Azon Profit Engine Review: Easy Affiliate Commissions?

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What’s up ya internet marketing fanatics!

It’s ya boy Danyon Togia here, ready to hit you with another dose of dangerously honest internet marketing reviews. Today, I’ll be reviewing a product called Azon Profit Engine created by Kurt Chrisler. Kurt has claimed that Azon Profit Engine will help you to create a complete, passive income generating affiliate website in under 60 seconds. He also claims that it’s a way that you can start banking unlimited passive commissions from Amazon. He says it’ll help you to add products to your site automatically as well as affiliate links, reviews, related videos, and get you traffic.

Let’s see if Azon Profit Engine lives up to its outrageous sales claims.

Oh, and one more thing… The team here at Stopping Scams is dedicated to providing honest, real, authentic product reviews for you. We do this to ensure that you don’t waste any of your hard-earned money or precious time on crappy I.M. products falsely claiming to help you “make a bajillion dollars in under 37 seconds and with little to no effort!” Hopefully, by being your personal I.M. product sifter, we steer you towards the really valuable internet marketing products which will ACTUALLY aid you in your dreams of becoming a successful internet marketer.

Azon Profit Engine Review Logo Featured Image

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Azon Profit Engine Review In Under 15 Seconds

If you can’t stay around and read the whole review, here’s a quick little summary:

Azon Profit Engine is definitely not something that’s worth your time and money investment. To the inexperienced internet marketer, it can seem like a golden opportunity. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case; it’s missing a lot of key elements such as how to drive traffic to your Amazon affiliate website, it contains a few crappy bonuses which don’t justify the purchase of this product, and ultimately, it’s not something you should buy.

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Azon Profit Engine’s Upsells

There were three products/services on offer after the purchase of Kurt Chrisler’s product. These included a developers license to sell Amazon affiliate websites yourself, a WordPress theme, and a service where Kurt’s team create an affiliate website for you.

Azon Profit Engine Upsell 1

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Azon Profit Engine Upsell 2

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Azon Profit Engine Upsell 3

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After skipping the upsells, I was taken to the Azon Profit Engine membership site which looks a lil’ something like this.

Azon Profit Engine Membership Site

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Before we crack into the review, I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of what a typical website looks like that’s created by Azon Profit Engine.

What Does An Azon Profit Engine Website Look Like?

It’s pretty simple really – the website contains a few products on Amazon that are imported onto the website, which looks a little something like this.,

Azon Profit Engine Page 1

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Azon Profit Engine Page 2

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As you can see, there’s a bit of spun content about the product as well which is all done for you. (Btw, do some of your own research about spun content. From my understanding, it’s a bit of a “shady” technique, but I could be wrong).

Azon Profit Engine also helps to import a few reviews and the review rating of the product, along with any related videos to your product to help promote it.

Azon Profit Engine Page 3

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Azon Profit Engine Page 4

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And that’s essentially what Azon Profits Engine does – it creates an Amazon affiliate website and imports the product and reviews.

So Why Wouldn’t I Recommend This Product To You Guys And Gals?

The number one reason why I wouldn’t recommend Azon Profit Engine to you aspiring internet marketers is because it’s missing one key element to any successful internet business which is how to drive traffic to your website. Kurt Chrisler has included no information on traffic-driving techniques; I guess he expects that the spun content and crappy product reviews will somehow be enough to attract people.

Guys and gals, there’s no point having a money-making website on the internet if you’ve got no way to capture a few eyeballs. And since they’ve included no actionable information on how to drive traffic to your website, in the words of Simon Cowell, “it’s a no from me.”

Other Bits Of Information About Azon Profit Engine

Azon Profit Engine includes a few bonuses here and there to try and increase the value of the product, but the bonuses are low-quality products anyway that have the typical sales claims of “lots of money in a short amount of time” type vibes.

Azon Profit Engine Bonuses 1

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Azon Profit Engine Bonuses 2

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Azon Profit Engine Bonuses 3

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And since Azon Profit Engine doesn’t deliver a high-quality product, its sales claims are misaligned as heck too; this definitely isn’t something that will aid you in your journey of becoming a successful internet marketer.

Azon Profit Engine Claims 1

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Azon Profit Engine Claims 2

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And that’s about it for my Azon Profit Engine review!

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Azon Profit Engine Final Rating: D

Kurt Chrisler’s I.M. product is nothing to rave about – it’s just another product with overhyped sales claims that lead you to believe you can fulfill your dream of becoming a filthy rich internet marketer. Unfortunately, he’s left out a lot of information on how to drive traffic to your website, and the bonuses included are pretty low quality.

For these reasons, your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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Catch ya later ya internet marketing fanatics!

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