How To Write an Affiliate Post: 3 Main Posts

By Ian | Affiliate Marketing

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Writing an affiliate post for the first time is very different from writing your first blog post. An affiliate blog post is much more targeted than a regular blog post and is written for a very specific purpose. 

An affiliate blog post is a post centered around the promotion of an affiliate product. The post still focuses on providing valuable content, but the main goal is to make a sale. Usually, the promotion is based on a single product. But in some cases, it’s a promotion of multiple products.

There are three popular types of affiliate blog posts, and I’ll show you how to write each one.

1. How-To Posts

This is perhaps the most effective way to promote affiliate products. It works really well and it’s my personal favorite.

Imparting professional knowledge on how to achieve or do a specific thing is very powerful. This type of content works very well because users can easily apply it to their lives and the value you provide is unique.

“How-to” posts are usually written as a step-by-step tutorial. Be sure to put yourself in the shoes of a beginner and address questions a beginner might struggle with. Avoid using industry jargons a beginner wouldn’t be familiar with yet. If you must, explain it thoroughly first.

Never promote a product that doesn’t tie-in with your niche. It wouldn’t make sense to write an incredibly in-depth post about household robot vacuums when you’re in the health & fitness niche, right?

If you ever write a “How-to” affiliate post, write long in-depth content. The more in-depth the content is, the better the post will perform.

This article on 8 Essential Steps to Start a Blog Business and Make Money is a great example of a “How-to” affiliate blog post. It’s incredibly in-depth (8000+ words) and targets domain and hosting service affiliate products.

It’s also a great example because it wasn’t just written for the sake of making a sale, but really caters to the needs of first time bloggers trying to establish their own blog site.

2. Product Reviews

If you want to get an affiliate post written quickly and easily, product review affiliate blog posts are the answer. What makes this approach incredibly effective is that it caters to the consumers’ need to know as much as possible about a product before they make a purchase.

Product reviews is one of the most popular promotion methods among affiliate marketers because this type of post is simple and visitors who read this type of content are already inclined to purchase a product.

The best example for this type of affiliate blog post is our Swagbucks review. It’s a thorough and honest review where we’ve listed the pros and cons of the product.

Take your review posts one step further and add an FAQ to answer common questions consumers may have for the products you review.

Regardless of what you write in your review, just be open, honest, and thorough, and it should turn out great.

3. Product Tutorials

Sometimes, all it takes to make a sale is to teach people how to use a product. Product tutorials target consumers who are deeper in the buying process. Ideally, the products you promote are ones that you’ve used yourself, so you’ll know a lot about it through first-hand experience. 

Creating a tutorial is a great way to showcase how awesome your affiliate product is, and how it helps your users. But like anything else, you need to be thorough in your teachings.

To make this type of post effective, you’ll want to provide screenshots or videos of the product and literally show people how to use it. The more detailed and engaging you can be, the more in-depth the post becomes — which increases your chances of getting the sale.

Writing an Affiliate Blog Post

Affiliate blog posts are a crucial part of your content marketing plan, but don’t let it become all you write about. Balance your content plan and write non-promotional posts more often than affiliate blog posts. Affiliate blog posts are effective, but if that’s the only content on your blog, people will hesitate to put their trust in you. 

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