The 2-Step Ridicously-Simple Way To Build A List

By Danyon T. | Internet Marketing Advice

Aye what’s up ya crazy internet marketing fanatics!

It’s ya boy Danyon Togia back in the Stopping Scams hiz-house, and today I’ve got another educational article for ya.

I’ll be teaching you how to build a list in the most efficient and effective way possible. Okay, enough with the fancy introductions, let’s cut straight to the good stuff.

The 2 Steps To Building A List

I find that to learn a topic, the best thing to do is to take every single macro step and break them down as much as possible. So, with that being said, there are two really big steps to building a list. In essence, these steps are:

  1. Create the logistics to capturing the email address (whether it’s through a squeeze page, opt-in form, etc.), and
  2. Drive traffic to the email-capturing mechanism.

The majority of the heavy lifting is in step 2 since step 1 is extremely easy to do with tools such as Lead Pages, or you could just outsource the whole job to some tech gizmo who actually knows how to do all the fancy schmancy stuff.

Step 1: Setting Up The Logistics

The easiest way to capture a person’s email address is through a landing page.

A landing page (a.k.a a squeeze page) is something that we fancy internet marketers use to capture a person’s email address so we can keep a direct line of communication with our clients/customers.

The big dogs of the internet marketing world ALWAYS advocate building an email list in your business because it’s a platform that you control.

As you can probably see, if you’re going to set up a Lead Page, you’re also gonna have to create something called a Lead Magnet. This is because, generally, people won’t just give you their email address.

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I mean think about it – why would a person just give you a direct line of communication with them? You have to give something valuable to them if you’re wanting to get something back, and generally, this is in the form of a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is just something of value to the person who’s at your squeeze page. For example, if you’re building a weight loss business, maybe a 3-page report on something like “how to lose 11 lbs before your next beach trip!” would be something valuable to your target market.

They’d happily give you their email address is the lead magnet is enticing enough and has enough perceived value.

People also use a bunch of other ways to capture the email address, such as:

  • A free webinar
  • access to exclusive discounts/promotions that only the email list has access too (this method is extremely popular for clothing stores)
  • An entry to a free giveaway of some sort
  • A free educational video series, and
  • $1,000,000 (I’m sure that would be a great enough incentive to get someone’s email address).

Have a quick look around at your competitors, especially the one’s who are at the top of your market, and see what they’re doing to capture their audiences email address.

Building an audience on other platforms such as Facebook or Youtube is great, but if anything happens to your audiences on those platforms (i.e. they change their algorithms or the company just randomly wants to kick you in the butt by shutting down your profile), you can’t really do anything about it.

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So, with that being said, if you want to set up a landing page to being building your email list, the easiest way I know of is software such as LeadPages or Click Funnels.

You could always build your own landing page and learn all of the fancy coding and apps to use and all that jazz, but if you’re not a tech gizmo like me, it’s much easier to try a service like Leadpages out and give it a shot.

Once you’ve set up your landing page and lead magnet, you’re ready to move onto the major bulk of the work…

Step 2: Driving Traffic To The Landing Page

Ahhhh – the ol’ driving traffic to the landing page trick, the oldest trick in the internet marketing book. Traffic generation, in and of itself, is a huge topic that could be a 3000+ blog post.

There are so many different ways to drive traffic online that it can be quite overwhelming. What I suggest you do is to focus on a maximum of 3 traffic-driving methods. In my opinion, it’s better to be amazing at 2 or 3 methods than just mediocre at a bunch of different methods.

First off, traffic can be categorized into two groups which include free (or organic traffic) and paid traffic.

Free traffic is great in the sense that you obviously don’t have to invest a ton of money to get it. However, keep in mind that EVERYTHING has a price, and when it comes to free traffic, that price is usually a ton of your time.

Also, free traffic generally takes a while to scale up. You could spend a ton of time creating great content and getting your on-and-off page SEO on fleek, but it’s going to take a looooooooong time for it to start hitting that exponential point where you’re getting a considerable amount of traffic (a year is usually the MINIMUM amount of time).

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Paid traffic is the type of traffic that’s more hands-on type traffic. It’s much more controllable than free traffic – with free traffic, you can do all of the methods mentioned previously, but there’s still an aspect of “hope” to it.

Paid traffic, on the other hand, is more consistent and “measurable” than free traffic. Paid traffic includes generation methods such as Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, etc. Just be aware that you can easily be wasting a ton of money with paid

Just be aware that you can easily be wasting a ton of money with paid advertising if you don’t know what you’re doing, so don’t just jump into Facebook Advertising or Google Adwords and expect to be seeing results straight away.

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Here is a list of ways to drive traffic to your landing page:

  • Networking with your target market. Identify where your ideal target lives on the internet. E.g. Reddit groups, Forums, Facebook Groups, Blogs, etc. and connect with your target market there. Use this opportunity to help your target market, develop relationships, and position yourself as an expert in your marketplace.
  • Pay-per-click advertising. Any form of advertising where you’re investing a bit of money. This includes Facebook Advertising, Instagram advertising, Google Adwords, etc.
  • Content Marketing. Essentially, it’s about creating great, free content that’s valuable to your target market. This helps your target market (i.e. brings them closer to their ideal goal), and at the same time begins the relationship-building process so they’re more likely to buy from you.
  • Influencer Marketing. You pay an “influencer” with a large following to promote your product to their audience.They’ve already got the eyes and the trust with your target market, all that needs to be done is a little bribery on your behalf.

There are many more ways of driving traffic to your website – Remember, choose a few traffic generation methods, and become a master at them.

In Conclusion…

Building a list is one of the most valuable and critical aspects of building your online business. It’s a platform that you control – you have the ability to communicate with your list whenever you want, and with whatever purpose you desire (e.g. provide content, generate sales, build relationships, etc.).

Hopefully, this article is helped you out a bit. Now go out and start building that list, folks!

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