Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops Review: Crappy or Not?

By Eugenson | Negative Reviews

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Michael Cheney’s Claims

Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops is getting a lot of attention through its sales page that’s powered by good copywriting and its affiliates who’re sending tons of emails to their lists to promote it.

Michael Cheney claims he makes an almost effortless $39,041.46 every month. It’s interesting to note how he makes that figure with its fractions consistently. How’s that possible? Amazing! He further claims that his Commission Black Ops includes the best sales tactics known to the human race that even stark newbies can use to amass a fortune for themselves.

He says his method is so efficient that it can make you $1000 per day without investing a cent on paid traffic. These are amazing claims. Let’s see how true they are.

I’m not an affiliate of Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops. I’m only reviewing it objectively as I’ve reviewed several other Internet Marketing products in the past. I do this to protect the many innocent folks who’re looking to escape the heat of the degenerating economy through Internet Marketing.

These folks hope to buy and use the various Internet Marketing training products put out there to enable them start Internet-based businesses of their own. Unfortunately, most of those products are useless and the average help seeker who uses the Internet doesn’t know how to tell the few, good products from the many crappy ones.

So, I offer them a chance to take a sneak peak at the products they may be looking to buy through my objective reviews, which are intended to help them make informed decisions as to whether a particular product of interest is for them or not.

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Summary: Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops Review

If you lack the time to read the details of the review, here’s the short version: Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops isn’t as the sales page claims. Your chances of making $1000 per day with it are very slim. You’ll discover that there’s really nothing exceptionally revealing or new about it. Some of the information in it are actually stuff you can get for free on the Internet. I provided proof for all these within the main body of the review below.

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I bought Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops

Right after I paid for Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops to check it out and possibly reap its benefits, I was faced with a lineup of upsells and  down sells. See the images below for an idea.


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Cost of upsell

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Down sell

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Cost of down sell

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Another upsell

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Cost of another upsell

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Another down sell

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Cost of another down sell

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I went through the entire training after which I started wondering, “Is this how to make 39,041.46 consistently every month?” Maybe it is or maybe not, depending on how you want to look at it. If you’d like to consistently make $39,041.46 per month in your dreams, I think it’s entirely possible. But if not, I seriously doubt it because of what contents the training is made of.

Michael Cheney is a very creative presenter, I give him that. He used expressions like “golden dropzone,” “choose your weapon,” “select your target,” ”set your battle tactics,” “fire at will” and so on as the captions for his training modules. But what he taught in his Commission Black Ops doesn’t qualify for the “the greatest commission-creating tactic known to man” as he put it on his sales page. If you doubt it read on and see for yourself.

The best tactic know to man

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Basic Information, Nothing New

Selecting your target for instance, is all about finding profitable products to promote on JVZoo.com, JVNotifypro.com etc. As action-packed as that caption sounds, it’s just basic information that you probably already have. Chances are you already know how to find profitable products to promote across the different affiliate marketing platforms on the Internet.

Select your target

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Select your target2

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Select your target3

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Select your target4

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Select your target5

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The word dropzone makes you think of paratroopers and exciting free falls, right? “Locating the golden dropzone,” as Michael Cheney put it, has nothing to do with excitement as you’ll see. It’s all about leveraging the pain and needs of your potential buyers to get them to buy stuff from you. Now, if you’re an experienced internet marketer at any level, you probably already know that people buy stuff from you only when you show them how it solves their problems or takes away their pain, right? So, what’s the biggie?

Exciting free fall

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The golden dropzone

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The same goes for setting your battle tactics – you have to show folks how your offers will benefit them generally or meet their particular needs before they can buy from you. Really, there’s nothing so out of the ordinary about Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops. It’s pretty much the same things that have been rehashed and taught you repeatedly. The only difference this time is that Michael Cheney chose to present them with action-packed expressions.

More strategies

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He Sells Free Information

If you’re an entry-level newbie, you’ll very likely find these things informative and beneficial. However, some of them are stuff you can get on the Internet for absolutely free.

For instance, if you want to know how to find profitable products to promote on JVZoo, all you have to do is type the related combination of words into the search bar of any of the search engines.

When I typed the words “how to find profitable products to promote on jvzoo youtube” into Google’s search bar, I got more than 200,000 free resources to use on the subject.

How to find products to promote on jvzoo google

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Again, when I typed the word “how to find profitable products to promote on jvnotifypro youtube” I got over 80,000 free materials returned for me to benefit from without spending a dime.

how to find products to promote on jvnotifypro google

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Sadly, the bulk of Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops is pure theory. There was nothing hands-on for newbies to practically progress with. If you’re an entry-level newbie, you could go through Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops from start to finish and have nothing to show for your training at the end of the day.

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Final Rating: D

You can’t make $1000 per day with Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops. It’s composed of rehashed information you probably already have. Some of the information are readily available on the Internet for completely free and the bulk of the training is theory that can’t get you started on your way to Internet Marketing success. It’s getting a D rating instead of an F because you might pick one or two concepts that you might find new and useful as nobody knows it all in the Internet Marketing industry.

You must have been very excited when you came across Michael Cheney’s Commission Black Ops, especially given the content of that sales page. However, now that you’ve read this review, what’s your take on it?

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