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By Eugenson | Negative Reviews

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Four Million Dollar Strategy

Copy Paste Commissions is said to be a more than four million dollar affiliate commission-creating strategy by Michael Cheney and Omar Martin. The twosome assure their subscribers that there’d be no need to be tech savvy or have a previous, Internet Marketing experience in order to benefit from the methods they practice and teach. They say the strategy can work for you and begin to yield results as soon as today.

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They Say They Feel Your Pain

They say they’re aware of the struggles of most affiliate marketers who work their butts off, only to get a tiny commission to show for their hard work or, in some cases, no commission at all. The say the reason for such results is that most affiliate marketers are still using the same old, failing methods, which everyone else is using to put themselves in the middle of a fierce competition that leads nowhere, just to get a crumb of the affiliate marketing cake.

They say they feel your pain

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 They Say It’s Ahead of the Pack

Michael Cheney and Omar Martin say you need something different, something new and something that works. They say the last thing you want is an old, ineffective strategy that gets you left behind, rather than put you in affiliate commissions. They say they know you must be tired of your affiliate marketing stats, which almost always read $0.00 after all your toiling to see some decent results. They say you can’t and don’t have to keep that up for much longer.

Affiliate Marketing War

They say all the frustration resulting from failed affiliate marketing, blood-and-sweat-wasting methods have given rise to an affiliate marketing unrest that is leading to a great affiliate marketing change in power and authority, which is turning things around for those who are disconnecting from their old, unsuccessful affiliate marketing approaches and tapping into the little-known, new-generation affiliate marketing methods that they practice and teach.

Prophecy for Affiliate Marketers

They prophesy that some affiliates will reap the super-rich financial benefits of this chaotic state of things in the affiliate marketing world while others will be the casualties in this great struggle.

Affiliate marketing prophecy

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Your Share of the Loot

“In the midst of chaos, there’s also opportunity.” Those are the words of Sun Tzu, an ancient Chinese warrior, as quoted by Michael Cheney and Omar Martin to drive their point home. They remind you that over 4 million dollars in affiliate commissions doesn’t happen by accident. They highlight how they worked very hard through 23 years of making mistakes, taking note of what worked and what didn’t, tweaking, failing, dusting up and starting over again until it clicked.

Opportunity in chaos

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According to them, you’re allowed to copy and paste their methods to shortcut your way to the top of the affiliate marketing world. They say all you have to do is take their method and make it yours, and that you don’t even need a big email list to succeed with their strategy because the best strategy with a small list yields more desirable results than the biggest list without the best strategy.

They Say You Know Zilch

“You know nothing, Jon Snow.” I know, I know your name isn’t Jon Snow, and it’s not entirely true that you know nothing. But, that’s what Michael and Omar think of your affiliate marketing knowledge. They say everything you know about affiliate marketing is the wrong side up, and that they’re going to fix all that if you let them.

You know nothing

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They intend to do that by handing you their one-of-a-kind, winning strategy to change your affiliate marketing experience. Please click on the link provided above, which leads to their sales page, to remind yourself of their almost endless list of promises.

I’m Not an Affiliate of Copy Paste Commissions

I’m not, by any means, promoting this product. Neither am I affiliated to its vendors. I’m only objectively reviewing it to provide my readers an end user information, as I’ve done with several other Internet Marketing products.

I do this to protect honest folks, who’re looking to make money online, from other Internet Marketers who present Internet Marketing products, which do not ideally resonate with the needs of the average online income seeker.

By reading my 100% honest reviews, aspiring internet marketers can be safeguarded to the right products that will be worth their investment while they’re protected from the ones that will probably lead to financial loss.

At the same time, I point my readers to a 100% free high-quality, remedial alternative to making money online when the product they’re looking to buy turns out less than expected.

Copy Paste Commissions Featured Image

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Copy Paste Commissions Review in Brief

Copy Paste Commissions is made up of a downloadable eBook, downloadable MP3 audio files, and downloadable MP4 video files. The vendors teach certain affiliate marketing methods through these media. Whether or not these media are worth your money and whether or not the methods taught in them will make you money, as their vendors claim, is what this review is all about.

