Stack That Money Review: Is It Really Worth $99/Month?! (Updated Jan. 2018)

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It claims that it’s different than every other affiliate marketing forum out there, but in this Stack That Money review I’ll highlight all of the strengths and weaknesses I found in the product after joining.

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I am not an affiliate for Stack That Money or any of its creators. Just an honest guy with years of internet marketing experience giving a 100% honest review.

Stack That Money Review Summary

This is a really comprehensive review (updated Jan. 2018). If you just want the take-home message, here it is:

Stack that Money is great for a lot of people. Because of its premium cost, it filters out a lot of the scum of this industry, and creates an environment where experienced affiliates and internet marketers can speak candidly.

But as you might guess based on it being great for “a lot” of people, it’s not a smart investment for everyone.

Even a single month’s membership fee of $99 can go a LONG way if you’re just getting started in this industry:

  • A year of web hosting
  • Premium WordPress themes
  • Any number of high-value plugins and tools for your site
  • A high-quality keyword research tool (that blows anything STM offers out of the water)
  • 10,000+ impressions of PPC advertising to get the word out about your business
  • And SO much more…


If you’re just getting started and not making at least $500 – $1,000 per month from your internet business, how you invest your money right now will determine whether you succeed or fail online.

There are MANY places that you can learn the basics of internet and affiliate marketing for significantly less than Stack that Money, some of which are 100% free-of-charge. Then you can invest in yourself and your business with a STM membership, because it’s an awesome community for people that are already earning part-time or full-time income online.

This is by far the smartest approach that sets you up best for success, rather than investing in the most expensive forum in the industry, especially when you can learn the basics just as well (if not better) from somewhere else that’s low-or-no cost (resources below).

Long story short: If you’re already making $500 – $1,000/month from your internet business, invest in Stack that Money. It’s a great community for advanced, profitable internet marketers.

But if you’re still getting started and have less than $500/month revenue from your business, start with 100% free resources (like the ones below) or invest in legitimate, but MUCH lower cost, programs that will get you up and running.

Stack that Money Alternatives (100% Free):

If you’re making less than $500/month from your business, I personally recommend not investing in STM, due to its high monthly fees. The free resources below contain everything you need to get past $500/month, then Stack that Money would be a smart investment.

  • The Free Internet Marketing Project™: 15+ hours of step-by-step affiliate marketing training. Everything you need to get from zero income online to a part-time or full-time income (disclosure: the author of this article is the Head Instructor at FIMP). Best of all, there’s no opt-in required to access all 15+ hours of video training — it’s 100% public.
  • QuickSprout University: Also 100% public, QuickSprout University has a huge, totally free library of high-quality video lessons ranging from SEO, content marketing, link building, email list building, and more. You can really hone your skills here.
  • The Shopify Blog: A lot of their success stories are about eCommerce, which of course is a little different than affiliate marketing, but it’s still online business! Shopify depends on setting their members up for success, so they don’t hold anything back when giving training tips and sharing businesses that are absolutely killing it online.


There are other great, 100% free resources online like Smart Passive Income’s “Start Here” guide, Human Proof Designs’ “Start Here” guide, and more.

You just have to keep an eye out and put in the time/effort that they require to generate results (no different than STM’s beginner training, except these resources are $99/month cheaper!).

If this summary and these resources weren’t helpful enough, feel free to dig into the HIGHLY detailed Stack that Money review below!

Stack that Money: All of the Nitty Gritty Details

Stack That Money is VERY comprehensive, and excellent in a lot of ways. There are super affiliates that regularly assist the members and post case studies with great detail from their older, profitable projects. There’s an incredible wealth of information when it comes to semi-advanced topics like tracking, there are some great discounts, and the vibe of the community is overall one of great help and generosity.

But when it comes to getting from $0 to $500+ per month through online business, I can’t personally recommend Stack that Money as the best investment you can make. There are many new affiliate marketers on the forum losing their asses with paid advertising, and despite all of the help they’re receiving from experts that make a full-time living with AM, they just don’t have the experience and insight to make things profitable. Granted, there is the occasional, very inspiring success story from a newbie but they are very few and far between compared to those struggling and failing.

If you’re still trying to get up to $500 or $1,000 per month in revenue, then I don’t think Stack That Money is the best option. Its prohibitively high cost during a vital stage of building your business hurts more than it helps.

You’d be much better off joining a high-quality, 100% free community like the ones listed at the beginning of this review.

Interested In Making Money Online? Check out the Free Internet Marketing Project™ (no opt-in required) >>

If you’re semi-advanced and your sites are making at least $500 – $1,000 per month, and you want to enter into paid advertising, want information on how to setup advanced affiliate tracking, or want some neat discounts on some of the expensive tools that super affiliates use, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth at $99/month.

There are some other drawbacks though, like most people are focused on mobile or pay-per-view (PPV) advertising (arguably harder to figure out) or dating and adult affiliate marketing. Also, more traditional PPC platforms like Google AdWords and Bing  aren’t discussed very much at all.

I’ll explain all of that and more in the highly detailed review below.

