What is Warm Traffic?

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Warm traffic consists of visitors who have returned to your site because they either subscribed, want to continue a discussion they were involved in, or because your site was recommended by someone they like or trust.

These visitors already have some familiarity with you, your blog’s content, or with what you have to offer. The level of how warm they are depends upon their involvement with your site and with you.

If they’ve already received some value from the valuable free gifts or tips you offer or watched a few tutorials on the site, they are likely to be even warmer and more interaction can be expected from them.

When visitors know, like, and trust you, they are more likely to purchase products or services that you recommend.

This is why warm traffic converts at a higher rate and why refund rates are much lower – there is trust along with a growing relationship with you that increases the motivation to buy from you.

However, warm traffic hasn’t purchased anything from you just yet – these visitors have only expressed interest up to this point. 

What Content Should You Show Warm Traffic?

The content you share with warm traffic should be different than the content you share with cold or hot traffic. 

Your goal with warm traffic is to convert visitors (aka, get them to buy from you) who already know you. You need to drive them to pages or assets that deliver value, but also remind them of their interest in your product or services. The best content to direct warm traffic to includes: 

  • Lead magnets (e-books, case studies, white papers, etc.)
  • Product demos
  • Webinars
  • Free tools
  • Free trial signup pages
  • Events

A visitor who signs up for a product demo or free trial immediately indicates their interest in your product. Similarly, when someone downloads a highly technical white paper that deals with an advanced aspect of a problem that your product targets, this signals their desire to overcome it.

Once someone is about to make a purchase, that traffic is now considered “hot traffic.” At that point you must figure out what’s keeping them from making a purchase and how to give them that little push they need to convert..

If your product is “thebomb.com,” visitors will automatically come back and share their positive experience and feedback. People who purchase your product or service will become long-term supporters if your product actually adds value to their lives. 

You could do everything correctly and introduce the right content to the right traffic to ease them into buying your product. However, if you can’t back up your claims, people will feel scammed. So remember – keep it real.

If a visitor returns to your website, it’s because something caught their eye. It’s your job to find out what that “something” is and continue to expose them to similar content to build them up. Once done correctly, those visitors will eventually reach the stage where they’re ready to make a purchase and voila – you’ve converted cold traffic.

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