Dropship Lifestyle Review: Can You Be The New Amazon?

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The product we’re going to look at in this review is called Drop Ship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly, which claims to give you all of the training and information necessary to run a drop shipping business online.

I am not an affiliate for Drop Ship Lifestyle. To keep this review as honest as possible even if you decide to purchase this product, we aren’t going to make a commission. Telling you the truth about what you’re spending your money on is what’s important to us.

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Drop Ship Lifestyle Review: Quick Summary

So drop shipping is a way for you to sell tangible products that you don’t need to 1) purchase up front and 2) you don’t need to store.

Here are the broad strokes on how drop shipping works:

  1. A customer makes a purchase from your eCommerce store.
  2. You purchase that product from the supplier.
  3. The supplier ships that product to the customer.

Sounds pretty sweet doesn’t it?

We’ve already done reviews of similar products like DS Domination and Elite Dropshippers which are complete scams, so what makes this product any different?

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Lots Of Video Guides And Walkthroughs

In Drop Ship Lifestyle, Anton Kraly goes through how to set up your eCommerce store, whether or not there’s a profitable market in your niche and how to get in contact with the suppliers.

drop ship lifestyle video training resources

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In every section of Drop Ship Lifestyle there are videos of Anton walking you through the topic and why it’s important. He uses a mixture of talking directly to you explaining why it’s important and slideshows where he elaborates on the slightly more complex topics.

Some of these videos are very long and you may get overwhelmed with some of the information so I would have liked to see shorter videos even if that meant there are more to watch. It would make some of the topics easier to digest but hey, you can’t please everyone.

With 7 modules to work through in the members’ area, it’s really nice that there are videos and not just pages of text to teach you the information Anton goes through.

The videos aren’t professionally done which is something that could be improved on in the future but it doesn’t distract from the information being given. Having said that, some continuity in the quality of the videos would have been nice considering the price of the product, but now I’m just being picky.

Very Nice Presentation Sir!

Once you log into the members area everything is very neatly laid out making it easy for you to navigate through the course.

Drop Ship Lifestyle navigation menu

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You can see in the above image that all the modules are clearly marked. You can also see the 2 bonus modules you’ll receive along with a list of resources to help run your store.

Getting lost in the members’ area shouldn’t be an issue. The navigation menu for each of the modules is clearly located on the left-hand side of the screen and each of the sub-sections are found of at the bottom of each relevant module.

Also within each modules are some sub-sections as well. Anton has split up the video training in a couple bite size folders where you’ll get the text versions of what he goes through. So if you find it easier going through the material in a text format instead of video, you’re also catered to.

Drop ship lifestyle subsections

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No Legal Battles in Your Imminent Future

Now we get to the good part with Drop Ship Lifestyle in comparison to DS Domination and Elite Dropshippers which we’ve previously reviewed.

The Drop Ship Lifestyle course DOESN’T violate Amazon’s terms! You’re not dealing with Amazon at all.

Drop ship lifestyle module 4 - finding suppliers

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DS Domination teaches you to purchase products off Amazon and sell them on places like eBay.

What? Purchasing a product for full retail price and reselling it? That’s not how drop shipping works.

In module 4, Anton goes through how you find suppliers for products in your niche, what you need to know before you try contact them and also how to contact them properly. This way you purchase products at cost price and sell them for whatever you want.

Note: Some suppliers have something called MRP, Minimal Resale Price, in their terms and conditions. This means you can’t sell the product any cheaper than that. So if you get involved in drop shipping, just keep your eyes peeled for terms like this.

The course also goes through how you’ll pay the supplier for their products once a customer has purchased something in your store and how they’ll ship the product to the customer. Everything is covered.

What’s the Price Tag for Drop Ship Lifestyle?

This is the biggest downfall I can see for this product.

Drop ship lifestyle price

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This is a very short course and for that price I would be expecting a bit more. For what you get, I personally would have priced this between $197 and $297.

This is the same price as the other products within this niche so I suppose it’s comparable, except Drop Ship Lifestyle isn’t a complete scam. Maybe to some people $497 for a legitimate product is good especially if it works, but I’d like to see this at a lower price given how short the course was overall.

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Final Rating: C

I was ready to slam Drop Ship Lifestyle when I first started going through it after reviewing DS Domination and Elite Dropshippers but I was pleasantly surprised.

If you’re interested in setting up an eCommerce store then Drop Ship Lifestyle is a good option. Getting in contact with suppliers and setting up a store is a complicated and daunting task if it’s your first time. Anton goes though how to do all of this nicely.

To receive a better rating I would have liked to seen better quality videos and more importantly, a cheaper price (or more information).

Share Your Thoughts

I want to know your thoughts on an eCommerce business. Is this a method you’d use for an online business? Maybe you’ve tried doing this in the past and it didn’t work out.

Either way, I want your thoughts and opinions on drop shipping and if you’ve been scammed in the past trying to get an eCommerce store off the ground. Leave the comments down below!

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