Why There Are So Many Fake Positive Reviews in Affiliate Marketing

By Ian | Internet Marketing Advice

Fake positive reviews in affiliate marketing

If you’re researching pretty much any internet marketing training product, odds are you can find a TON of fake positive reviews for it. If you search pretty much any keyword, you find videos and pages upon pages of search results ranting and raving about how wonderful it is – even for the worst products you’ve ever purchased in your life. Do you ever wonder why that is? Well I’m going to explain it in this post.

Fake positive reviews in affiliate marketing

Affiliates Get Paid ONLY If You Purchase Through Their Link

The only way a publisher knows to pay an affiliate for a sale in this industry is if you clicked that specific affiliate’s link some time before buying. This “tags” you as their referral, and it earns them a pay check. Which do you think sells more – positive reviews singing praises about how great a product is, or an honest, unbiased review that exposes it for a scam or, at the very least, weighs the “cons” alongside the “pros”?

You don’t see many people producing honest, negative reviews in the affiliate marketing industry because it doesn’t pay remotely as well. If I can convince you that is a product is great and get you to buy through my link by offering a discount, bonuses, or any other “value-add” I’ll get paid $20, $40, or even $100+ from your purchase.

But if a reviewer exposes a product as a scam, you’re significantly less likely to buy that product – especially through that person’s affiliate link. This is what causes the disparity between the number of balanced or negative reviews available and the number of positive reviews you can find for any given product (most of which haven’t even purchased the product).

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How Do I Know Which Reviews to Trust?

The first thing I do when I find a site that’s positively reviewing a product is INSTANTLY check their other reviews to see if they review anything negatively, or if they’ve just given one product after another high ratings and fluffed-up reviews. If they have balanced/negative reviews at least as often as they have positive reviews (they should probably have more negative than positive if they’re honest in the affiliate marketing industry), it’s a sign that they’re much more likely to be giving honest reviews.

Also, check out the person’s background. How can someone tell you whether an affiliate marketing training product is good or bad if they’ve never actually run a profitable affiliate marketing business? Check their “About Me” page and also do some general internet searches to see what you can dig up on them. If they’re experienced enough to give credible reviews, you should be able to find other sites or information from them.

Finally, as simple as it sounds, sometimes you can tell how legitimate a reviewer is by how active they are within their community. Do they answer emails and comments? Or do they just post a bunch of fake positive reviews and then comment only when they feel like someone is more likely to buy from them if they get the answer (if they even answer comments/emails at all). Most fake reviewers will only answer questions if they think that person is on the verge of buying and they just need that one last “push” before they earn their commission.

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The Top 3 Honest Internet Marketing Product Reviewers

Besides my reviews on this site and my other site, NoMoreBSReviews.com, there are a few other reviewers that have consistently proven that they’re not in it for the money – they give genuinely honest reviews to help people. Those three people are Steve W. (http://www.IveTriedThat.com), Nathaniell B. (http://www.OneMoreCupOf-Coffee.com), and Kyle L. (http://www.WaysToAvoidScamsOnline.com).

If ever there’s a product that I haven’t reviewed on either of my sites or you want to double-check my review against another trustworthy reviewer, I highly recommend those three sites. Those guys are great, and they do this to protect you, NOT to make a bunch of commissions off of unsuspecting researchers.

Comment Below If You Found This Helpful!

I hope you found this information to be helpful, and I hope it helps you save money and not get scammed in the future. If you stopped by, leave a comment below and let me know! I respond to all comments personally and it really makes my day to know that this information is helping people, not just falling on deaf ears (or “blind eyes” in the case of written text).

If I can help you with anything else at all now or in the future, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m happy to help any way that I can. Stay safe out there!

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