. I would follow your advise and now I know who to ask for when I need some help.

    Ian August 22, 2016

    No problem at all, Ariel! I’m glad you found the article to be helpful.

pauline September 3, 2016

Hi Ian,
This article is truly a MUST READ for beginners in Internet Marketing. There is no price for information you provide here from your years of experience in the industry. Thank you so very much for directing me to it and for genuinely helping so many others like myself who need this vital information when getting started.

    Ian September 3, 2016

    Of course, Pauline! I just want to do everything I can to set my followers up for success. I’m very happy to hear that you found it helpful!

Lyle Goodbrand September 8, 2016

thanks for the great advice Ian i have been all over the map do not know where to go after reading your comments about WA VERS bootcamp i think now i can think more straighter now and just pick a good niche which i will be working on this week again thanks for the great advice Lyle you have a really great day

    Ian September 10, 2016

    No problem at all, Lyle. I’m just glad you filled me in early so that I could send this your way before you were “in too deep”.

Corse September 9, 2016

You absolutely right: The money making niche is really a tough one. Every day I get announcements of new products coming out. Most specialized in that, the warrior members and their special offers. They all claim new keywords, new methods, etc etc and try to start with a big hype. In that world a review is only worth a day or two and then you can lay it down to the printed daily newspapers of last week at your backdoor.
But if you want to learn something, this hard way can teach you a lot – spy the competition! On the other hand: If you want to make money, it’s a much better advice looking for a less competitive market.
I’m just one day in Wealthy Affiliate, but all I have seen, this is a great program to join with such a big and helpful community. Even if I would not make a site for it, I will recommend it to everyone asking me, how are you making money online.

    Ian September 10, 2016

    I’m glad you’re enjoying WA so far, Corse! It’s an awesome community with some really great newbie-friendly training. Best of luck as you continue on your journey, and let me know if you get stuck anywhere along the way!

Yvette September 16, 2016

Hi Ian,

You described exactly was happening to me! Because I couldn’t decide on a niche, I went straight to bootcamp. Not even completing the first phase, I found myself still seeking a niche. I didn’t want to promote something I haven’t had success with yet. Above all I choose to be honest, so I also appreciate your disclosure. Some things are outdated and need to be revised{as you said that particular niche is oversaturated}, however there is a lot more of valuable information and the community is very supportive. I don’t mind the hard work as long as I’m helping others along the way. Thanks again.


    Ian September 17, 2016

    I’m glad to hear that this article helped, Yvette! That’s much better than spending months on-end only to find that you feel like you’re getting nowhere :/ Keep on thinking about your niche and let me know if you get stuck anywhere!

Isaac September 27, 2016

I really enjoyed this write up. It definitely gave me some thoughts about starting in a different direction. I had already done some research on a Some Wealthy Affiliate keywords that I could use to promote WA but after this, I’m considering making a change. I really do need to make some significant cash within the next year so I’m definitely open to taking the best route to get there. Awesome Write-up BTW!

Raymond Chan October 7, 2016

Hi Ian

I’m not sure when I join the $19 premium members were you the one recommend me to WA. If it is you then Congrats!

What you said above make sense and I was really kind of confuse what to do or what website to create not until today when I read your email. I will read all your link for now on. Very cool advise.

I am in the mist of thinking to join the yearly premium member. What do you think. Can you give me some advice on that.

Many thanks
Raymond Chan

PS: I am quite new to IM but I am willing to learn and put in the hard work to success. Failure is not an Option for me!

    Ian October 8, 2016

    Hey Raymond! I’m glad you found the article helpful. I’m a yearly member myself. If you’re going to be there long-term, it makes a lot of sense (it averages out to <$31/month as opposed to $47).

Phil H October 14, 2016

Hi Ian

Thanks for the great insight into both methods.I 100% agree with you about the review site method concerning the promotion of WA.

Review sites have exploded in number,as you previously pointed out.Along with this rise, unfortunately,has come a large number of ingenuous or even downright borderline scam artists.

This fact alone must make it increasingly difficult for the genuine new starter in the review industry to gain any foothold.

Myself,I am going to follow the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification ,program.It is a better fit for me, as along with obviously want to money from I.M,I really would love to be able to genuinely help others along the way with my niche marketing efforts.

Once again
Thanks Ian!

    Ian October 15, 2016

    I think that’s a great plan, and equally great reasoning. Best of luck on your journey, Phil! I’m glad I could offer some helpful insight.

Cris October 18, 2016

You are absolutely correct that one should not set up a website where they will not be able to support their followers. Doing the training should help with setting up other niches. This all makes perfect sense. Thanks!

    Ian October 19, 2016

    No problem, Cris! Very happy to help.