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After I Paid

After checking out, I ran straight up against an upsell. They offered me something they said was going to make my life a little Heaven on Earth, and they called it “The Top Commissions Toolkit” Well, I didn’t bargain for that extra expense. So, I passed. I didn’t know some of the best stuff weren’t part of the fronted product. This upsell was going to cost me an extra $27.

Top commissions toolkit upsell

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Top commissions toolkit upsell1

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Top commissions toolkit upsell2

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Price of upsell1

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A Fast Action Bonus

In order to encourage me to buy the extra offer, they offered me what they called “a fast action bonus,” which they said was valued at $197. Who knows what good that bonus could have done me? However, as tempting as it was, I had to turn it down because, as I said earlier, I didn’t plan to spend beyond my budget. After I said, “No, thanks,” they offered me something they called  “The Top Commissions Toolkit Lite” for $17, which I also declined.

Fast action bonus

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Down sell price

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Another Upsell

After that, Michael Cheney and Omar Martin offered me something they called a “Done-For-You Commissions Service,” which, according to them, was going to be a hassle-free money-making machine. But, it was also going to take $37 out of my pocket. So, I said, “No, thanks” again. Michael and Omar didn’t give up on me that easily. They offered me another thing they called a “Done-For-You Commissions Service Lite Version” for $27, which I also turned down because I couldn’t afford it.

Done for you service upsell

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Price of done-for-you services

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The Product at Last

After the upsells, I was finally allowed access to my purchase. In the members’ area, I found a welcome video of Michael Cheney. After that, there was the table of content, which hinted that I was going to miss out on some very valuable information because the upsells I couldn’t afford made up some of the contents of the training in the members’ area.

The table of contents comprised of six items, which were: “The Copy Paste Commissions Course,” “Promote Copy Paste Commissions,” “Top Commissions Toolkit,” “Additional Resources,” “The Done For You Commissions Services” and “Get Help From Our Team.”

Table of content

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I started with the very first item on the table of contents, “The Copy Paste Commissions Course.” In it, I found a video introducing an eBook, The Copy Paste Commissions, and instructing viewers to read it. I read the eBook and I found that some of its contents were very informative and interesting, but others would prove a bit too tricky for an entry-level newbie. Let’s take a look at some of the informative parts and then the somewhat elusive parts.

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 Some Useful Information

The eBook holds some interesting information for internet marketers. Some of these pieces of information will prove useful to inexperienced and experienced internet marketers alike. See the images below for examples of such pieces of information. I really like the information on the most appropriate time to send promotional emails to subscribers. I know this will probably not work all the time, but still, it makes a lot of sense.

I also like the information on how to escape the Mark Zuckerberg police force while you drive free traffic through Facebook. There were also a lot of other great, engaging information that internet marketers can use to improve their online trading results.

Some informative parts of the eBook

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Some informative parts of the eBook1

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This Is Tricky

On the 18th page of their eBook, Michael Cheney and Omar Martin advise you to send your emails to your subscribers, and I quote, “while avoiding these busy times for your customers. What are those times? We have found them to be in the morning after 9:00AM but not getting close to lunch time.

We’re going to send email so that it’s maybe somewhere around 08:30 to 09:00AM because by 8:00 to 8:30 they’re in their commute.

We like hitting them during their commute so that when they get to where they’re going, we’ve already passed the purge from when they were laying in bed checking their emails on their phone.

We’ve hit them while they were in their commute and now they get to work and your email is sitting right at the top of their inbox. It’s not buried by everything that they got last night. If I send at 7:00AM, I’m going to be at the bottom of the list.

Everything that they received between 10:00PM last night and 8:00AM this morning.”

I just quoted the twosome verbatim. Michael and Omar didn’t make any practical provision for managing the differences in time zones, using any autoresponder service. They made mention of the time zone challenge as a passing comment but didn’t offer any detailed, step-by-step, newbie-friendly solution. In the United States alone, there are four different time zones – nine if you count daylight savings.

