Commission Cartel Review: Is Michael Cheney’s Product Worth?

By Danyon T. | Negative Reviews

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Commission Cartel Review

What’s Up Internet Marketers!

It’s ya boy Danyon here from Stopping Scams, and I was about to go watch another episode of Game of Thrones, but instead I decided to go give yall folks another dose of internet marketing reality.

Today, I’ll be going through a product called Commission Cartel by Michael Cheney. Michael Cheney has made all of the typical internet marketing sales claims about making money online with little to no effort and no experience required. He specifically says that this is “The Best Way to Make $500 in Commissions in the Next 30 Days if You’re a Newbie…” He claims that he’s making $1442.29 per day using this method, and he’s sharing the secret sauce with you in his product. He’s also included a few screenshots of some supposed earnings that both he and the people who know this method have received.

Commission Cartel Earnings

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He also says that this method requires no list, traffic, or even a website for you to be making some quick and easy cash mulah! Then he’s made a bunch of typical clickbait sales headlines such as the following:

  • How newbies can instantly become a credible authority people want to buy from in 59-seconds flat.”
  • “How any affiliate can double if not triple their sales with one simple trick.”
  • The surprisingly simple secret money vault of high-converting offers sitting right under your nose.”
  • “How To Fly To Jupiter With No Spaceship And In Under 60 Seconds With No Experience!”

Okay, he didn’t write that last one, I just added it in there for the lols. Let’s see if Michael Cheney can back up these typical internet marketing claims with a high-quality product.

And Just So Ya Know…

Neither I or the big ol’ Stopping Scams boss Ian are affiliated with Michael Cheney or his Commission Cartel product. We do our best to educate our readers on the sea of internet marketing fluff there is out there on the internet, and we try to entertain you in the process of doing so through our whimsical, witty, extremely honest reviews.

If we see bullcrap (which is roughly 90% of the products out there), we call it bullcrap. Every now and then, we come across an internet marketing nugget. When we do, we’ll make sure to let you know about it so it can help you along your journey of being a straight up boss internet marketing making fat stacks of cash in the comfort of your own home, whilst sippin’ on a cuppa coffee in your bright pink elephant pajamas.

Too descriptive?

Meh, I can’t be bothered being funny anymore. Let’s move onto the review.

Commission Cartel Review Featured Image

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Commission Cartel Review At A Glance

For the third billion-thousand-gazillionth time, I’ve found another product that’s just a bunch of theory with not much practice. Michael Cheney’s product contains the logistical steps, but not much information about the specific details that it takes to be an internet marketing success. One thing’s for certain, though, and that’s that this product isn’t going to take you from rags to internet riches anytime soon; the sales claims are overhyped, overpromised, and the quality of the product definitely doesn’t deliver on it.

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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Commission Cartel With Two Upsells

There were two upsells in total after purchasing Commission Cartel, and it looked like typical, generic, bland internet marketing training. Nothing we haven’t seen before.

Commission Cartel Upsell 1

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Commission Cartel Upsell 2

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One thing I’ve found with reviewing products is that the quality of the product is a good indicator towards the quality of the upsells. In this case, you could probably just skip the upsells and not have a fear of missing out on anything in particular. After skipping the upsells, I logged into the membership site which looked a little something like this.

Commission Cartel Membership Site

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Look at that handsome ol’ geezer.

I dived into the training, and there were a few points that I thought would be worthy to mention.

First – It’s A Bunch Of Theory With Not Much Practice

I’ve mentioned this concept in my other videos; essentially, what the majority of crappy internet marketing products to state the points without showing too much information behind it. The crappy internet marketing products state points, which even though are essential, are extremely easy to say. They’ll state points such as:

  • Find a target market
  • Provide a product/service to them
  • Work them down a sales funnel
  • Build relationships with them
  • Capture their email addresses

And even though these are extremely important steps and principles, the AWESOME internet marketing products dive deep into each concept and show the details behind each individual one, so the student has a deep understanding of the “why” of each principle.

Here’s an example of Michael Cheney’s blandness in action.

Commission Cartel Bland Example

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This is taken from his slides that he provides with his video training. He essentially just lays out the points, talks over them, gives a quick little summary on each one, then moves on. It’s not enough training to dive deep into the concept, and show the real details behind it. It’s not enough to give a wide scope understanding to the person watching the video, and it’s definitely not enough for an inexperienced internet newbie to be making some fast cash like his sales page says so.

No List And No Website B.S.

Michael Cheney also claims that you can make this method work even if you don’t have a list or website. He advocates having a platform to publish your affiliate offers on, and in the training, he specifically mentions platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and some others where you can post content on.

Commission Cartel No List

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There are a few reasons as to why this method won’t work, and to prove the point, I’m going to use Youtube as an example:

Essentially, he says to post a review on Youtube and link it with your affiliate offers, make the video compelling and all that jazz, then receive a few commission checks. Guys and gals, I just did a quick google search, and apparently, there is an hour of Youtube video uploaded every single second. If you think that you’re just going to post a review with a keyword here and there, and then all of a sudden make bank, you’re going to be set up for a bit of a surprise.

Having no prior audience to view your material makes it just that much harder to make a commission check, and even if you did have visitors coming, just think of all the questions they’ll be asking themselves:

  • Who is this guy/gals, and what’s  he trying to sell me?
  • Why should I trust this person? This is the first time I’ve came into contact with them, and already they’re trying to sell me something?
  • Why should I buy from this person? Why not just buy from another trustworthy person with some authority already behind their name?

Yet another reason as to why I wouldn’t recommend this product to you.

Other Tidbits Of Information

There were a few more points I thought would be worth mentioning…

  • Relating it back to the last point, a person with an already established audience would completely wreck a new person posting a review on Youtube.
  • The main training comes with a 60-minute-long video that’s just Michael practically talking over the main points. Nothing too interesting.
  • There’s a ton of left out content to hook you into more promotions in this product. Check out the following screenshots for a few examples.
Commission Cartel Extras 1

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Commission Cartel Extras 2

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And that’s about all that I’ve gotta say in regards to Michael Cheney’s Commission Cartel product.

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Final Rating: C

The only reason why I’m not rating this lower is because it costs less than 10 dollars. It’s just too generic, it doesn’t contain that much practical information on being a successful internet marketer, it’s filled with the generalized concepts that can be found for free online, and it’s just another internet marketing product to add to the garbage bin.

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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