Hassan October 24, 2016

Thanks for this article. Handy indeed. I joined WA late last week. And i’ve been receiving daily emails from yourself. I’ll like to know if i get the gist of this article.
In short,question is..

a. what you are rather advising is that one should build a website with it’s content based solely on what one knows about and is passionate about with the intent of demystifying, solving and answering questions of people with the same interest as the site owner?

    Ian October 25, 2016

    Yes, that is exactly what I’m recommending.

Brad Hurst October 28, 2016

Thank you so much for this information. I’ve been struggling to find my niche and I nearly resorted to going to the wa bootcamp. But this has set me straight and
I think i’m getting a pretty good idea of the direction i’d like to take now.
I’m really happy that I get you as a mentor 🙂

I will most definitely message you if I get stuck!

Thanks again,

    Ian October 29, 2016

    No problem at all, Brad! I’m glad you found the article before you headed down that road 🙂

Michael October 31, 2016

Thanks for the heads-up Ian. I was unaware of what the bootcamp training was about but this is goot to know.

joy3 November 30, 2016

Thank you for this honest bit of information. I started the affiliate bootcamp because I want to be familiar with that model so I can use it. I was thinking the same thing- there must be so much competition in that field for that niche.

I also started with the get started training and I am much further ahead because I want to build a business with my niche. I am now at lesson 7 and have set up website and working my site along with the training.

Thank you


Jerry December 17, 2016

Thanks for the article Ian, pretty good rationale.

Andy December 18, 2016

You know what you sent me this post in WA and you are SO right. you are not going to make money in the internet marketing niche atleast not immediately it is far to competitive. Im definately going to take what you have said and look at a different angle because it makes so much sense.

Thanks Ian 🙂

Heather December 31, 2016

Great information. I am in the process of picking my niche and having a difficult time. You helped me make my mind up as I was about to go the bootcamp route. Thank you.

Henry January 11, 2017

Hi Ian, WOW thankyou for remembering the newbies, when I paid my premium I was going now where do I go, so I was listening to the welcome video on WA and checking some of the other links that the premium membership opened up on the site, when I saw your email, “As Promised”, I jumped straight onto this article! This is so true and good to read now, rather than down the track when I have ploughed through the training etc…thanks for this very helpful information, looking forward to the journey ahead.


    Ian January 11, 2017

    I’m very glad that you found it helpful, and more importantly, that you found it early! 😉 Best of luck, Henry.

Senzeliwe January 21, 2017

Hi Ian

Great article. You truly have a gift for painting a clearer picture for someone. Thank you so much.

So do you recommend finishing the course before moving on to the WA Bootcamp training for my chosen niche or doing both training’s simultaneously?

    Ian January 22, 2017

    I’d do all five levels of “Online Entrepreneur Certification” training first, for sure. Then if you’re interested in Bootcamp (keeping in mind everything from this article), proceeding to that training when done.

Landon Flemming January 25, 2017

Hey thanks for the great effort put in to explain the benefits of picking a niche that i have a passion for so i can find success much faster.

    Ian January 26, 2017

    Glad you found it in time, Landon!

Suzanne January 27, 2017

This is exactly why as tempting as these sales pages look for the IM products, I shy away from them. Not only do I not have experience (yet) making money online, but it just is not my passion! Thanks for confirming this to me, Ian! Bless you! And yes, WA rocks! I am no longer a member there, but it did give me a lot of great information.

    Ian January 28, 2017

    Thank you for stopping by, Suzanne!

    billyba February 12, 2017

    May I ask why you decided to leave wa?

Leita February 10, 2017

Thanks, Ian, I am so glad that you continue to send me e-mails and information. This is an excellent review, and I do agree. I have gone ahead and selected my niche, while also working on an online business site too, but my passion is in creative writing and helping others through workshops and other digital products. So now that I read what you say, I am going to follow all of your e-mails and work on my main site. Thanks, Leita

Miriam March 13, 2017

Thanks for the great guidance. I appreciate it since I was about to go down what may have been a long hard path! I will stick to things I know and am passionate about!

Joan Moore March 26, 2017

Thank you for the information. I have already picked a niche: Wine club & Gamers club. So. 2 actually. These are Networking marketing projects that I invested in and my goal is to build my line through IM. Already spent the day yesterday getting started at WA and will continue to day. WA has a good vibe and I anticipate that this is going help me turn the corner on monetizing my sites that I build.

Jim March 29, 2017

Hi Ian,

Thanks for pointing me to this post. Very informative and very clever. It only makes sense when it comes right down to it.

The problem I’m having right now is actually selecting a niche. But I’ll go thru some training and see if I can get a clearer vision. This could take a while in itself but better than selecting something and not really having a clue about it, as you’ve pointed out.