The impracticable bit

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9 time zones of the United States

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They Don’t Show You How

In reality, when it’s 08:30 a.m. in New York on the East Coast, it’s going to be 05:30 a.m. in California at the West Coast and 07:30 a.m. in Texas at the South and 6:30 a.m. in Montana at the North. This is already a problem, for folks who don’t know how to manage the situation, just with the United States in view, let alone the rest of the world.

Internet Marketing is as powerful as it is because it knows no geographical boundaries. So, if folks want you to buy something they’re offering you in connection with Internet Marketing without giving consideration to that all important fact, then, they aren’t offering you as much value as you deserve for your money.

Michael and Omar didn’t do a very detailed job on the practical aspects of this very insightful and useful sales tactic they’re teaching their audience. They’re not showing their readers which autoresponder service providers are most appropriate for the function of sending emails at the recommended local times to their subscribers, and how to step-by-step go about it. Their readers, especially newbies, who they claim to have in mind, on their sales page, will be groping in the dark when it comes to implementing the methods they teach.

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Wrong List Building Method

Some of the list building methods they teach won’t fetch you a list of high-quality subscribers. If the list you build isn’t made of targeted subscribers, then you’ll have a problem with an unresponsive list.

One of their methods encourages their readers to go ahead and gather subscribers by incentivizing some of their new subscribers, at the point of entry, to invite their friends by sharing information (could be anything on the niche) on Facebook.

When that happens, in order to get the incentive, the subscribers will simply persuade grandma, uncle, baby brother and a couple of friends who probably don’t share in their interests to signup, and that will constitute dormant numbers on the list of the email marketer who’s offering the incentives.

The Audio Files

There are also MP3 audios of the Copy Paste Commissions course as hinted earlier. Their content is entirely the same as that of the eBook. It’s kind of like someone reading out the eBook to you. Actually, Michael and Omar were taking turns to do the reading. Other than that, there’s nothing else to the MP3 audios. They’ll probably be useful to folks who prefer auditory lessons to other kinds.

MP3 audios

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The Video Files

Then, there are also a 58.4 MB video course and a 73 MB video course for you to download. These video courses mostly seem like presentations with Michael and Omar going through the eBook. All of these things are just the very same content presented to you in text (the eBook), audios and videos.

MP4 videos

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The videos to download

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You’ll Miss Out If You Don’t Get the Upsells

As I suspected and even mentioned earlier on, Some of the most vital Internet Marketing accessories I needed were hidden away in the upsell offers. The Top Commissions Toolkit wasn’t accessible, even though it’s in the members’ area and seems like it’s within reach. You can only access them if you pay some more money to get them.

When I clicked on it, it led me to an error page with a message that simply read, “Oops. You don’t have access to this. You are only a CPC Basic member. You do not have the correct privileges to access this content. Please upgrade your membership level in order to access this content. Please contact us if you feel you’ve received this message in error.”

No access to the toolkit

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“The Additional Resources” bit of the product is simply not clickable. No matter how many times I clicked on it, it simply stayed inactive and stared at me blankly, kind of like silently implying, “click all you want. You can’t reap where you didn’t sow. Until you sow, I’ll just ignore you.”

Then, I went over to the Done-For-You Commissions Service, and the outcome was pretty much the same as that of the Top Commissions Toolkit. I didn’t bother with the Get Help From Our Team bit because I knew what Michael and Omar wanted and didn’t have it to offer. Consequently, I figured reaching them would have been a useless move.

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Final Rating: C

The eBook and its accompanying audio and video files contain some great Internet Marketing information.  But overall, this product won’t make customers money today, as Michael Cheney and Omar Martin claim on their sales page. Especially if you’re an entry-level newbie who needs a lot to be put in place before results of any kind can be seen.

What do you think of this product? Have you bought it already? Please do well to share your experience with the community below.

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