InstaEasy Review: Can Luke Maguire Make You Insta Money?

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InstaEasy Review

Today, I’ll be reviewing InstaEasy by Luke Maguire. Luke has made a few bold claims on his sales page…

Firstly, he says that this product has helped him sends hundreds of thousands of traffic to his sites, allowing him to create multiple five to six figure per month (yes, that’s every month) businesses all on autopilot. He says that this product will help you to set your Instagram account on autopilot while bringing in traffic, leads, and sales starting today.

He says that InstaEasy allows you to follow and engage with your target market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while bringing in new likes, followers, leads, traffic, and sales coming back to you from Day 1.

All of the common claims about making fast money on the internet with little to no work required; nothing that we haven’t seen before. Let’s see if Luke Maguire can deliver a high-quality product to go along with his over realistic, generic sales claims.

Instaeasy Review Featured Image

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InstaEasy Review In A Nutshell

If you haven’t got time to stick around and read the whole review, I’ve whipped up a lil’ summary for you so you can be on your way:

InstaEasy isn’t something that’s going to take you from rags to riches like the sales page portrays. It’s also not something that, if you’re new to internet marketing, you should invest in because it doesn’t teach many core fundamentals of internet business. However, if you know a bit about internet marketing, and you’re looking for a new social media platform to help grow your business over a long term period, then it’s something that’s worth looking at.

As we’ll show in this InstaEasy review, it’s essentially an Instagram automation bot which does all the engagement work for you. It’s not something that your Average Joe can take and become an internet success with which is why I wouldn’t recommend it to internet newbies, but it’s something that an experienced internet marketer can use to bring some more traffic to your site and make some extra moolah with.

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First Off, I Wouldn’t Recommend This Product For The Following…

If you’re any of the following, I wouldn’t recommend this product if you:

  • Have no experience with internet marketing whatsoever
  • Are expecting to create an Instagram fortune within 24 hours with no work required
  • Don’t know anything about sales funnels, products/services, creating relationships with content, etc.

This isn’t the type of product that’s going to help you with the fundamentals of an internet business, and for that reason, if you’re completely new to internet marketing, then I suggest you stay away from InstaEasy.

However, if you’ve got a bit of internet marketing experience under your belt, then this product could be of great use to you. It’ll help you grow a social media following and build trust and relationships with people in your target market. In turn, you’d be able to monetize off of this following through many methods such as affiliate marketing, selling your products or services, and much more.

No InstaEasy Upsells?

One thing that I noticed in particular about InstaEasy is the fact that ol’ Luke Maguire offered no upsells whatsoever following the purchase of the initial product. This is a breath of internet marketing fresh air as with 99% of the other products I’ve reviewed; their air was tainted with countless numbers of upsells screaming the vibes of “gimme your money!” I registered an account on their page and was taken to a membership site that looks a little something like this…

InstaEasy Membership Site

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I had a little scope around, jumped into the training, and found a few points that were worthy of mentioning about InstaEasy.

To Begin – The Sales Claims Aren’t Accurate Whatsoever

There are three general claims that you’ll hear on 99% of internet marketing products:

  1. Making Money Online
  2. In A Fast Fashion
  3. With Little To No Effort Required

And I can fully understand; from a marketing standpoint, this is perfect. People tend to want great results in a short amount of time and with no effort required. I mean, who the heck would be attracted to a product claiming that it will help you to “make money online in only two years with tons of effort required!”

Doesn’t make sense, right? I thought I’d just clear up the fact that the promise of you making stacks of cash from InstaEasy in a short amount of time isn’t going to happen. Check out the following screenshots from their sales page.

InstaEasy Sales Claims 2

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InstaEasy Sales Claims 1

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They’ve also provided a couple of money shots to go along with the claim that you can make money using InstaEasy, adding a sprinkle of trust and authenticity to the sales page.

InstaEasy Money Proof 1

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InstaEasy Money Proof 2

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After going through the product and the training, I can safely say that you’re not going to be making this amount of money in a short amount of time. From a long-term perspective, it’s possible, but not within a one day period as the sales claims says so. With that being said, it’s a great product for the right person, and it’s for one reason in particular…

InstaEasy Is Hella Easy To Use

The thing that I liked the most about InstaEasy when reviewing it is how easy it is to use. Take a look at the following screenshot – it’s of Luke in a Training video giving the lowdown on InstaEasy.

InstaEasy Training Video

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That’s the gist of the InstaEasy product. Once you’ve integrated InstaEasy into your account (which is a breeze, too), you pretty much just input the settings that you want and fire away. You can customize your settings dependent on the target market that you’re trying to build relationships with; you can decide whether to follow, like, or unfollow your target market, you can input hashtags around your target market to follow a particular group of people, and much more.

For example, let’s say you wanna build a health and fitness Instagram following. Using InstaEasy, or you’ll need to do is put the particular hashtags that you’re trying to target (e.g. #health, #bodybuilding, #fitness, #healthyeating) along with the other settings, click on “Start Service,”  and InstaEasy will automatically connect you with your target market and start building relationships with them.

Here are a couple of screenshots of some results that Luke and his customers have received from using InstaEasy.

InstaEasy Results 1

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InstaEasy Results 2

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The results are great, as you can see, but just keep in mind that I’m sure still a bit of effort is required to get to this point. Just before we wrap things up, there’s one more thing I’d like to mention about InstaEasy…

Big, Fancy Numbers Doesn’t Equal Money

Obviously, the more followers you have, the better. To your average Joe with no internet marketing experience, if they look at an Instagram profile with 10k followers and another with 50k followers, they’ll assume that the 50k profile is more “successful.”

One thing to keep in mind is that numbers don’t necessarily correlate to success. One of the most important factors is how engaged your following is: if the 50k profile only has 5k engaged followers, and the 10k followers have 7k highly engaged fans who comment, like, and share the photo, the 10k profile is more successful.

Also, having a loyal social media following is, of course, a great asset to have in your internet business, but InstaEasy alone isn’t enough to make you rich. It can give you a jumpstart with your Instagram following, but you’re still going to have to know how to monetize that following.

This is why I wouldn’t recommend this product to internet newbies; something more suited for you is your general internet marketing training. However, if you know how to monetize leads and turn them into raving customers, then InstaEasy is something worth your while.

And that’s about it!

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Final Rating: A-

It’s perfect for what it is – which is a tool you can use to grow your Instagram accounts. It’s incredibly easy, customizable, and you can use it to build whatever type of internet business you’re running while utilizing one of the most popular social networks on the planet. It’s not going to take an internet newbie from rags to internet riches, but it’s still a great tool that you can use to grow your business and your fanbase in the process.

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