Also, that little voice in my head is telling me, don’t share your niche choice or somebody else might scope it up and use it.

What’s your take on that?


Sunday Erickson April 2, 2017

Tremendous article, I’m glad I chose not to do boot camp. You reinforced my decision.

Thank you,
Rolling along,

    Ian April 3, 2017

    I’m glad you found it helpful, Sunday!

Terry Carroll April 6, 2017

Hi again Ian and thanks for pointing me in the direction of this article.
I appreciate your comments on Boocamp and I would have continued to “proceed with caution” even before reading this; it has only strengthened my belief ythat all is good within WA but it is not the Holy Grail (yet!)
I will be interested to see what is in v.2 when it is released and I would hope we can have further discussion at that time.
I have advised my website above and would say that it is by no means complete – I am collecting info regularly within the WA community which will help with finishing it.

Hope to talk soon


Kevin April 19, 2017

Excellent advice that tells it like it is. None of the regular sugar coating that is so often seen in this type of article. It has given me added perspective on my quest to find that niche market.

    Ian April 19, 2017

    Glad to hear it, Kevin! I’m glad you found it helpful for your journey through this crazy, cutthroat industry.

Mark Miall May 4, 2017

Great blog post. Thanks for this. So I’m based in the UK and I’m a big fan of peer-to-peer lending. Don’t know whether you have heard of that before, but the attraction of it for lenders (ie people with cash savings) is a great rate of interest (eg 6% net of fees and bad debt) and for borrowers is a lower rate than the banks would charge.
I’m thinking that maybe P2P lending could be my niche. What do you think?

    Ian May 4, 2017

    Hey Mark! That’s a GREAT niche with some really great affiliate offers. I’ve looked into it in the past myself, actually, but have just had too many other projects to pull the trigger on it. But I’m familiar enough to know it’s a very good niche to get into, for sure!

Thomas Harrison May 29, 2017

Thank you the information you’ve provided really helped with my decision to find a niche instead of promoting WA.


MIDHUN V M June 6, 2017

Hi Ian,

Thank you for this great blog, I find it’s very valuable.

I am currently a free member in WA and I like to upgrade
to premium.
I know that WA is primarily for beginners.

I have two questions for you:

1.Implementing WA training , how much income per month
can be made from a single website and how long will it
take to reach that level?

2.What advanced level training will you recommend to
scale from the above income level?

Hope you will reply soon 🙂

Thank you Ian

    Ian June 6, 2017

    Hey Midhun! As for your first question, there’s no definitive answer to this (it depends on WAY too many factors to be predictable). I made a video on this a long time ago, but this still holds true — https://youtu.be/aDi4vwa6b0c

    I have followers with website that they work ridiculously hard on and generate only $1500 per month. I also have a followers that built websites that generate $30K+ per month. And of course for each of them, there are tons of people that gave up long before their website generated more than a few dollars.

    As for your second question, that’s outlined pretty clearly in my free email training. Once you hit a point that you’re advanced enough, there are three tracks offered during that email sequence for more advanced development. But honestly I wouldn’t worry about this too much until you at least were comfortable building out websites and managing hosting — planning too much on this matter, this far ahead, is energy likely better invested elsewhere until you get closer to tackling that obstacle.

    I hope that helps!

      MIDHUN V M June 7, 2017

      Hi Ian,

      Thank you so much for answering my question.

      Yes, your reply was helpful.

      You are a great leader.

      Thank you Ian 🙂

MIDHUN V M June 7, 2017

Hi Ian,

Thank you for this great blog,I find it very valuable.

I am a free member in WA now, I like to upgrade to
premium.Before upgrading I have two questions for you:

1.You said WA is primarly for beginners.
Up to how much income per month from a single site
is achievable by implementing training in WA?

2.To scale from the above site to next level , what
other advanced training do you recommend?

Hope you will reply soon.

Thank you Ian 🙂

Boris N'DONG NGUEMA June 17, 2017

This is valuable information, Ian.
I would be even more at lost if I didn’t had the opportunity to get to this industry being referred by you.

I care about establishing a long-term business and the kind of advice a I’ve been getting since I’ve subscribed to http://stoppingscams.com is really taking in the right direction.

My biggest challenge is now choosing the right niche!

    Ian June 17, 2017

    Thank you for the kind words, Boris! I’m very happy to hear that you’re finding it all helpful.

Moses capetown June 22, 2017

Hi Ian

Thank you for taking the time to explain this process. deciding on a niche is still a problem for me. I know what I don’t want to do but deciding wich of the 3 I want to do to start with is a little daunting, to say the least. I am not in the position to join wealthy affiliate premium yet but I will soon as I generate the fee from any of the ventures. So far the training and support from Wealthy Affiliate have been awesome and for that reason alone I want to become part of that community of people.

