Sean Mize’s Step By Step $100k Daily Blueprint System Review

By Eugenson | Negative Reviews

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Sean Mize’s Promises

Sean Mize is here again with another make-money-online product, which he calls the Step By Step $100k Daily Blueprint System. He says his system will reveal how to prepare to make $100k per year. He says he has created a 28-page eBook to hold the hands of his students and show them the blueprint to get to $100k per year. He says his blueprint will show his students what exact actions to take each day to achieve the annual goal of $100k. Let’s dig in and see how possible it is for Sean Mize to reveal this secret.

I’m not showcasing Sean Mize’s Step By Step $100k Daily Blueprint System as an affiliate for commissions. I’m only reviewing it objectively to give my reading audience an opportunity to see what it’s like before they make their purchase decisions.

Step By Step Blueprint to 100k System Featured Image

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Summary: Step By Step $100k Daily Blueprint System Review

If you’re short on time and can’t read the whole review, read this brief version: Sean Mize’s Step By Step $100k Daily Blueprint System isn’t all it seems on its sales page. You’ll be more disappointed than I can adequately express within this short version of the review. However, just know that you won’t get what you’re looking for and you’ll be pitched more products than you’re expecting to deal with. The details and evidence are available in the main body of the review.

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I Bought the Step By Step $100k Daily Blueprint System

There were upsells and down sells, which I passed up to proceed to my purchase.

Upsell and cost

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Another upsell and cost

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Further upsell

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Cost of further upsell

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The Members’ Area

The members’ area is just a plain interface, with black texts that turn red when you click on them as links on a plain, white background, and a couple of clickable banners on the right. One of the links on the interface led nowhere when I clicked on it: “Design Your Personal 1 Year Blueprint Ebook.”

The members' area

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Coaching Course Sales Page

I ignored everything else and clicked on the menu that read, “Get my training,” and I saw headers that read, “CORE TRAINING PROGRAMS:” and “COACHING PROGRAM HOME STUDY COURSE:” The funny thing is both of these headers seemed to be in disarray, and the first one didn’t even have any content under it.


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I scrolled down a bit and found a link under the second header that read, “Coaching Program Home Study Course.” I clicked on it and was led straight to a sales page pitching one of Sean Mize’s coaching training courses, which costs $187. On that sales page, Sean was promising to teach his students, in a Step By Step manner, how to launch their coaching program that would pay them $200 to $1000 per client.

Coaching course1

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Coaching course2

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Cost of coaching course

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Email Marketing Sales Page

After that, I scrolled down a bit and found another link reading “Email Campaign Profit Formula,” which I clicked on, and was led to another of Sean Mize’s sales pages pitching another of his products called “Email Campaign Profits Formula.” This one costs $97.

On that sales page, Sean promised to teach his students a bunch of stuff, such as writing emails with something he called “Psychological Persuasion Framework Formula,” “The Engagement Emails” and so on. All the while, I was wondering about the 28-page eBook that he promised on his sales page, which I hadn’t seen any sign of in his members’ area.

Email campaign profit formula

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Email campaign profit formula2

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Cost of email campaign profit formula

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Maven/Influencer Training Program

After the link that led to the Email Marketing Sales Page, there was another link that led to another of Sean’s sales pages pitching the “Maven/Influencer Training Program.” On that sales page, Sean was inviting his potential buyers to watch him create something he called a Maven/Influencer website from the beginning and launch it within a seven-day timeframe. This one costs $100.

Maven website

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Cost of mavin website training

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Free Consult Selling Program

On the last one of his stealth sales pages, he was pitching something he called “A free Consult Selling Program,” which he claimed would teach his students how to sell coaching services through free strategies. This one costs $197.

Free consult

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Free consult2

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Cost of free consult

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It’s a Disappointment

I was still hoping to find the 28-page eBook I paid for after seeing all the above offers, none of which I bargained for. Then, I spotted something about a book on one of the menus of the website. But that was saying “Buy my book.” Having already paid for a 28-page eBook that I still didn’t have access to, I thought this could be it. So I clicked on the menu and was led straight to, where Sean Mize had a book listed for sale. It costs $16.95.

It was a disappointing experience to discover that Sean only created a frontend sales page that pitches an imaginary 28-page eBook. That eBook sells for $9.95 and is supposed to teach folks how to take daily actions to achieve the financial goal of earning $100k per year.  Buyers will be disappointed to find that there’s no eBook and that instead, they were sucked in to be pitched more stuff by Sean Mize.

No 28-page eBook

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When I summed up all of Sean’s embedded sales pitches in his members’ area, it all summed up to $597.95, which he hopes to make from his unsuspecting frontend buyers. Sean Mize is no doubt a seasoned Internet Marketer, as his book reviews on Amazon show. That means he’s capable of creating a great and helpful Internet Marketing training product. But sadly, he chose not to. His Step By Step $100k Daily Blueprint System is a poor reflection of his true potentials as an Internet Marketing mentor.

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Final Rating: F

Sean Mize promises you a 28-page eBook that doesn’t exist in order to suck you into his members’ area and pitch you a bunch of his coaching products for more personal profit. It’s so appalling to realize that a product you paid for doesn’t even exist. Sean Mize’s Step By Step $100k Daily Blueprint System can’t help you because it doesn’t even exist.

Have you bought Sean Mize’s Step By Step $100k Daily Blueprint already? What’s your experience with it? Please share your thoughts and experiences with the community.


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