What I Liked About Stack That Money

Stack That Money's member's homepage

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Very Successful Affiliates Are Actually There to Help: There are guys in Stack That Money’s community that have run campaigns generating over $500,000 profit in a few months and are overall millionaires thanks to affiliate marketing. They’re constantly interacting with and helping the community, and this was extraordinarily refreshing to see.

A Ton of Information: You could probably wake up every day for a month on-end and discover new things eight hours a day in STM. I spent about three full days combing through the forum and was finding golden nugget after golden nugget, which is rare when you’ve been an affiliate marketer for as long as I have.

Highly Detailed Advanced Tutorials: I was able to compare advanced tracking software, learn about complex server-side installations, and more that I’ve been curious about but couldn’t find qualified affiliate marketing professionals discussing online. Really complex topics like this were covered in great detail.

Follow Alongs: There are people (newbies and experienced affiliates) that create “Follow Along” threads in Stack That Money, which is a post where they journal/document most of the steps they’re taking so that you have a clear idea of how to tackle similar sites/niches. Don’t expect full disclosure in this section. People don’t want to get ripped off and have their ideas stolen from them, so identifiable details within their campaigns are usually hidden. A lot still show the ads they’re using, talk about landing pages, etc…

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Great Exclusive Discounts: Interested in purchasing CPVLab, a highly detailed server-side affiliate tracking service? You can get about 15% off. Need a great virtual private server (VPS)? A small but customer-centric company offers 50% off exclusive to STM members.

A Highly Detailed, Step-by-Step Getting Started Tutorial: There’s a section in Stack That Money called “Getting Started in 2014” that has a TON of information for fairly new internet marketers. If you’re interested in mobile, dating, or adult affiliate marketing this crash course could be very helpful.

Getting Started in 2014 section

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TONS of Tools: Affexpert is now a part of Stack That Money, so there are a ton of different tools and services you get access to, included in your STM membership. You’ll likely still need to purchase other services as well, so don’t expect ALL of your needs to be covered here.

Affexpert Tools within STM

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What I Didn’t Like About STM

It’s Not Very Newbie Friendly: Although people within the forums are very generous and knowledgeable, this isn’t the place to come to learn how to setup a website, how to pick a niche, how to write good content, etc… If that’s the information you’re looking for, Stack that Money is likely not the best investment you could make at this stage of your affiliate marketing journey.

Mostly Dating, Adult, Mobile Installs, etc…: It’s exactly what it sounds like. If these aren’t niches you’re interested in, a lot of STM’s information won’t apply directly to your niche.

Not Much Information on the Most Common Advertising Networks: One of the things I was personally very excited about when joining STM was learning more about Google’s Display Network, but there wasn’t much information in Stack That Money outside of what you can find in Google’s AdWords certification or Brad Geddes’ Advanced Google Adwords book.


Lack of Info for Common Ad Networks – Click to zoom

It Seemed Like the Vast Majority of “Follow Alongs” Failed: I was really excited when I read about the Follow Along section before joining, but when I really dug into it I was pretty disappointed.

Representative example of the Follow Along section

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I feel that the above screenshot is a fairly representative example, and this guy was even making money a lot of the days he was posting. Most of the Follow Along threads that I read started off with a very excited member, then slowly as they lost more and more money (and still couldn’t increase conversions even with the help of the pros) they just disappeared and stopped posting.

So What Does It All Mean?

As I said in my review summary, I don’t think that Stack That Money is the best membership you could pay for right now if you’re brand new to this. If you’re looking to learn how to build a website, the basic principles of traffic generation, how to write good content or get rankings, etc… STM is probably out of your league. You’re much better off reading a review like this one.

But if you’ve been at this a while and you know all of the above, then I’m not sure you can make a much better investment than Stack That Money. If you’re a small-time affiliate that’s just starting to earn a little bit of money with one of your sites, putting that revenue toward a Stack That Money membership for at least a month will probably jump you ahead in the learning curve by at least a few months, if not years.

Rather get advanced training for free? Click here for 15+ hours of 100% free video training >>

Final Verdict: Newbies Avoid; All Semi-Experienced+ Apply

If you go in with the right expectations (which I believe I’ve set fairly well with this review) and you’re already making $500+ per month from your business, then you should love Stack That Money and have a great experience there. Soak up all you can and cancel your membership whenever you feel like you don’t need it anymore.

But if you’re just getting started out, I believe you’ll feel like you’re in WAY over your head, get even more overwhelmed than usual, and possibly be scared away from affiliate marketing forever because you just jumped into the deep end without any floaties (not to mention you’re bleeding $99/month at that point).

Overall, I would grade it a ‘C’ for new affiliate marketers and an A+ for experienced affiliate marketers.

Have Experiences with Stack That Money? Have a Question for the Author?

I love hearing others’ perspectives and helping shoppers any way that I can. If you have a question or comment, please leave it below! I answer all of them personally (usually within a day) and would love to hear from you.

Description: Stack that Money can be a great investment if you’re already making $500+ per month in your business, but a pretty expensive and 100% unnecessary expense if you’re still getting started online.
Written by: Ian P.
Rating: 3 out of 5

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