Personal view: your honesty on your reviews and advice is refreshing and rare, to say the least. I would be honored to be associated with someone like you personally and professionally.

Kind regards.


    Ian June 22, 2017

    Thank you very much for your kind words, MC! I’m very happy that this in-depth look at WA Bootcamp helped you. Best of luck on the journey ahead!

Phillip Brutus June 22, 2017

Hello Ian

Very good article and invaluable suggestions. My biggest issue is actually getting the website up to start exploring Bootcamp or finding a niche that I can be good at. I am still looking for a hands-on training video series like AWAIOL Academy does. I joined them recently and feel that WA seems to be a better fit. But, I must say that the way they guide you through setting the website and linking to leadpages, Clickmagick or Get result, seems to be better than what WA offers. Tell me if I am wrong. Or give me the lowdown as to how I can get the Website up so that I can begin my marketing campaign.

    Ian June 22, 2017

    Hey Phillip — that’s definitely a best practice, and unfortunately it’s one of the places that WA falls short. But you don’t need any of that until you’re getting consistent traffic (which usually takes at least several months if focusing on content creation and SEO), so it’s also an unnecessary up-front expense for the vast majority of people trying to get started in this industry.

    These days, for SEO-centric sites, I just focus on getting the site up (clean and easy to navigate — nothing fancy design-wise) and start pumping out super high quality content as regularly as I can. Once I start seeing posts get regular traffic, THEN I worry about how to monetize them by linking to a landing page, growing my subscriber list, integrating affiliate links, etc. That’s all much later-stage, and the reason most products get you thinking about that WAY earlier than you need to is because it gets you purchasing products/services through their affiliate links, which makes them a few hundred bucks extra. Not all of them, but most people doing that are coming from that perspective.

    Truthfully, it’s just a bunch of expensive, unnecessary stuff you don’t need until you get traffic — which is what WA focuses on.

    I hope that helps!

Kenciotti July 14, 2017

Thanks for the tips, I plan on soaking up all the info I can.

    Ian July 14, 2017

    No problem at all, Kenciotti! Glad I could help.

Molly July 17, 2017

Thank you so much for the heads up. Completely new at this. I don’t need more discouragement. So I am glad you pointed me in the right direction. God Bless

    Ian July 18, 2017

    Happy to help, Molly! Thanks for letting me know you stopped by!

Elizabeth July 18, 2017

Exactly what I was thinking! I can’t help people if I don’t understand what I’m helping them with! I have a lot to learn until I reach that point. Which is why I didn’t choose to do it. I may go through the boot camp to learn the lessons and see what it’s all about, one thing I learned long ago is that it’s all connected. History, art anthropology, whatever the subject, they all work together, the same thing applies to internet marketing(in my humble opinion)
I’m so glad I joined trough your link

    Ian July 18, 2017

    Hey Elizabeth! I’m really happy you found it helpful, and that it “spoke” to you with where you’re at on your journey. This is the kind of stuff I wish people had told ME when I was just starting out. Thanks for taking the time to comment and let me know!

Thomas Horne July 24, 2017

Thanks Ian,
The information helps a lot. I just wish I had known this info in the beginning of my online business venture. I saw some of the fraudulent programs that I bought into in the past.

I am so far long in my review that I’m going to continue forward. I’m here to learn and be successful. I can’t be a successful leader if I don’t finish what I start.

Shawn Coker August 14, 2017

This article was clear, to-the-point, and honest. This definitely provided me with the direction I need to get off to a good start. Although I’m a newbie, I am much more confident in what I’ll be able to accomplish after reading this article. Thank you, Ian!

Shawn Coker

Marques August 23, 2017

Hello Lan I just wanted to thank you for info, it is very helpful.

    Ian August 24, 2017

    Glad you found it helpful, Marques!

Bob Harris September 5, 2017

This sounds like the way to go for me — the online entrepreneur certification. I had actually never thought about marketing WA. But that does make me think of what I might do in the arena of affiliate marketing. My arena and specialty is education, specifically higher education, adult education and online education. I think I will just take some time and consider how that might serve as a place to carve out my niche. I am also interested in products, but I think I have been influenced by the Dropship Lifestyle philosophy, as that is the place I started with gathering information about all of this. So I have some sifting to do.

Rich September 7, 2017

Hi Ian,

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you for your valuable advice.

I will keep asking you questions.

Am still reading your content and taking notes.



JOHN OROURKE September 19, 2017

Hi Ian just became a premium member and would like to thank
you for the information about the bootcamp versus the certification
I am not sure what niche i’m going into so i’m going to go with
certification route for now. Thanks again for all the help.

    Ian September 20, 2017